L.A. Street Art – by Jacqueline Hadel

To see street art through Jacqueline Hadel’s eyes is to fall in love.

LA #1

Before I get going here, I encourage everyone to buy Jacqueline’s second book  L.A. Street Art on Amazon.

Like all collections on Jacqueline’s blog TOKIDOKI, the L.A. Street Art section includes all street art, without prejudice.

As I perused Jacqueline’s vast and fabulous  L.A. Street Art archives on TOKIDOKI, I wondered how she made her selections for the book. So I asked her how she decided what pieces to print.

Her answer (via Twitter) was  “I just have a sense of what I want to put out there.”

photo © Jacqueline Hadel
photo © Jacqueline Hadel

I was always overwhelmed  by the beauty of murals.  Then one day I fell in love with  rich, colorful and bold Graf Writing. Then came alternative art, cartoons and lots of faces, which are my favs. L.A. Street Art has delighted me with it’s many fantastic faces.

photo: © Jacqueline Hadel
photo: © Jacqueline Hadel
Artist: Monopoly - photo © Jacqueline Hadel
Artist: Monopoly – photo © Jacqueline Hadel

One day I see Stickers on TOKIDOKI.

Jacqueline informs me that she loves “Sticker Art”

Suddenly one lonely sticker catches my eye as much as arrangements of stickers, which take on a unified look, becoming a piece unto itself.

Layers of tags and colors and stickers become like oil paintings where the artists have plied the oils so thick there is a third dimension to the work.

photo: © Jacqueline Hadel
photo: © Jacqueline Hadel

Telephone poles and dumpsters are now canvases speaking to anyone who will listen. Jacqueline has not forsaken this art form in her book.

photo © Jacqueline Hadel
photo © Jacqueline Hadel

Artists she covers in LA Street Art include Alec Monopoly, MDMN, Lister, Dog Byte, Felix and more.

Having the utmost respect for the artists, Jacqueline has made every best effort to credit works and even contact the Artists for permission to be included in her book.

To me, there is as much social comment in Street Art  as there is artistry and talent.  In these regards, L.A. Street Art delivers, big time.

photo @ Resa McConaghy
photo @ Resa McConaghy
photo; © Resa McConaghy
photo; © Resa McConaghy

I was thrilled to receive my copy of L.A. Street Art. Following the tradition I began after receiving Jacqueline’s first book, Bogota Street Art, I took the book for a walk & photo shoot.

The book wanted to get a shot with the bit of  Mayor Ford Sticker Graf I had found, so we took off to that alley.

We had a fab time, and I took many shots of L.A. Street Art with Toronto Street Art. I have enough pics to do an Adventures in Graf/w My L.A. Street Art Book, & I will.

pic © Resa McConaghy
pic © Resa McConaghy

You can get your own wonderful copy of L.A. Street art HERE

If you missed out, you can still get a copy of Bogota Street Art HERE  OR the EBook version HERE

Well done, Jacqueline!

Thank you & Cheers!

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