Street Art Sao Paulo

Carolee Croft has sent us Street Art from Sao Paulo, Brazil!

Photo © Carolee Croft

I love the man and cat interacting!

Photo © Carolee Croft

Carolee says: “If you’re interested in street art, Sao Paulo is the place to be.”

Photo © Carolee Croft

“These photos were taken around the area where I live, Vila Anglo Brasileira and Pompeia, very close to Vila Madalena, which is home to Beco de Batman (Batman Alley), a place visited by throngs of tourists for its famous graffiti”

Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft

I thought I’d do an almost bookends with the 2 different hummingbirds.

Photo © Carolee Croft

I say “almost” because the frog piece is jut too, cute!

Photo © Carolee Croft

Photos taken by Carolee Croft – 2017

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Carolee Croft is a Canadian writer currently living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She writes novels that are in her own words “I hope not too naughty for your audience”. I find that a tad endearing coming from an admitted fan of Spongebob. You can find her books on  Carolee’s Books on Amazon

Click on the pics below to see them full size

Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft

43 thoughts on “Street Art Sao Paulo

    1. Carolee Croft

      Thanks, Christy. I do love the brightness of the colours. The fish monster and Neptune is probably my favorite, as well as the cat.

    1. Carolee Croft

      Haha, it’s true Spongebob has a place in my heart along with erotic romances. I have very diverse tastes, I guess 😉

      Thank you so much for posting, Resa. Can you believe these are all within walking distance from where I live? The cat/sea monster wall is probably my favorite, but like you said the man and cat interacting is also really wonderful. I think my boyfriend actually spotted that one, and it’s become one of my favorites as well.

      1. Diverse tastes are great!
        I do believe that all of these pieces are in walking distance of your place. I have the same, wonderful reality. 😀
        The man and the cat is not the most eye-grabbing, but it is very heartfelt. I adore it.
        I thank you very much for sending these in!!! I’m sure there will be more comments, and if you want to send more pics in………I’m here! HUGS! _Resa xx

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  2. Oh wow, Carolee, these are fabulous! The hummingbirds are beautiful, so colourful; and I can understand why you just had to end with the frog. He is gorgeous! What a diverse lot of art you have offered to us…
    Once again, Resa, your blog shines with creativity. As if there was any other way!?!? 🙂

    1. Carolee Croft

      I’m glad you liked it, Carolyn. The hummingbird is a really common theme here. They come up in different ways throughout the city. I will try to send Resa some more pics of them so you can see all the different versions. xoxo

    2. Next to cats and Papillon puppies 😉 street art rules. It seems there was a big gap from Kids’ Month until recently when I started getting Street Art from other places. Christy kicked it off with her power boxes, then you and now Carolee. I feel very fortunate, and I absolutely adore sharing posts. I like to think of GLaM as a Street Art hub. Much love, Carolyn! xoxoxo

      1. “I like to think of GLaM as a Street Art hub.”
        It is ~ you are!
        Fun and fabulous! And Carolee’s images are totally gorgeous. Here’s to more from all over the world.
        You’ve started a revolution! A very fun revolution! 🙂

  3. Incredible imagination and work on displayed here utilizing brilliant colors and talent.
    Great photos Carolee. Can only imagine what life in San Palo must be like
    Thanks for presenting it Resa, you do wonderful work

    1. Carolee Croft

      Thanks, Eddie. It’s hard to believe sometimes that I’ve been living in South America for the last three months. Life is definitely exciting here with lots of amazing food, art, plants, animals and birds.

    2. Thank you, Eddie! 😀 We are fortunate Carolee took time to send these pics in. I adore seeing what the world has to offer, especially in terms of street art. Sharing other bloggers photos of street art here on GLaM is an absolute joy. What fun!!!

  4. Carolee Croft

    Reblogged this on Carolee Croft and commented:
    With all the book-related stuff going on, I haven’t blogged much about Brazil, or at all. Resa of Graffiti Lux and Murals has kindly posted some of the photos I took in Sao Paulo. These might give you a taste of Brazil…

    1. Agree! This contribution is fabulous. When I began to become interested in street art, Brazil and Chile stood out. It’s very thrilling to have some of it in my collection. 😀

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