Cat’s Third Eye is a Gem

Found this on a garage door a few blocks from home.

I’d like to hit some other alleys in the city, but I won’t take public transportation to get there and back.

I can do a 3 – 4 hour walk.

A few times I got a ride from N to a place where it’s a 4 hour walk back home.

Fortunately, I have lots of pics stashed!

Pics taken by Resa – November 9, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artists?

69 thoughts on “Cat’s Third Eye is a Gem

  1. And finally a piece of art not obstructed by street furniture or vehicles! Nice one.
    Most people I know get mesmerized by cats with two eyes…I can’t imagine how they’d react to this 3-eyed feline.
    (And on a side note, my robe has been dispatched so my costume is getting closer to being complete!) Thanks and stay safe.

      1. You are welcome, Resa. My apologies for not being around much. I officially got an (Instagram) account. I’m now part of a collective poetic group…became a member. Big supportive on that universe. 🙂

        How have you been my friend? Hope all is well. How’s your Artgowns coming along?

                1. I’m back on GLAM. Took me forever to get here. I got a commission to do a Frankenstein portrait in pencil. Sucking up my time.
                  It’s almost finished. I might post it anyway today…. just for fun.
                  Did some “fast” pencil sketches to warm up.
                  Did one of you …AGM Holly as a spirit of Silent Actresses Theda Bara, Gloria Swanson and Mary Pickford! LOL
                  Will mail that to you!
                  Plus Charlotte Hoather interviewed me. That’s posted now, on her blog.
                  Is anyone close to you a Trekkie from the original series??? I did a fab booklet of unseen posters for Oannes. Thought I should share that with others who love that.
                  I have been chipping away at the next PBH post. I will focus on it once I finish 2 more presentations that are non-blog. Almost done those.
                  Then, I have been spending time working on the new Art Gown.

    1. Yes! It was such a thrill to find it. No matter how often I walk my well trodden alleys, I never know when something will appear. It is just like mystic magic!

      1. Resa – I have always believed that we are surrounded by mystic magic. Even science has confirmed that we are energy. I just read a Forbes article that states: “….We’re both surrounded by our own personal force field, and the insides of our bodies contain electrical generators, which they use to send signals through our body. Virtually every single process which is keeping you alive can be traced back to an electric field that some component of your body is creating.” So when you go out for your mural treasure hunts, I have a feeling that your energy is attracting these amazing artworks. Always a joy to tag along, my dear friend….

  2. Oh, my Resa… this was definitely worth the loooong walk! What a fantastic mural. Colors, details… it is just gorgeous in every way. I’m in love with this! Hera is too!!!!!

    1. You and Hera have great taste!!!

      1. It’s Hera I take it from!!! 🤣😂🤣🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  3. What a cool find in your neighborhood! That cat looks very wise. Love it!

    I miss seeing the murals in the city. I was pleased to see an artist painted a butterfly mural on the steps of the butterfly garden at a nearby park.

    1. Yeah, there’s lots of art in my neighbourhood. I’ve posted most of it, but I never get tired of seeing it again. So, I walk in the alleys. Way less people than on the front street.
      Parks should have art if there’s a place to paint it.
      There’s some places in the city I’d love to get to, but public transport is still quite scary.

  4. A great garage. I wonder if the owner made a deal with the artist?
    Yes, do NOT take public transportation. Not now. Too many people. Too many things to touch…
    Walk is better. 3-4 hours? 👍🏻

    1. Agree, no public transport! We are in full lockdown. I’m not even supposed to leave the hood.
      Yet, many people are driving to the next city over to go shopping. No wonder the positivity rate, cases and deaths are spiking.
      Most governments have been exposed as idiots, unprepared for something that has been warned about for 100 years!
      Don’t get me going!
      Lol! 😀

          1. Love that song too. Plus “Ah know Geowgia” pers’nally… I hadn’t consciously thought about it. Yet I am very ware of the importance of Georgia. Both in the Presidential election and the coming Senate election. 🗳 🤞

    1. Thank you, Teagan! Yeah, we are back in lockdown. I wear 3 masks at a time, and wear a small bottle of hand sanitizer around my neck. Still, it’s a harsh lockdown right now, so I’m not really allowed to leave my neighbourhood.
      Fortunately, I have a good bit of street art in the kitty! {{{HUGS}}}

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