Kids’ Month

March is Kids’ Month on GLaM.

Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Cash Akoza – His take on “Where the Wild Things Are”

It all began last year… on Ste J’s Bookmust blog when he reblogged a piece about

Michelle Eastman Books. Michele hosts a Picture book drive, “Picture Book Pass It On” every year in March to collect picture books for children with incarcerated parents. She has started early this year on Michele Eastman Books on FaceBook

⭐ Michele tells me she has already received signed books from from Robert Munsch (Love You Forever, The Paper Bag Princes) and Nick Bruel (Bad Kitty series) ⭐

Artist: Cash Akoza - His take on "Where the Wild Things Are"
Artist: Cash Akoza – His take on “Where the Wild Things Are”

I’d love you to contribute a poem or short story!  On my menu bar is “Kids”. In this page you will find Street Art suited for children. You can use one of these pics to write to.

You can post it on your blog, & I will reblog it.  Or, send me your words that go with the shot(s) you’ve chosen. I will post it as a Guest Submission. The choice is yours!

Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Cash Akoza

During Kids’ Month, find on my sidebar, links to
Click on image to see Michele’s Post about Picture Book Pass It On

and several other charities that help children. I’m up for suggestions on Children’s Charities.

Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Cash Akoza

I will always credit &/or © your intellectual property.

Pics taken by Resa – October 30, 2016

Winnipeg, Canada

The Murals of Winnipeg

36 thoughts on “Kids’ Month

    1. Thank you, Cindy! As you know I have a couple of pieces of animal art that I will link to your most fabulous & educational posts about said animals.
      I’m very excited for March!

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  2. Oh, Resa, what a truly wonderful thing you are doing with these kids. Thank you so much for helping out. I would if I had the time to be involved as I would like to but I really have my hands full taking care of the “kids” I have here. It brings such great JOY to my Heart to see imagination and creation has not died in our youth. Oh thank goodness!!! LOVED the two street art you have here. Incredible talent!!! ❤

  3. The power of the reblog! It was great to share such a good cause and of course I shall be reblogging this too. If you will permit me a book review first though as I seem to be lacking of late, I will reblog sometime in the middle of the week. My submission is coming along nicely too!

  4. So inspirational!! All of it, from your post here to Michelle’s project. And the second one down, the take on Where the Wild Things Are is awesome 😀 Thanks for all you do xx

  5. March will be a month with lots of fun …
    I love your post (the first mural is really great) and the wonderful project that you start, “the children of today, will be the parents of tomorrow”.
    I congratulate you for your generous work, I would love to collaborate, but you know I’m not good with the words 🙂
    For everything else, I am at your disposal, dear Resa.

    1. My dear Belén,
      I will reblog one of your charming creations. You have many wonderful posts for me to choose from. ❤
      It will be fabulous for Kids' Month. 😀

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