G-Door Writing

I love graffiti writing. It dates back to Ancient Egypt, Greece & the Roman Empire.

Gdoor2 #1

These garage doors are in an alley west of Ossington, north of Queen W. .

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Thinking of a line from a “Simon & Garfunkel song… “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls, And tenement halls”!

Now they’re also on garage doors!

Gdoor2 #7

Pics taken by Resa, May 9 – 2014

Toronto, Canada

21 thoughts on “G-Door Writing

    1. Yes, they all consented.
      Local known street artists organized to paint this old urban alley which was dingy and dangerous.
      The alley is painted for miles. Some garage doors (walls, too) have the writing, some have images or abstracts.
      This is not the only alley.
      The network of painted alleys is huge, and growing.
      In the summer, these alleys seem to be becoming tourist destinations.
      I dare say, I would be an amazing Street Art tour guide!

      In personally talking to residents, I have found various opinions, most are positive because it has helped the neighborhood reclaim harsh urban territory.
      From the proud art owner ….”my garage is the best one” …. to the “at least it’s better than before.
      If you register your wall or door with the city’s Street Art program, the artists can get free paint!

    1. We did have a revolt in Toronto when the city demanded all street art be painted over by the property owner.
      🙂 Things have changed. Now the artists can get free paint from the the city’s Street Art program if the owner registers their wall or door!
      What’s an HOA?

        1. The Home Owners Association should be supportive of art. It is a cultural experience!
          They are not the Home Owners Arbitrators!
          Anyway, Daniel,I am so happy you love some of the Street Art I show! 🙂 xo

    1. Yeah! “lol” 🙂
      Left a bit of a “garage door rant” on your latest post on “When Women Inspire”
      What a fab blog you are championing, Christy! 🙂

      1. As I would!!! LOL Can you imagine? My husband would have a “cow” due to he must have things particular according to he. But! If I found an artist to do that … Oh, Resa, that really would bring such Great JOY to my Heart!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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