Between a Fox & a Frog

Under a train overpass on Queen Street East – South side

Q&L #2

They are older paintings, chipped and crumbling, yet still charming.

Q&L #4

Q&L #11

Q&L #6

Q&L #8

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The credits were outside the underpass, and unreadable.

Q&L #10

Q&L #13

Q&L #1

Pics taken by Resa, March 24 – 2015

Toronto, Canada

Q&L #14

44 thoughts on “Between a Fox & a Frog

    1. It’s a great collection for “Don’t Eat Animals Week!”
      I will make a point to mention that in the next post, which is the north side and features birds and turtles. xoxo

  1. Woow 🙂 Love these animal graffiti. Thank you for sharing these great photos, dear Resa. Some days ago I saw nice murals in Berlin and I thought of you … I always think of you when I see graffiti. 😀
    XOXO Julia ❤

    1. What a wonderful thought! Thank you, Julia! ❤ I love graffiti and street art and murals! 😀
      I hope you got my message I sent you about Reblogging your Newspaper Gown Post on my Art Gown blog.
      That would be so much fun! XOXO

        1. Yes!! I would love to see dear deer in my yard. Alas, I live in the city core and our wildlife consists of squirrels, rats, racoons, pigeons, grackles, sparrows and sea gulls. 🙂

    1. The beaver is absolutely adorable. 😀 I love beavers. They are smarter than we know, and a very sensitive creature. I was very smitten with a beaver in my childhood, and will never forget the beaver’s wanting to be free from the zoo he was in.
      They are a very special creature.
      Carolyn, I love all of them! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you, Mary! From myself and the artist (who I don’t know, and i hope they approve of my sentiment… The artist can contact me at any time… all artists can & may)…thank you for loving street art! xo

    1. Ah…the leaf! 🙂 I had thought of the leaf, as well. The beautiful frog would not be so impressive without his leaf. None of us are as impressive without that which, and those who support us.
      You see these intricacies, which is why you are so amazing.
      Frog loves you, and so do I! xo

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