From JMR – Montreal

Jean Marc has sent us some street art pics from Montreal.

Big thank you’s to JMR!

⭐️ Thank you Jean Marc! ⭐️

All photos © Jean Marc Robert

Click on his name to visit JMR’s blog! He is just getting back to blogging, & I hope to see a lot more of his art in the future!

Some of the Artists:

66 thoughts on “From JMR – Montreal

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    1. Truly, the first mural is your entire blog in a way. The epitome of which you write…. love, passion, man, woman, beauty all out there for the world to see, makes it seem as though you painted this mural, or someone painted it for you!
      Keep on writing!

        1. Ah, dear Lonely, there is a Muse out there waiting for you. In the meantime, you are welcome to look at this pic as much as you want. Drag it onto you desktop.
          Best wishes! Resa

          1. Great idea. Thanks. Would you mind if I mention your blog. I really should have mentioned your gowns blog with today’s post. Forgot to do it.

            But I am writing an art poem that would be a great introduction to your blog.

            1. Of course you may mention my Art Gowns blog! From time to time I have featured poetry for different gown reasons. My new Art Gown is close to photographing, which means I know all content for the post at this point.
              However, after the post, it will be months until the next one is finished. In between, I will be doing Art Gowns Updates posts. I will use your current poem in an updates post, if you like. Or if you do a poem around a gown.. glamour of love or so, torn gown, bejeweled, whatever… before that time, I would give that top billing. Thank you, Lonely!

            2. OR… perhaps the new one you are writing should be in a post with the one from today, or perhaps it is a featured poem. I can barely wait to read your next work!!!

    1. I love it when people send in street art from different places. 😀 I feel it helps round out the blog.
      Thank you for the art you have submitted, and you’re always welcome to send in more! xoxoxo ❤

    1. Get to work on those photos! Lol! I kid around, but you are welcome to send me art anytime you want! I’m looking forward to your new painting that is special to me! 😘
      Please feel free to answer any comments on this post. It is for both of us!

    1. Mon cher Aquileana 🦄💜 Combien de langues parlez-vous? Tu es une personne très internationale.
      I’m sure JMR will be happy to see this. I hope he comes back! 👍😘

      1. Merci, chère amie ❤️🥰 English is my fist foreign language. I studied 5 years of French, but barely use it, which made me lose it, to a good extent. I am studying Italian via Duolingo. Portuguese has some clear Spanish resemblances, so I a bit of it too. 🥴Bonne journée ❤️💛❤️

  2. Impressive collection of murals, all are beautiful … different styles.
    It would be difficult to choose one, but that last dragon-tree transporting a fish has managed to disturb me … art should provoke sensations and this is shocking!!!!!!
    Sending a very big hug ❤

      1. I have not chosen my words well, they are my problems with your language … the word is not disturb, it is impress, is shocking, en mi idioma se dice “impactar”… in fact it is the one I like most of all because it manages to attract my attention from the first moment, I am positively attracted to these types of murals.
        I am very sorry for my confusion with the vocabulary … sometimes I make mistakes … this is one of those occasions and I feel terrible 😦

        1. There are no worries. Your English is fabulous! Do not feel terrible, dear friend! 😘
          I fear it was my comment, much too, brief! 🙃 I suppose the truth is, I would love to have dinner with you! xoxo 💐

          1. A small mistake completely changes the meaning of a sentence … the feeling I had when reading it again was very bad.
            I guess if I don’t practice I don’t learn … I’ll keep trying … even with mistakes.
            Thank you and happy weekend!!!
            For dinner, dessert – choco… , you know 😉

    1. I’ve seen a swat team of artists paint a huge mural in 3 days, a massive piece 5 days.
      Then again, it could take 1 artist, with a bit of help…months! 😀 😀

      1. I was thinking more like “forever” because they’re just that good! 😉 But when someone has talent like these artists do, they could finish in a short amount of time. Oh, to have talent like this! 💗

        1. You do…I do … we are just finding it and showing it to the world. On this blog it’s my photography, and presentation of the art. On Art Gowns, it is my art!

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