Anne Boleyn

Is it street art, or art in the street?

I instantly recognized the portrait of Anne Boleyn, set in a cold vortex of high rises.

Queen Consort Anne Boleyn was King Henry VIII ‘s second wife. She was beheaded for adultery (charges trumped up by Cromwell) on May 19, 1536.  Anne Boleyn is the mother of Queen Elizabeth I.

The portrait in the street is a copy of the famous and only officially verified portrait of Anne Boleyn, that was painted in her lifetime. (Shown below) It is believed that images of her were destroyed to please the king. This is the sole survivor.

unknown artist; Anne Boleyn; National Portrait Gallery, London;

Even until today, paintings surface claiming status, but all are renounced.

Photo of the original (left) compared to my photo of the one in the street (right).

I had to go in on an angle to get a close up of her face.

Alongside Richard Burton as Henry the VIII, Geneviève Bujold played Anne Boleyn in the movie “Anne of the Thousand Days”

Elizabeth Taylor, wanted to play Anne Boleyn. At 37, she was rejected as too old. Elizabeth took a small walk on so she could be present at the shooting of the final Tower of London scene. She feared Richard Burton, and Geneviève Bujold were having an affair.

For that tidbit and more trivia about the movie, click on the pic of Elizabeth below.

Here is the infamous 20 second walk on.

Anne Boleyn’s sister Mary was Princess Diana Spencer’s 13th great-grandmother on her father’s side.

So then Mary Boleyn is William and Harry’s 14th great- grandmother on Diana’s father’s side? Does that mean Anne Bolyen is their 14th great-aunt on Diana’s father’s side?

There is a ton of history available on Anne Boleyn. I’ve included 1 link for ease.

Anne Boleyn Facts & Biography Of Information

In January 1973, Rick Wakeman released his debut solo album, “The Six Wives of Henry VIII. The 36.36 minute album has a piece for each wife. Here is Anne Boleyn.

Pic taken by Resa – February 28, 2023

Toronto, Canada


116 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn

  1. It’s a sad old tale was Anne’s. I studied her life a while back. The good, the bad and the ugly. The poor girl had no means of defence while alive and certainly not at her time of murder. Yes, a sad tale. The art, by the way, is sublime. Regards, TOF

    1. TOF, it’s been 487 years since she was, as you say, murdered.
      Many are still fascinated by her tale, and the history therein.
      I know I’m intrigued.
      487 years later, and the news/headlines still suck! Cheers!

      1. I’m glad the hear that you, young Resa, are fascinated by her tale. So the poor girl was the victim of ‘execution by beheading’ for treason. I call it murder…not sure why, but that’s how I see it. I was brought up in sicko Henry 8th land. Plus, in more recent years, I’ve visited the family home of Anne a few times for the vibes. Yes, she was a tad wild…not unlike my Shirl…but that’s hardly a crime. In fact, to me, it is a virtue. I could write a book about the vile ‘King’. A very fine post. Regards, TOF

          1. Interesting. If I were to write Anne’s tale I’d make it in modern times. I’m thinking, King Trump 1st. King Trump and Henry 8th are similar to the extent that the former would love to be the latter. The only issue would be that when I write my gals must come out as the winners. I’ll have to think about this one. Regards, TOF

              1. Nice to know, young Ms Resa. This particular suffrage drama is new to me, thank you sending it my way. Sundays are boring but on this occasion I shall be reading up on ‘A Women’s Parliament’ and ‘Mock Parliament’. I know quite a lot of the general suffragettes history (hope I slept that correctly!) yet there’s always more to learn. Cheers, TOF

  2. Wow! So is this a mural from the original or a reproduction?
    Love the trivia [yes, I saw Liz… briefly! I can just picture her tracking RB, just in case he was having an affair with GB!!! Queen Katherine was Irene Papas, in that scene.
    Beautifully captured, dahling!

    1. I don’t know the story behind the mural. My guess is that it is reproduced from a photo of the original.
      Irene Papas!! Thank you! I see she passed away September, 2022.
      She had a great career.
      She was in “Erendira”, an unusual story/movie that is most memorable.
      Thank you, dahling!

    1. The story and history live on 487 years later.
      It seems humanity has always had grim news to report.
      It’s like for all that has changed over time, nothing intrinsically important has changed. 🙏💖🙏💖

    1. Dahling!
      I should get a tweed deerstalker hat (like Sherlock wore) and a pipe.
      Then I’ll look like a real crazy person. 🙃😵‍💫

  3. Another amazing find, Resa! I wonder why the artist chose to reproduce her portrait there–some connection to the building?
    There is a lot of history on Anne and her family. Her father and uncles were ruthless and ambitious, and she was intelligent. It is a sad tale. I considered doing a field in Tudor history when I was in grad school. It was a fascinating time.
    I have a different feeling about Cromwell since reading Hilary Mantel’s books and seeing Mark Rylance play him. Like Anne of the Thousand Days, probably not very accurate. 😏

    1. So, in trying to find out the artist’s name, I found out that there is a restaurant inside that high rise. “Queen Anne”.
      Still, it’s art, and it’s in the street.

      The history is fascinating. Crazy, but Anne was beheaded 487 years ago, and is still a topic.
      Was it Karma that got Thomas Cromwell beheaded in 1540, 4 years after Anne?
      What is your different feeling about Cromwell?

      1. Ah–well that makes sense about the restaurant.
        In Mantel’s version, he’s a more sympathetic character who loved his family and matched wits with Anne, and Thomas More is extremely unlikeable. I think they all suffered from Henry VIII’s mood swings and desires. Apparently, Henry regretted having Cromwell executed within a few months after the fact.

