Dead Man’s Garden

Maria from Tropical Flowering Zone is a GLaM Rockstar! Check this out!

photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur
photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur

“This is my favorite mural it has no name so I call it “Deadman’s Garden”.  It depicts a man growing a plant out of his chest cavity.”

photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur
photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur

“The man is dead with his head covered. The plant, however, has no flower, but a heart is depicted as being the bloom.”

photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur
photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur
The bird on the dead man’s legs is a San Pedrito (Puerto Rican Tody), an endemic bird on the island found nowhere else in the world.

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“The heart was painted with lots of detail. Perhaps there is an analogy of the heart with the flower since both need air; the plants through transpiration, and humans through respiration.”
photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur
photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur

 Pics taken by Maria I Firpi Mazur – June, 2015

Puerto Rico


Artist’s Signature


OMG! Will Maria find more amazing street art?

TBC (I hope!)

26 thoughts on “Dead Man’s Garden

    1. Yes, No museum walls is exactly the point! No ticket to purchase, it’s free! The art may have a limited life span, but during its existence, it is there for everyone, all the time!
      Maria, thank you immensely for your contributions to GLaM. I hope you have the joy of discovering another wonderful piece one day. Then of course you will share that joy with all of us who love street art!
      Hugs & kisses to you! 🙂

  1. this piece reminds me of an ending of a film i recently seen entitled, “The Best Of Me” starring Michelle Monaghan among others …. worthy to check out if you get a chance, that is if you like films ….

  2. Thanks to everyone that liked it. Resa, I have another one called “The Coqui Warrior”. Soon I’ll email it to you. I found it by chance, it was hidden between the streets.

        1. Yes, I remembered all, as I re-read it!
          There is a lot to remember in Greek Mythology. There is a lot to learn & the way it all branches, layers & connects is seemingly endless.
          Also, I think it is hard to think of a death as being death when the person is made immortal, even if in Hades for half the time. I have to remember that not everyone in Greek Mythology is a god, although sometimes it seems like it. Luv! ❤ ⭐

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