🎨 Frida Kahlo 🎨

This is the second Frida Kahlo piece I’ve found.

I met the artist, Anya, while traversing alleys and parking lots. OMG! She was so neat. She spent time chit-chatting with me.

She said the art would be done by Thursday end. She had another art engagement on Friday. I didn’t think Anya & MSKA, who was assisting with B.G., would make the date. Wednesday rained all day.

She showed me the self portrait she was basing this mural on.

LOVE the hand/glove earrings!!!

I went back Sunday. It’s not quite finished, but I shot it anyway. I don’t know when I’ll get back there.

I adore the way she has Frida emerging out of the wings of a Monarch. When I returned, dumpsters had been moved in.

I shoot them as I get them.

Pics taken by Resa – June 9, 2015

Toronto, Canada

The Artists: 

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anyamielniczek/

70 thoughts on “🎨 Frida Kahlo 🎨

  1. This is gorgeous. I love all t hings Frida. I wrote a poem about her. It’s called “Frida”. 🙂
    I love the butterfly wings, the colors are amazing. It must have been fabulous meeting this artist. Great photos Resa! xo

    1. TY, dear Holly! I walked for about 2 hours in the beating sun (yes..sun.. Toronto.. odd)
      My head is spinning! I was driven to shoot this, like some sort of nut.
      I want to see your Frida poem!!
      I’m just over catching up on your blog, and about to send mail.
      I drew Gi, in a black dress!!! She loves it! xo

                1. Agree! She’s intoxicating to learn about. After all I’ve learned in life…street art… art … teaches me more. I understand that I will only stop learning at the end of my life. Or, perhaps that is when I will really start learning? xoxoxo

    1. The artist loves Frida, as many artists and art lovers do!
      It’s insane here in Toronto. If the Raptors win tonight, it’s going to sound like low rolling THUNDER for hours, and I’ll think of you, dear Thunder.

      Actually, whenever I hear thunder now, I think of you.

    1. I know! Those paint fume masks are awesome. 😀
      I should get myself one… just as a general accessory. How cool is that? Love back to Graz! xooxxxxooo ❤
      Make sure the cats all get a pet from me, and that Natascha get a big hug and kiss!

      1. Oh no ! I have a feeling that a new type of gown is in the offing. Darth Vader in pink flowers perhaps 😉
        Hugs, kisses and pets passed on. You are spoiling us dear Resa 🙂 Big hug from all of us ❤ xoxoxo

  2. It’s spectacular, Resa. How exciting too.
    And so detailed — yet done with spray paint. I love it — the colors, the composition, and how she wrapped it around the corner with the wing. Anya is making the world a more beautiful place — and so are you by sharing it.
    Hugs on the wing.

    1. It is a spectacular work. Yes, the street artists are converting Toronto. I’m so happy the city has embraced the painters, and supplies the paint!
      Yes, {{hugs}} on the Monarch Butterfly’s wing!

    1. Agree! Frida is a gem. I know the cacti are background for this wonderful art, but it completes an idea. I often feel the artists who do background don’t get enough praise.

  3. I think I mentioned an exhibit I saw of her work several years ago. Her life was a tumultuous one.
    I purchased a book at the exhibit I’ve yet to read. Time …????!!!!
    This artist did a phenomenal job of recreating Frida. It was quite an undertaking.
    Isadora 😎

    1. I remember that! I also remember you bought the book. LOL!! Does it have lots of pics to look at? 😀 😀
      Frida is a very interesting artist!

      1. Yes, Resa, there are photographs of her work in the book as well as her bio and life. It’s called Frida Kahlo at the Dali. It’s was put together by the curators of and for the exhibit. There’s a stone lithograph of Diego Rivera created by her. He was not a handsome man and was a bit portly. I’ve browsed through it reading a story here and there. You don’t have to sit and read all at once. She was certainly a very unique woman ahead of her times. LOVED the murals !!! 😎

  4. I came across Frida from reading Barbera Kingsolver’s The Lacuna, she seems like a very interesting and troubled woman but nonetheless fascinating.

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