Dear John,

Did you know it’s Tweety’s 80th birthday?

I don’t take many shots of cartoon street or alley art.

However, having followed your blog – John Howell for some time, and reading many “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” posts, I could not resist grabbing these 2 mini murals.

Yes, they are a Looney Tunes promo, complete with Q codes to go check out the festivities.

I have blurred them out, as I am not an advertiser.

Then I got to remembering capturing other Looney Tunes characters, that are pure alley and street art.

I managed to find some, but don’t let them into your yard!!!!

I’m going to love you and hug you and kiss you and call you George!

Hey, bet you thought you’d never see Porky Pig en Graffe?

Here’s the heartbreak, I did shoot a Wylie & Roadrunner around 2015, but I can’t find them. I never posted it. So, it’s somewhere on one of my 30 memory sticks, which Foghorn has so eloquently reminded me.

Oh, he wants to say a quick hi, to you. “Hi John! I’m not gonna talk forever. I know when to shut up! So I’m going to stop now. You don’t have to tell me twice. Hey check out my bling! The bat? I live in an alley, you know! But hey, let me stop yakking. Like my bandana? You don’t have to tell me 3 times!”

Pics taken by Resa – 2013 – 2022

Toronto, Canada

99 thoughts on “Dear John,

  1. Timothy Price

    Tweety is an old bird, but you have to love Tweety. These are wonderful murals of my favorite Looney characters.

    1. Looney Tunes were my fave cartoons as a kid.
      Lotsa fun!
      Okay, I did the dishes (finally). Now, for the garbage.
      Sometimes life seems to go by as a string of garbage days.

  2. I had a second cousin who actually called her parakeet “Tweety.” These murals remind me the ones in the Mission district of downtown San Francisco – colorful and full of whimsy.

    1. A Parakeet named “Tweety” Perfect!
      Was your cousin’s name Granny, by any chance?
      If you find yourself in the Mission District…grab some shots! Put them on your blog, or send them to me! I’ll put them on GLAM!

    1. Looney Tunes were my fave as a kid. LOL, dat puddy tat never got anything! Rember when he was teaching his son to catch a mouse… but there was a kangaroo switch?

  3. What a delightful post, Resa. Tweety and I are almost the same age (I’m one year older) and I’m thinking that it is a super thing that you have captured these delightful characters. Foghorn Leghorn has always been close to my heart. I love his boisterous nature and the fact that he is able to get the last word in. Thank you for the link and this very special post.

    1. You are so welcome, John!
      Love Foghorn!
      Sylvester is my cartoon boyfriend. Landsakes!
      From now on I will make sure to snap all cartoon characters in the alley. Who knows when what will come in handy? Or footy. (Cartoon post humour)
      The Pink Panther is popular.
      Anyway, my looney mind is forever tuned to your “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” posts, even if I read them on a Monday! xo

  4. Tweety 80? Nah, he don’t look a year older than when I was watching his stories!!!! Love the Looneys and Love your find! Huge hugs your way, dahling!!!!
    ps, I hope you find the two missing, especially the Roadrunner. I got a soft spot for him! 😉

    1. I hope I look like Tweety when I’m 80!
      I have a soft spot for Wylie.
      Hugs to you and Hera!
      I need to send you a mail soon! I got the mailer pouch, and I still have the address.

      1. Oh… you’ll look way prettier than Tweety!!!! 🌟😉😘😘
        Many many hugs back and …oh-oh…. ready?

        1. Lol!!! 🌊🌊🧽💙🌊🌊🧽💙🌊🌊🧽💙🌊🌊🧽💙🌊🌊🧽💙

  5. Reblogged this on Fiction Favorites and commented:
    I received a Dear John post from Resa McConaghy today. Resa is a very creative artist and has put together a post honoring Tweety Bird’s 80th birthday. She visits my Saturday foolishness often and I am honored by her thoughfulness. Thank you Resa. A visit to her blog will open your eyes to beautiful street art as catured by her camera.

  6. That was so fun and what a change from the usual fare. Too bad Wiley and Roadrunner are somewhere in the archives (30 sticks!). But I loved these, especially Tweetie’s message of love. <3.

    1. I adore Tweety’s message of love, too!
      One day, I will bump into Wylie and Roadrunner.
      I started looking through sticks, then got a headache.
      LOL! ❤ or as I like to say …. Wedge Three!

  7. 80 years old! remind me of my youngsters Saturday mornings, used to watch them on CFCF TV in English, did not understand the words, but the images spoke for themselves I guess…:D

    1. The Looney Tunes are classics now. I sure loved them when I was a kid. I also get a kick out of how they were made for adults at that time (as well as kids). {{hugs}} 🎁🎉

  8. Thank you Resa! This has brought back some better memories for me of my family, namely memories of my Grandfather. He was as you know, a well known artist and Master Craftsman in my town and one of the things he (and later my father) were famous for were the murals of these and other cartoon characters they were asked to paint on the walls of our hospital’s children’s ward. The skill was passed down and my Grandfather, father and myself could all paint/draw these popular famous Toons! (Though to be honest I haven’t drawn one for a very long time).
    But back to the star of this post, Tweety…if his birthday is actually the 9th of June then he shares his birthday with none other than famous Hollywood stars….Johnny Depp, Michael J. Fox and Queen Padme Amidala herself…Natalie Portman!
    Thanks again.

    1. Ah, I do remember you telling me about the murals.
      Oh wow! Thank you for the shared birthdays!
      I can see you are very proud of your heritage!

    1. I want to look like Tweety when I’m 80!
      Sure, my girlish figure will be gone, but I’ll have new feet and I will finally be a blonde! xo

  9. not looking too bad for an octogenarian


            1. Hahaha! & we will all look like Tweety.
              We need a name for the band.
              “The Tweeds” – “The Byrds” (let them sue us) – “Resa’s Pieces” – “Holly’s Dollies” – Just throwing names out there! You got any ideas? xoxo

                1. Lol! I’ll have to put it to them. Another wanna draw of mine… is the AGMs as a band. So much to draw, so little time. I could punk out the gowns. RR is lead singer. We need AGMs on Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Lead guitar, Bass Guitar & Keyboards …. Rebecca would be the Band’s manager. OH I like this! xoxox

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