From Christy, Victoria B.C.

Christy Birmingham has sent us some power boxes art, and I just adore these sunny flowers!

Photo © Christy Birmingham

What a great image!

Photo © Christy Birmingham

Nature seems to rule on Vancouver Island.

Photo © Christy Birmingham
Photo © Christy Birmingham
Photo © Christy Birmingham

Pics taken by Christy Birmingham – July, 2017

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


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Christy is a writer from Victoria, B. C. She hosts one of my all time fave blogs   When Women Inspire and the most inspiring Poetic Parfait  

Her upcoming book will be short stories. In the meantime, check out her poetry books!


32 thoughts on “From Christy, Victoria B.C.

  1. Thank you Resa for allowing me to guest post here! I loved walking around the city to take these photos 🙂 The inclusion of links to my work is greatly appreciated. I find these boxes to be examples of unexpected beauty ❤

    1. Art, be it paintings, sculptures, poetry or scribbles in the sand is a life blood. Thank you Christy for contributing the art from your community to this blog. As you exampled to me when I first discovered your blogs, sharing our experiences and ideas through creativity and a co-mingling of endeavor enriches us all! ❤ xoxoxo

      1. Oh I love your return comment here, Resa! YES! Together we have the ability to share even more ideas and further humanity ~ Let’s keep doing so ❤ Thank you again for the beautiful opportunity xo

  2. Reblogged this on When Women Inspire and commented:
    I took several photos on my walks of power boxes painted with lovely art around the city of Victoria, BC. They made me smile with each snap, which is saying quite a bit given they are industrial items to start with 😉 I’m fascinated at where we’re seeing art now and so happy to be able to showcase these ones on Resa’s Graffiti Lux and Murals blog. Thanks for having me over today, Resa! Please check out her other posts while you’re over there and see some great street art she finds around Toronto 🙂

    1. What fun I’ve had on this project! 😀 Thank you for everything, Christy!! I’ll put one of these pics on my side bar & link to Poetic Parfait. The one I already have there, from the last time you sent me pics, is linked to WWI. OR, if you prefer, I can switch links. I’ll wait to hear from you! Anyway, I want both of your blogs to be linked. Much love, peace and happiness to you! xoxoxo

  3. Christy and Resa, I took quite a few images of the power boxes in the city of Newcastle, which is a 30 minute drive from my home here in Oz… The images are not of gorgeous flowers, great views and ‘funny’ little houses; but of ‘sea life’. Newcastle is by the seashore, which probably gives insight into the style chosen! 🙂
    Well done to you, Christy; you are a girl of many talents. 🙂

    1. Carolyn, that’s so cool about the sea life boxes! You’ll have to share a few with us ~ we’d love to see them 🙂 I’m so glad you’re embracing creativity and I send you a big hug! Resa’s blog here is amazing, isn’t it?! 🙂

    2. Are you going to send these in, i hope? Lol! I’d love to do another guest post with pics from Australia. It would be a second link on my sidebar to your other blog, or your FB page or YouTube page. Your choice!
      Much love to you, Carolyn! 😀 xoxox

    1. Aww, you’re welcome! However, we are just having fun! I’m always thrilled to get pics of street art from anywhere. Nice to see you here, Tina!

      1. 🤗🤗😘😍😘🤗🤗😘🤗🤗😘😍😘🤗🤗😘🤗🤗😘😍😘🤗🤗😘🤗🤗😘😍😘🤗🤗😘🤗🤗😘😍😘🤗🤗😘🤗🤗😘😍😘🤗🤗😘

    1. This is her second guest pics post here! I must say… Christy is a power, and I love it! (and her!) 😀 Thank you so much for stopping by! 😀

  4. Bumside Gorge ? No way ! There must be someone called Pat Bottom who lives there. Got to be.

    Great finds dear Christy and lovely post again dear Resa.

    Hugs to both of you. Ralph xoxoxo ❤ ❤

    1. I think you just might be Mr. Pat Bottom? LOL!
      Christy was such a dear soul to send these pics in. We’ve both had a lot of fun.
      HUGS xoxoxo

    1. Yes, double the fun, just like you have with your 2 beautiful puppies (well, okay, dogs)
      I seem to think all dogs are our puppies, and cats are our kittens. ol! Have a great week ahead!

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