Ship for Brains?

Found this bit of fun on Bathurst near College.

Bship #2
Artist: Clandestinos

I love the colors.

Bship #1
Artist: Clandestinos
Bship #8
Artist: Clandestinos


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  These 2 faces are very handsome.

Bship #3
Artist: Clandestinos
Bship #5
Artist: Clandestinos

Pics taken by Resa, February 21, 2016

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Clandestinos


Bship #12

Bship #6

31 thoughts on “Ship for Brains?

  1. This one feels so unique, different, vibrant would be an understatement. It is delightful to see how much each one of these artworks you share beckons so much stories and fuels my imagination.

    1. Love to hear this! If you like, I can email you a few pics when I get around to it. Perhaps 1 will inspire a poem. If so, as I have done with other poets, you post on your blog, then I reblog. ??? No pressure, just asking! 😀

      1. I would love to! You have no idea how inspiring offers like these are to me, especially graffiti! My favourite one, which is no more, alas, from Belgrade, literally found its way through at least 30 of my poems, and I first spotted it 15 years ago! Feel free to send me anything to, I am looking forward to it!

          1. But it is interesting also to discover, now, after so many years, who the artist was, as it was finding her other traces around the city. Whenever I see something of hers, I immediately recognise it and am happy.

    1. I’m so lucky to live in a street art haven. The artists aren’t restricted by the need to sell their paintings, so do what they want. I’m so glad you enjoy it. NO Art Gallery Needed! Yow!

  2. I had to laugh at the title, Resa! 🙂
    Fabulous colour; imaginative piece. I wonder – why a ship on his head? But then I realise what I thought was hair is actually water that becomes a waterfall..! So clever. I love it..! 😀

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