The Early Life of Nellie McClung, Notable Feminist, Advocate & Author (Post 1 of 3)

I am thrilled and honored to be collaborating with Christy on “Nellie week”

When Women Inspire

Nellie McClung, as Painted by Mandy van Leeuwen Mural of Nelly McClung in Winnipeg. Photo © Resa McConaghy – Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen.

Nellie McClung (1873-1951) was a suffragist, political and social activist, feminist, author, and, on a personal note, she means a lot to Resa and I (Resa wrote about Canadian women’s right to vote in her #GreenWhiteViolet guest post, which included mention of Nellie).

Nellie worked tirelessly toward securing women’s rights in Canada, and for that we commend her. To celebrate Nellie, Resa and I have created “Nellie week,” of which this is the first of three posts. We will unveil the collaboration in three parts at each of our blogs to fully give this amazing lady the spotlight she deserves. Today is post number one.

As for why we are doing this project now, a major source of inspiration was the mural display that Resa attended in Winnipeg that honored Nellie and her Suffragettes, with…

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15 thoughts on “The Early Life of Nellie McClung, Notable Feminist, Advocate & Author (Post 1 of 3)

    1. trumpland… it seems out of control. Only his close club agrees, which is mostly white male billionaires. The Chinese just called him a child, & he doesn’t believe the CIA & FBI. Putin must be having a good laugh with Assange and it’s all happening from trump tower & on Twitter, as the greatest show on earth.
      Nellie must be rolling over, and over!

    1. Oh, Daniel… you are a gem. What you have said means a world to me. The “Famous Five” & more are discussed in the next 2 posts of “Nellie week” I’m so grateful for you! xo

  1. Oh, Resa, what a wonderful tribute to these fantastic women! Your pictures made the whole thing real. I love the bit about the hats being threatening to men…LOLOL They are just threatened by women in general, because they can’t use both sides of their brains at the same time, so may the hats were the final straw. Seriously, this is just such a lovely way to thank all of your foremothers, for everything they did. Outstanding and congratulations.

    1. TY, Gigi!
      I’m hoping some young women will read this, and get real about women and politics.
      Lol! I was wondering if anyone would get the humor behind the hat comment.
      You, I and many other women have foremothers to thank for many things, and I thank you for all of your activism. You are a piece of a woman’s puzzle that is incomplete, but in dire need of completing. This is one of the reasons I adore your blog. That and the chicklets & cats! ❤

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