Keith Richards & Neil Young

An oldie… for those who didn’t see it in 2014.

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Face 1 of 4 starts with “Keith Richards”. This vintage store weaves its fab mural around 3 sides of a building.

Artist(s): Chris R. Easton Artist(s): Chris R. Easton

it appears “Neil Young is also on the scene.

Artist(s): Chris R. Easton Artist(s): Chris R. Easton

It’s about vintage records, and Neil has discovered a “Guess Who” album. In 2011 when Keith & Neil were added to this mural mostly painted in 1999, the famous Winnipeg band was also very vintage.

Artist(s): Chris R. Easton Artist(s): Chris R. Easton

Artist(s): Chris R. Easton Artist(s): Chris R. Easton

Face 2 is next up on GLaM!

Artist(s): Chris R. Easton Artist(s): Chris R. Easton

 This sweet image is on a small indent wall, and intros’ Face 2.

Mikes1 #8b

Pics taken by: Resa – April 21, 2014

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Mike’s General Store

The Murals of Winnipeg

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86 thoughts on “Keith Richards & Neil Young

  1. You were in my old stomping grounds – Winnipeg. Keith and Neil make an unbeatable duo. Thank you for going back to 2014. I love how photographs are time machines. Sending many hugs!

    1. Yes, I was in your old stomping grounds!
      I want to go back there, see some family.
      Anyway, Winnipeg is a Mural Destination… a Mural Capitol.
      Winnipeg is where I discovered murals and street art. It was ahead of its time in this art regard. {{hugs}}

  2. Timothy Price

    Those are sad looking characterizations, but then again, Keith Richards hasn’t looked very good in a long time. I see there’s a Buddy Holly album under the Guess Who. Holly got the sound he wanted recording at the Norman Petty Studio in Clovis, New Mexico, south and east of Albuquerque. His first single recorded at the Petty Studio was “That Will Be The Day” but they had to use the band name the Crickets because Decca had the rights to the original recording of the song.

    1. Lol… yeah Keith looks… tired. Still, he looks good in his area of looks.
      You’re astute to note another album. I’m not surprised.
      I know that song! I’m going to look!
      Albuquerque has such a rich history.

      1. Timothy Price

        You need to checkout Clovis, New Mexico. It’s in southeastern New Mexico near the Texas border. It’s named after the Clovis culture that were prehistoric Native Americans. It’s a small town of around 30K people.

        1. Also, I was looking at the art again. It doesn’t help the 2 wrinkly rock stars that they are painted on a heavily textured stucco. You should see the Steve McQueen – Bullit Poster, on the other side of the building! LOL!

        1. YAY!! Oboy!
          I took pics today… but no.
          Will retake 3 tomorrow
          Have been moving things over to a post. EEEEE!!!!
          I keep drawing Drac, but his cape keeps becoming a gown. UCH!

          Don’t forget the R66 poem! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

                1. Yeah…. It was an off night. I guess I’m in a girl and gown mood. Each time it came to the cape, I drew a gown! LOL!
                  I’ll draw a bit today… there by avoiding my taxes. LOL!
                  I took the pics, and they look fab! Now I can also work on the post. Thereby still avoiding taxes. I moved a lot of it over to a post yesterday.
                  Will post tomorrow!!!!! xoxoxo

  3. Hi Resa, I can just see this scene taking place in Kensington Market in London (UK)…Keith selling off his surplus album collection…oh and a few spare copies of The Stones recordings he had too (I saw their album resting next to the stack of records!)

    1. It’s a fun painting!
      It’s one of the first murals I ever found.
      There’s a painting of the Steve McQueen “Bullit” movie poster on the other side of the building.

  4. While they may not be fabulous likenesses of these artists, the mural is still very cool (and we can tell who is who, so there is that 😉 )

    1. Yes, they are recognizable! They are like cartoons of themselves. Also, doesn’t help the they are painted on a heavily textured stucco. Kinda heightens the wrinkles! ⚡️💥

  5. I knew this would happen! Keith Richards has wasted all of his cash on cigarettes and now he’s hawking old vinyl to earn a living. In Toronto of all places. For shame!

    1. Cigarettes? You think he’s been chain smoking for 70 years?
      That’s why his complexion is a bit rough! Although his book – “Life” is smokin’, totally fab.
      Not a shame, it’s in Winnipeg. Winnipeg is a mural capitol of the world!

    1. You’re welcome!
      It’s all part of Holly’s suggestion to search my photo files and blog files to find pics to posts & repost, while I can’t get to any other part of the city during our endless lockdown.

  6. What’s appealing to me is how the mural is done on the entrance, the piles of records, the “we buy…” sign etc… not so much the faces but then the particular faces aren’t the most attractive to begin with 🤣😉
    Happy Saturday, Dahling! ❤️🤗❤️

    1. It was a happy Saturday. Now, it’s a happy Sunday.
      LOL! I could win an award for the world’s slowest blogger!
      It’s a pretty neat work all around. It uses a caricature nature to express.
      Dahling, have a wonderful week ahead!

      1. No no no…. you should see my rate of response when I first started… lame! I think you are actually very fast! 😘😘😘🧡
        A wonderful week ahead to you and… thank you, dahling!!!!!

    1. You would love it in there!
      For all you’ve paid out in shipping costs over the years, you could just buy a return ticket to Winnipeg, go to Mike’s and haul out a load of vintage gems that would last you years.

  7. This guy in the last picture looks rather interesting. If I would not life that far away I would order a beautiful mural from him. 😉 Since some fifty years or so I have a faible for bearded men, even if they caused me some pain. 😉
    Stay safe, dear Resa!

    1. Ahh, you have a beard attraction! Cool! They are very popular with the hipsters, right now. You must be enjoying it! Just look though! 😀
      You stay safe too, dear Martha!

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