Rodin’s Garden, Rodin’s Window, and Rodin’s… erm… Lego?

Ford visited the Rodin Museum in Paris. He took some brilliant shots for us. Later he was inspired to paint “Rodin’s Window”.
BEST… he made a LEGO sculpture of “The Thinker”. I am impressed!

The Vintage Toy Advertiser

Auguste Rodin. Le Penseur. The Thinker. Paris. 2022.

Last August, during a stay in Paris, I spent the day at the Rodin Museum. The museum was opened in 1919 as a dedicated space to display the works of French sculptor Auguste Rodin – famous for his works such as Le Penseur (The Thinker), Le Baiser (The Kiss) and La Porte de l’Enfer (The Gates of Hell). The museum consists of the Hotel Biron which Rodin used as his workshop from 1908, along with extensive gardens where many of his sculptures are placed in a natural environment.

Spending time in the sculpture garden was a chance to meditate upon art and nature; to marvel at creativity while under the spell of luscious greenery and a hot blue sky. Inside the museum – the Hotel Biron – came the chance to become overwhelmed by the thousands of sculptures, drawings and paintings on…

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