ABC of Murals

“A” – is for Aboriginal.

AboriginalMale #2
Artist: Adnate – Photo © Carolyn Page

This outstanding piece is sent to us by Carolyn Page

Artist: Adnate - Photo © Carolyn Page
Artist: Adnate – Photo © Carolyn Page

Find it on: Bishopgate Street, Wickham, Newcastle, Australia. Based in Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Adnate created the image in 2015.

Artist: Adnate - Photo © Carolyn Page
Artist: Adnate – Photo © Carolyn Page 

  Pics taken by Carolyn Page – March,  2016

Newcastle, Australia

⭐ THANK YOU Carolyn ! ⭐

AboriginalMale #1
Artist: Adnate – Photo © Carolyn Page

Visit Carolyn’s blog – ABC of Spirit Talk

38 thoughts on “ABC of Murals

  1. Oh wow, Resa, you have done such justice to these images. They are indeed gorgeous.
    Last Wednesday we dined with a couple of dear friends in Newcastle. We had to pass by the mural on our way and, once again, I was awestruck by the work. The colours and artistry are fantastic.
    Thank You once again, Resa, it is a delight that you showcase such wonderful art.

    1. Thank you, Carolyn! xoxoxo It is such an honor to have this powerful painting showcased on GLaM. This image not only brings an outstanding piece of street art from Australia to all of us, but carries with it an important message. It is truly beautiful. Much love to you! xoxo

      1. Yes indeed, Resa. There is a need for all people to appreciate one another. This mural, in the eyes of many, is a symbol of reconciliation. As is happening in countries where the indigenous peoples are undervalued, so too many of our indigenous people suffer.
        As evidence of this, I learned recently this most beautiful work was vandalised with racial slurs. The Newcastle council staff removed the lewd picture and racist comments as soon as they appeared. A ‘Ms Claydon’, of the council, has asked for those willing to report any such violations to do so with speed. Well done to her.
        Yes, Resa, racism is a cancer that harms everyone. Hopefully, we shall all see less and less of prejudice and elitism, and more and more of inclusion and non-judgment.
        Finally, here is a link I believe you’ll enjoy, Resa. It shows the (almost 3 story) image in its early stages. xoxoxo ❤

    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Wendell, or should I say the heart in the soul. This work of art is Soulful, soul filled & soul willed! Hugs to you dear friend!

    1. Maria, Thank You so much for the compliment. I shall pass it on to my man who jumped out of the car (after I’d spun it around) to take the image. We were driving past as it sang to us, and couldn’t resist such an incredible artwork.
      I agree with you; it’s a wonderfully dramatic mural.

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