Wounded Angel

I went out to find a graffiti Lion’s head. I found it, and more.

I found this angel, and I adore it.

The Lion’s head is FANTASTIC… so, I’m hoarding it for a bit.

I spotted this angel from about 1 block away. It was just a peachy blob, but it was a peachy blob that wasn’t there a few weeks ago.

Further inspection was rewarding. However, research has informed me that this is an AD for Sony Music, for a particular song/album they are pushing. Some ads do use street art style, but we know it is an ad. This piece is masquerading as street art, and I am offended.

Pics taken by Resa – November 20, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

64 thoughts on “Wounded Angel

        1. Dear Holly,
          After dinner, I did some research to see if I could find out who the artist is.
          One thing lead to another, and I was so DISAPPOINTED by what I found out, that I worked on the gown for an hour, then went to bed & watched impeachment updates.
          Turns out it is the cover for an album being pushed by Sony Music. Liar is the main single they are pushing.
          Usually, if it is an ad done street art style, it is presented as an ad, and we know it’s an ad.
          This piece is an ad masquerading as street art. It’s a sad ad, a sad state of affairs for street art.
          It felt like the end of street art, as I know it.
          They are the LIARS. I guess now that all of our supreme leaders are liars, it’s okay to lie.
          It is a beautiful work, but is insincere, a farce.
          Sony Music has completely alienated me, and I will never listen to this song or the artist.
          If it seems I am overreacting, that is based on the depth of my disappointment.
          Once I get comments answered, and address the lie in the body of the post, I’m putting up some real street art…. found in a filthy alley.

          1. That’s terribly discouraging and disgusting that they would promote themselves through street art without a disclaimer designating that it is an ad. “liar” is fitting! Sorry for all the disappointment you must feel. I was completely roped in as well. ❤️

            1. Thank you, Holly!
              I knew you would understand my feelings. I adore you!
              I’m going to go for a walk & drown my sorrows in the freezing cold.
              LOL! That should snap me out of it! ❤

                1. I’m back and I’m shivering! Lol! A nice hot dinner and red wine will take care of that.
                  I wish we weren’t in between Boogapony tours. We’d Boogapony in front of all the gorgeous street art, but not this. NO Boogapony for Sony!! ❤

                    1. Once I get through the next posts… I think I’ll draw us some new Boogapony costumes.
                      So… I’m posting the lion on GLAM, the Mosaic Models on AG’s, the new At Gown will be soon after on AG.. it’s at least 85% done.
                      Anyway, lol, it won’t be tomorrow, but I think we can afford new Boogapony outfits!!! xo

    1. I agree it is beautiful, but I am saddened to find out it is actually an ad, masquerading as street art.
      There are many ads using street art style. They make it obvious, and I don’t post those.

    1. Your comment is truer than you know. Sony Music has betrayed the ethic of street art by masquerading an AD for an album they are pushing. When street art style is used for an ad, we know it. It is made obvious.
      Liars, indeed. I will try to keep going, but am somewhat shattered. ❤

      1. "Lightning" Ellen

        Gah! Commercialization kills the spirit of so many things today. It’s quite sad 😦 Keep going! I love seeing all the wonderful street art you post about.

    1. Yes they are. Lies are not fun.
      So, this piece of art is a lie… in a way. Turns out Sony Music is behind it. It’s an ad for an album & song they are pushing.
      Yes, street art style is used in ads, but one always knows. The advertisers make that fact known…. obviously or subtly. I feel very lied to! ❤

      1. Join the world wide club
        … caught in a corporate net.
        A tangled web, weaved of regret.

        At least Sony Music
        ain’t owned by Disney,
        The Mother of Big Fibs
        and the spiritual master
        of the Mickey Mouse Club

          1. Yes, the Evil Empire has a way
            of gobbling up all competition.
            Mickey Mouse has become
            just another fat rat on steroids
            controlling the collective vision.
            He’s even taken all the cheese
            out of a pink mouse’s mouth 🐭

    1. Yes, she is gorgeous, but she’s a lie! Turns out Sony Music paid for it. It’s the ad for an album, and this is the cover. However, the name of the album (which is on the album art) is not on this advertisement piece. I am lied to!

  1. I love this, it looks wonderful, also perhaps its Cupid at work and its love, as I suspect it was love at first sight (after it ceased to be a blob) glimpsing this.

    1. Yes, I adore this piece! It’s unfortunate that it turned out to be an ad for an album and a song. Street art style is used often enough for ads, but it’s identified. I feel this one is a liar, masquerading as street art!

    1. It’s an amazing piece! Then I found out it is a an AD by Sony Music to pitch an album and song. I don’t care if advertisers want to use street art style, but be honest… say it’s an ad!!
      Liar is right!❦❦🙈🙉🙊❦❦

  2. Oh Resa, you have brought up a very important discussion. Is art not art because of why it was created? Is art not art because the art was created by an artist who was the antithesis of my value system? Is art not art because it was used to extract a specific outcomes? I do not know the answers, But what I do know is that art goes deep into who we are, what we believe and how we view the world. “Speak softly, but carry a big can of paint.” Banksy, Wall and Piece. ALWAYS enjoy our conversations. Many Hugs!

    1. Hugs back!
      It is a beautiful piece. Obviously competent artists painted it.
      It’s the faux pretense I object to. I go out and comb the city for street art, not advertisements. Liar is perfect!

      1. I would love to talk with some of these artists about how they became involved in painting murals. I can imagine that they all have fascinating stories, I spoke with a couple during the Vancouver Mural Festival – they are amazing. And now I follow a couple of them on Instagram. I continue to learn and learn and learn.

  3. Shame, as it’s a fantastic artwork. If the marketing suits had included logos it would have given the work some credibility and context. Instead, it’s a sly pretender.
    The world we live in right now is such a cesspit of deceit. I’m glad there are more and more organisations coming about to expose lies and fact check information. If we are steered to the truth we can make informed decisions about which companies we choose to lighten our purses with, as well as which politicians we choose to stand by. Boycotting the bullshit is liberating.

    1. You have expressed what I feel and think, very well.
      There’s an honesty about street art that I enjoy. I feel cheated.
      Like I said, you have said it perfectly!

  4. Hello Resa, our mutual friend TVTA is a wise fellow. I agree with him that the cover-art is an amazing piece of work. It may not be a “legit” piece of street art but it did catch your attention as though it was. TVTA has fantastic catalogue images and adverts on his site which could be framed and adorn a wall, while I create 3D models which some call art….they’re just different art which people can enjoy. BUT I will point out George Michael did famously expose Sony activities in his Fast Love video. He had a pair of their headphones on in the video but replaced the brand name with the name FONY! Anyhoo thanks for sharing.

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