Pup Is 17 Years Now …………….

Dear Susan,
This is a very very special post for me. My Pupkin passed away very recently, since I sent you this submission. His 17 years added much joy to my life.
This post is his little tribute. Thank you, Susan.
Also, thank you for mentioning my other blog “Art Gowns”. Pup Loved the gowns! He would watch me work,and slept on every tail. _Resa xo

Friday Morning Bookclub


but he stays young and hip by browsing “Street Art” books while nibbling greens.

Thank you Resa!

Be sure to check out Resa’s creations! They are amazing!

Art Gowns | The Art of Glamorous Fantasy

If you have a 4-legged reader in your house, please email a picture to Susan@Fridaymorningbookclub.com

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7 thoughts on “Pup Is 17 Years Now …………….

  1. I am sorry that Pup can not see how precious it is in the post, it’s a very pretty picture.
    I regret the loss of your great friend … they are always present in our happy memories.
    A big hug Resa.

  2. Oh, so sad, Resa. It is quite devastating when we lose them; they just don’t live long enough! And yet the memories we have of them are so precious; wouldn’t miss one single day, one single mischievous event, or one single cuddle, to be sure.

    1. You’re right about them being special! Ann, I still miss my little Pupkin! I guess 17 years of fluffy hugs and snuggles doesn’t go away very quickly! Thanks for your kind words!

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