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Every Friday John posts a GOOD NEWS story. Gotta love this one about a white Husky named Ivy being rescued from an old water filtration pond. Need some good news? Check out John’s blog on Fridays!

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Video grab of firefighters in Michigan heroically rescuing a helpless dog trapped in an iced-over pond

Today’s good news comes from the Good News Network. Here is the story in its entirety.

Firefighter Lures Trapped Dog Off the Ice Using Treats–Then Lifts it Up a 10-Foot Wall

Patience, bribery, laughter, and a heck of a bicep muscle were all needed to rescue a helpless dog trapped after falling 10 feet into an ice-covered pool.

The Michigan animal shelter Pound Buddies received several “frantic” calls on March 7th about a dog trapped in the old water filtration pond.

The pond was frozen over, but with water clearly sloshing about over the ice, how long until the 60 lbs. husky plunged through was anyone’s guess.

Pound Buddies called in the Muskegon Heights Fire Department, which arrived “within minutes” to rescue the pup. Video footage shows the moment Lieutenant John…

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