Tres Hermanas

An excellent find in a skinny alley!

Artists: Tikay & Aner

I wonder if her name is Theresa? (the harvester, maiden bearing ears of corn)

Artists: Tikay & Aner
Artists: Tikay & Aner

Blow the following up for a big shot!

Artists: Tikay & Aner
Artists: Tikay & Aner

Love the braid holder!

Pics taken by Resa – September 6, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

Artists: Tikay & Aner
Artists: Tikay & Aner
Artists: Tikay & Aner

27 thoughts on “Tres Hermanas

  1. Glorious! Lovely celebration of the earth spirit, fantastic artistry. I am amazed, Resa, at the art you find in alleys and streets — thanks for reminding me to look around and be amazed.

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  3. nannus

    The three womenmight represent the plants pictured. Combining corn, beans and squash in one field is a classical mesoamerican system of agriculture. The corn provides a pole for the beans to grow on, the beans provide fertilization to the other parts and the squash is covering and shadowing the floor, keeping it cool and moist. This classical, pre-colombian system of companion planting is known in Mexico and other areas of North America and also known as the “three sisters”, see

    1. Thank you, Nannus! I love that information, and I have updated the title of the post to Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters)
      Really fabulous. I always learn something when you comment!

      1. nannus

        I don’t have a vegetable patch again since I moved from Cologne to Hanover, but I was growing veggies for some time, including beans and squash. I only tried corn once and it did not come out so well, I think the climate is too cold for it here in Germany (see, and for some articles related to this topic). So I know a few things about these things.

  4. I found reading nannus’ explanation and following the link provided very interesting indeed. The artists must have had this in mind and have portrayed it excellently.
    Another great find, Resa… 🙂

    1. Agree! It’s so great to learn something. Thanks to Nannus, I have updated the title of the post to Tres Hermanas. It was another exciting, unexpected find. 😀 xoxoxo

  5. Arletta Ellington

    Yes! You are an urban explorer! And so much inspiration just to look at those murals. And you inspire finding new knowledge as well. A mystery too! How do you find all this?

    1. I walk…. for hours! I’ll walk down a street, and sometimes easily spot something on the side of a building. If the side is on the alley, I’ll go up the alley. Chances are when someone gets art on their home, soon the neighbors follow.
      Sometimes I’ll be in transit, and spot something. I make a note of it, then return when I have time. Upon return, I also scout the area.
      Sometimes I’ll hear about a piece of wall art. I heard about a tribute to Ali. It took me awhile to find it, as I only had a vague idea of the location. When I got there, it was on a really long wall around a park, and there were at least 30 other pieces.
      Sometimes when I walk down alleys, I meet artists. I chat them up, and usually get info on where to find more of their art.
      There’s more ways, for sure, but no one way.
      So glad you are enjoying my collection!

        1. That’s fabulous!
          I’m having a special post to celebrate my 1000th post. I have Street Art from all over the world being featured. May I use 1 of your photos? You will get a photo credit and link to your blog. I want to use the girl – detail from garage!

    1. I learn new things every day, too.
      It is amazing what I have learned, and who I’ve met through posting Street Art.
      Well… go ahead! Have faves. I do it all the time. 😀 x

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