Live from Manchester – U.K.

Direct from the offices of Professional Moron

Every trick in the book,

All that he can find,

To make you laugh so hard you cry, and blow your mind,

Yet, just when you think you have his hysterical humour number down, he dazzles you with: a serious in depth book, movie, music, artist, video game or sports review!

I, the Queen of Hearts, hereby charge the esteemed editor of Professional MoronMr. Wapojif, (aka ‘Oron, so nicknamed by Resa & ‘Olly – ‘Ouse of ‘Eart)

with recipe crimes involving Marmite and Bovril!

Don’t let his charm and smooth talking ways make you pick any number, say a two,

He’ll always have an Ace up his sleeve!

You never know what you’ll find in an alley. Look, I found a paste-up of a promo shot of The Beach Boys taken in Manchester Sq. London, 1964, a mere 4 hours from Manchester U.K.

‘Oron, don’t go anywhere! In honour of this startling happening, ‘Olly has selected this Beach Boys song, especially for you.

Pics taken by Resa – September 4, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artists (at least one of them):

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113 thoughts on “Live from Manchester – U.K.

  1. Timothy Price

    This is really super cool, Resa. I can relate to the Professional Moron. I haven’t thought about the Beach Boys in long while. Do you remember Jan & Dean? The Little Old Lady from Pasadena, Surf City, Dead Man’s Curve, Sidewalk Surfing. Check out “The Beat That Can’t Be Beat” from 1958: — 50s sound before their 60s that Beach Boys-like sound.

    1. I sure do Know who Jan & Dean are!
      As a matter of fact they were on an old TAMI show last night, as were The Beach Boys.
      Checking out the song!
      Too, bad what happened to their career. So many music stars have met ill fates!

  2. Dear Resa and ‘Oron… This is super cool and who can do super cool better than Resa? So, thank you Resa and thank you ‘Oron for all the laughs and cries (I hate Marmite). Hats off to a fabulous blog over there at Professional Moron (greetings to Mr. Wapojif) and many Hearts ❤ to Resa for a great tribute to you amazing blog! You do get around, right?

    1. Thank you, dear ‘Olly! xoxo

      I see you caught ‘Oron’s toilet post today! I might reread it over dinner!
      I’m also looking forward to reading his post on John Bonham.
      Lots going on over there, and he posts daily.
      I’m sure he gets around! Why his Gravatar is almost a circle…. sort of! xoxox

  3. Most excellent propaganda, Resa, you’ll receive an extra ration of potatoes for your sterling efforts here. And a pint of gin.

    Manchester is like 5 hours from London, but I’ll let you off there. But it’s 30 minutes if you have a private jet.

    That’s also a reminder I’ve not had my daily Marmite (banned in Canada for being too awesome), which I’ll now go and administer to myself.

    1. It’s not propaganda! It’s pure lies!!! I’ll take the potatoes, but can I have red wine instead of gin? I tried cleaning old metal bannisters with gin, and they dissolved.

      You have a private jet? Holding out on ‘Olly and me, eh?

      So, will you drop or shoot the Marmite?
      I swear you have some strange things going on in Manchester!

                1. Hahahahahaha!
                  I’m trying to think of my relative who ran booze over the border during prohibition. ??? Must have been on my dad’s side… the alcoholic side.

      1. Why not just put the gin in with the red wine? And call it gine. Voila, a new drink!

        Actually had a geeza visit work last week fresh from the TORONTO office. He says he likes it out there. Lots of lakes. He’s heading back next week. He didn’t mention you. Guess there are more than 2 people in Toronto.

        1. Yes, it’s true! There are more than 2 people in Toronto. There are 8. Million.

          Gine? YUK! As usual, your recipes are incomparable!
          True, we have a lot of lakes, so just stay away from our fresh clean (sort of) water!!!

                    1. I’ll have to wait 3 more hours. I’m loosing my girlish figure. Think I’ll do some hula-hooping, then I can drink an extra glass tonight!

    1. xoxoxoxo

      I was leaving a comment on the reblog, but comments are closed!
      No worries, I’ll leave it here!

      Ahh, gone are the days of Resa and the Rock Star! ‘Olly, can you believe it’s come to this.
      Resa and the Yellow thing! xoxoxoxo
      Lovin’ the reblog!

    1. Of course not, no personal knowledge.
      Interesting about the dishcloth between the teeth. I’ll bet that’s how ‘Oron’s teeth got the way they are. I mean, just look at his Gravatar!

  4. Professor Moron, indeed, Resa. 🙂 Another great find and then riff on it. That Beach Boys shot is an old one! I saw/heard them in concert one back in the day and they were great. I loved the music of that era. British Invasion music and the like.


    1. This one was down a lane, around the corner into an alley. Good thing I decided to have a peek. I was thrilled to find this.
      I love the music of that era, too!
      Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Ohhhhh, Resa what a find!!!! …and so glad to be introduced to ‘Olly (: thank you for the Beach Boys!)
    Love this!
    Huge hugs and 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. IKR! A fab find, for sure. It was perfect for this post to Professional Moron!

  6. That was a blast 🙂 Fantastic artwork and the text to go with it. The TAMI shows are something to behold for those who haven’t seen them. So many wonderful artists at the beginning of their careers, but James Brown and his band… just wow!
    PS. Love marmite 🙂

    1. Thank you! It was fun making up this post.
      I just saw a TAMI show on Friday night!
      James Brown was on, cape and all, the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Leslie Gore, The Stones…it was fantastic!
      Marmite is banned in Canada. True! 😀

        1. Yes, marmite is banned in Canada, and we have very strict gun controls. Still, illegal weapons make their way up from the States.
          Fortunately, the border is closed right now, except for essential supplies. I just signed a petition to keep the border closed until America gets its Covid house straightened out! They are closing in on 200,000 deaths, & expect 500,000 in January.

  7. A fun mural … fun prose to accompany the pic … a fun song to end it … the total package on this one! Well done, Resa. FYI: I posted this morning at
    …. hope all is well!

  8. Most beautiful tricks using in playing card by magician.this game is interesting may be using the tricks.most beautifully written about
    Moron is most interesting and melodious with funny imitation of professional moron.Weldon,dear Resa!!🌷

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