Sea Turtle

Found this on the side of a big ol’ house in an alley.

The alley was narrow, so I shot mostly on an angle.

Love the colours.

Made the alley come alive!

Pics taken by Resa – May 8, 2023

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:


94 thoughts on “Sea Turtle

    1. Agree, it’s a wonderful find.
      I’m green, too, Robbie.
      You have breathtaking real animals where you live.
      I have wall painted animals.
      We are both most fortunate!
      Have a great Sunday!

    1. You are welcome, Ford! I saw the colours about a block away. I caught them with the side of my eye. It was an unexpected joy! 🤩🤗

    1. Tim…so that fish is a Koi?
      I really like the flowers. I know one can’t compare, but your flower shots are spectacular, in a league of their own. xx

    1. Yeah, no Love button dear Thunder, and I love this, too!
      Amazing what is in the alleys around here.
      So many posts to make. So little time.
      Think I’ll go sew! Lol… light (a tiny one) at the end of the tunnel known as Charlotte’s gown.

      1. I’ve been making a few discoveries of my own in this new ‘hood I am working in. Shall be sharing in the near future!
        Wonderful! Enjoy (all of it)! xoxoxo

  1. Oh.. she’s so gorgeous and the fish and the flowers!!!! What a wonderful composition!
    A great find dahlin and beautifully captured!!!! LOVE IT!
    …from Hera too! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Love the turtle! Not more than Hera, of course!
      It’s a great find, and I look ahead to a fab summer art season!

      1. …well, of course!!!!!! 😂

        1. 🐾❤️🧽🐾❤️🧽🐾❤️🧽🐾❤️🧽🐾❤️🧽🐾❤️🧽🐾❤️🧽

    1. Now the Sea Turtles need saving? Is there any species man has not brought to the edge of disaster?
      I’m happy you joined!
      I read “Lion Scream” by Robbie Cheadle. Pretty much all of the African animals in the book are in danger.
      I’ll be reviewing it in my next post here.
      I’d like to see the pics on IG, but I’m locked out, at least for now.
      Meece are some of the only ones left in the okay zone! xo🐭🐭xo
      Just don’t let a singing one get into your ear! 😂

      1. Yeah, Leatherbacks come ashore to lay their eggs and people are messing with the nest. they have to hatch and make it back to sea or die. So, we are helping them get back to the water and keeping people away from the nest. Hahaha! Those meece will get in your ear…Meece Power xo🐭🐭xo

        1. Poor turtles!
          Run baby turtles, run!
          Yes… Meece in your ears.
          Makes me think of that song, “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”
          🎼 “Meece Get In Your Ears” 🎼

                1. Just pinned up 250″ of circular hem, 1/2 the hem. Now to press, then to sew. The other 250″ I want to line and embroider. Long story. Will be in the post!

    1. It’s always a rush to find a mural, or even just a small piece that excites.

      So, Holly, Dale and I did a Weekend Concert Post & Fashion show on Art Gowns (with Frank’s OK!) I’m still catching up Likes and Comments. Lol!
      Anyway, the opening song/video is a circa 2010 live performance of “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf. (John Kay is amazing 40+ years after the fact)

      There is a Fabulous old school keyboard intro. It reminds me of you. I could see you playing that intro.

          1. Thanks! I did find it 🙂 I may pass on this one, but will try to listen to more of the music. I think all of my favorite “biker tunes” had been taken anyway.

        1. I’m going to sew for an hour or 2, then I’ll be by…
          ⏱⚔️ ⏱⚔️ ⏱⚔️ ⏱⚔️

    1. I adore this mural!
      A new street art season is upon us! I’m heading out Tuesday to see what I can find.

      Okay, I’m going to sew for an hour or 2. There’s light at the end of the tunnel re: the new Art Gown. xoxo

  2. Hello Resa, on my recent trip I saw quite a few animals in the wild but I never saw a Sea Turtle (though I did spot some Koi Carp in the botanical gardens I visited).
    This turtle is magnificent.

  3. Beautiful as always, and especially because if you take a peek into the alley, suddenly you are transported from the cityscape into the seascape.

  4. Thank you for the introduction to Christina Mazzula. I found her on Instagram and saw that you were following her too. Life is the best when we meet up with artists.

    1. She is a wonderful artist! I’ve posted several of her works.
      I’m blocked from IG, until I give up my bd. Fine! I could lie, but no.
      Am I the last person on earth who values their privacy?

  5. What stunnig images! They make me think of this lovely song from “Arielle…”:
    … Under the sea
    Under the sea
    Darling it’s better
    Down where it’s wetter
    Take it from me… 😉
    Have a fine new week and stay safe, dear Resa! 🙂

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