Black, Brick & White

A new beauty has appeared in an alley in Kensington Market.

There is no place in Toronto where Street Art is held to such a street standard, yet, this past winter in Kensington saw a throw up devastation like no other.

Very few pieces were left untouched. She is one of the survivors.

Pics taken by Resa – March 17, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

24 thoughts on “Black, Brick & White

  1. She’s so beautiful. I can’t understand how people can destroy beauty but then again, it’s turning into that kind of world more and more everyday. Because of you, we all got to see this wonderful street art. Thank you. ❤

    1. Yay! You are so welcome. It’s going to be gorgeous outside tomorrow, and I’m thinking there’s some art I want to capture… somewhere!

    1. It is very difficult when I go by a piece I adore, and it’s destroyed. Okay, sometimes it’s on an old building that gets razed to make way for the new. I accept that. However, blatant Ugly giant tags and throw ups are distressing.

    1. Happy April! xoxoxoxoxoxox

      I’ll be working on the bees post for a while yet. I took a plethora of pics, & there are so many great ones.
      Also, it hit me when I put your clock into the post … the artist was saying something. It’s not just a gorgeous mural. The artist is saying… WAKE UP FOOL HUMANS!
      The bees are in their 11th hour before before they become totally endangered/extinct. That’s why he has a clock set at 11, and the gears represent the wheels of time, time that’s running out for the bees.
      I want to say everything right in the post. I want the message to cut through.

      1. Awww, that’s brilliant, Resa and I know you’ll make a wonderful post. A beautiful and caring heart may only create beauty and kindness! I can see the bees smiling already! 😉 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Well, Christy, outdoor art is ephemeral. This is partly why I’m slightly obsessed with photographing art in the streets and alleys. Here today, gone tomorrow.
      Although, I am still recovering from what I saw in Kensington Market. The new wave of destroyers are the worst I’ve seen.
      I recognize some of the throw ups. The same hoodlums destroyed a fantastic “Birdo” mural in the alley behind my home.
      It’s call “Destination Mammal Cabana” It is now in the RIP section.

    1. Thank you! Did you get to see the street art in the market before this devastation? I’m still reeling, and very upset. I hope some artists will come back and paint beauty.
      Fortunately, I recorded most of the art. However, if artists don’t return, the vandals have won.

      1. Kingpeace

        You’re welcome. No i didn’t but wish i did – am it would have been appealing. Oh, don’t let it get to you too much. Hope so too. That’s great. I hope they return.

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