34 thoughts on “Woman w/Eye Patch Finds Street Art w/Eye Patch

    1. Yeah… it’s temporary. I had eye surgery a few weeks ago, left eye. Slow recovery. Right eye next Wednesday … so the patch will switch to the other side. I’m excited for this to be behind me. I’m grateful. Thank you for asking, Timothy! Big hugs to you & your loves including the cats!

  1. Carolee Croft

    I bow down before the pink emperor!
    I didn’t know you had an eyepatch and there’s talk of surgery. Nothing too serious I hope? Feel better soon!

    1. The serendipity of this find is a hoot, or should I say a pink roar? Haha! I haven’t heard the term rinky-dink for ages. I love it! xx! TY for the well wish! xx

  2. Oh no ! I would sue your doctor if I was you as the medication has turned you into the one-eyed-throne-sitting Pink Panther ! 😉
    Seriously, whatever happens, I hope that both of your eyes are restored to their former glory my friend.
    Natascha read your email and wants to reply to you, so I have forwarded it to her. So you will be hearing from her soon.
    Big hug from all of us. Love Ralph xoxoxo ❤

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