Jarus Man

In Graffiti Alley, the plaster cracks can’t hide his beauty.

Artist: Jarus

Who does he make you think of?

Artist: Jarus
Artist: Jarus
Artist: Jarus

I quite like this vintage car window reflection.


.. and the rose in the corner of ….


…the very bottom left corner.


Pics taken by Resa, October 4, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Artwork by: Jarus


Artist: Jarus

23 thoughts on “Jarus Man

    1. Jarus is one of my faves. He is one of the few street artists who does faces. I’ve posted at least 14 of his pieces. I searched Jarus in my search box, and 14 pieces of art came up. 😀 xo
      Shalak Attack & her sister Fiya Bruxa do amazing faces.
      You’ve inspired me to create side bar links to artists who I have 3 or more pieces by. LOL! that will take some time! ⭐

    1. It is beautiful.
      The flower is especially tantalizing.
      I was going a bit insane, with questions that have no answers. Then one day I found a painting on a wall.

    1. Jarus is definitely an amazing artist! TY for the photo compliment! 😀
      I just came from your site. I really love your new poem, and I’m thrilled that your reading went so well. ⭐ ❤ ⭐
      Your future awaits!

  1. How beautiful, he is a great artist !!
    The two photos at the beginning are amazing, it’s like visiting a museum and getting very close to an old canvas … I love those textures formed by the cracks in the wall.
    Congratulations, you’re an excellent photographer 🙂

    1. Oh, thank you, Belén!
      I agree. I love the texture of the background. One of the beauties of street art is all of the surfaces in the city… cement, all kinds of brick, stucco, wood, plaster, steal and all make interesting canvas. 😀 😀 xx

  2. Wow. It think that the greatest detail is the light slightly touching his nose and upper lip, and leaving the rest of the face in the shadow of his hat. Great photography, Resa.

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