Ask About Our Daily Special

Hey, I know he’s 1 ugly dude, but he’s selling food,

Green #1

…in Underpass Park

Green #3

He is painted on both sides of a pillar, up mouth on one side, down mouth on the other.

Green #2

Guess he’s the chef?

Green #4

Not sure if Bot Kin painted this, or if this guy’s name is Bot Kin.

Green #6

Pics taken by Resa, November 16, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Possible Artist:


Underpass Park


16 thoughts on “Ask About Our Daily Special

  1. Gray Dawster

    I find it a very interesting
    graffiti and if it sells the food,
    then it is definitely a winner 🙂

    Have an awesome Friday and weekend Resa 🙂

    Andro xxx

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