        1. I doubt that anyone who had so many people beheaded, including 2 wives is a sympathetic (pathetic being the buzz part) character in anyone’s book but Mantel’s. Mantel might have some romantic issues.
          Are you referring to the book Wolf Hall?

            1. I get it!
              A lot of people liked Wolf Hall. I didn’t know it was a trilogy.
              Tonight is the last episode of “Poker Face”.
              It’s been an adventure… a female Columbo of sorts.

  4. lol, as soon as I saw the picture I thought Rick Wakeman (I’m going to see him live in April!) If you haven’t guessed, he is one of my heroes and I recognize all of the wives of Henry VIII from his album 😉 Great video of it live with band, orchestra and choir.
    Anyway, great street art! they did a great job of recreating that painting.

    1. When I thought of using Wakeman’s “The Six Wives of Henry VIII”, I thought of you and Oannes immediately.
      Have a great time at the concert. I hope you’ll do a post on it!
      Yes, the painting is an excellent copy! 🤩

  5. Striking image of Anne Boleyn, and a very informative post, Resa! I recently read Hilary Mantel’s “Wolf Hall,” which prominently features Anne, and own several Yes albums from when Rick Wakeman was in the band, so I feel I was prepared to read your post. 🙂

    1. Ahh, so “Wolf Hall” is fiction set in period reality?
      Lol, yes you were prepared.
      I love “Owner of a Broken Heart”.
      “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” is a masterpiece of its time & place.

      1. Yes, “Wolf Hall” was indeed historical fiction from that time.

        I’m more a fan of first-half-of-the-1970s Yes (“The Yes Album,” “Fragile,” “Close to the Edge,” “Tales from Topographic Oceans”), but their later work definitely had its moments, too. 🙂

          1. A fascinating novel, albeit a bit of a slow read. And I agree about the early ’70s and music! Yes, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Renaissance, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, etc. 🙂

    1. Yes, Anne is intriguing. Although 487 years ago, she’s still in and on the minds of a lot people.
      It is a good rendition.

      PS. I got your email. Today was email nuts, because of something I’m working on. I’ll get that info to you tomorrow. Thank you!!!!!

  6. What a wonderful find! I love that she has remained fascinating to us all these years later. Her story was rather tragic. I loved Nathalie Dormer’s rendition of her in “The Tudors” mini-series. That little tidbit about Elizabeth Taylor is also fascinating. Imagine, the most beautiful woman in the world, worried…

    1. 487 years later!
      Oh yeah, I remember that series. I was up for Best Costume Design against it. Neither of us won.
      Yeah.. Liz being worried. Just goes to show how dedicated Richard was. 🫢 maybe.

        1. No kidding JRM is too handsome. These days most actors are too good looking, even if they are character actors.
          Yeah. Still, I would have liked to win 1.
          Liz knew! ⚡️💥

  7. I love how street art, like museum art, is so varied. It’s wonderful to see this classic painting mirrored on a wall for all to see. And what history, Resa. Thanks for sharing that. Women always seem to be held to a higher standard than men. Poor Anne didn’t stand a chance in that world with that husband. I wonder what Elizabeth 1 thought about her father murdering her mother. Thanks for the beautiful and fascinating post.

    1. So, in trying to find out the artist’s name, I found out that there is a restaurant inside that bleak high rise. “Queen Anne”.
      Still, it’s art, and it’s in the street.

      This history is rich and rotten, 487 years old and fascinating.

      “I wonder what Elizabeth 1 thought about her father murdering her mother. ”
      Good question!
      WELL, Queen Elizabeth never married. That’s probably the answer.
      I was quite excited to make this post!

            1. The ancient monarchy is intriguing. They would kill each other to rise up the royal ladder even to the throne.
              ie. Shakespeare’s “MacBeth”.
              Elizabeth 1 had her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots beheaded because of Mary’s complicity in a plot to murder Queen Elizabeth I.
              Of course there are politics behind al.

  8. What a find. That whole period in English history was something else. Smiling at the Liz and Richard ref. When I was wee there was a family lived just round the corner in our sink, so rough the streets had to be renamed to get people to live in it, estate Anyway they were Welsh and the word was he was one of Richard Burton’s cousins. Of course we all thought, ‘ ‘Aye right,’ although he was very good looking. But sure enough Burton paid for them all to come down to London and meet Liz.

    1. Yes, a lot of beheadings, in that period. Do tourists know what went on in the Tower Of London, when they visit it?

      “Your sink”?
      So neat they got to meet Liz. I don’t blame him for showing her around. He married one of the most beautiful women known at the time. xxxxxxxx

  9. What a fabulous post, Resa. History and art are brought together masterfully by you. I liked that photo comparison of the original painting of Anne with the street version. The street artist is quite a talent. Your photos are great too.
    🐂 🐂 🐂 🐂

    1. Thank you, John!
      So, in trying to find out the artist’s name, I found out that there is a restaurant inside that high rise. “Queen Anne”.
      Still, it’s art, and it’s in the street.
      The comparison was a must for this post.
      OX OX OX OX
      We’re on the classics today!

            1. Uh huh!
              I was being too cryptic.
              Let me put it this way while go for an affectionate bike ride.
              OX ur📖 OX ur📖OX ur📖OX ur📖

              I should have been thinking sharper!.

  10. I love that it makes me feel like walking down the street is no different than specifically going into a museum or an art exhibition to see the original or its many renditions.
    I also appreciate all the extra historical tidbits you shared ❤

    1. I’m fortunate that Toronto loves street art, as much as it does.
      As soon as it gets a bit warmer, I’ll be out walking, looking for and finding art!

      It was extra fun making this post, because of the tidbits! ❤❤

    1. Anne was murdered 487 years ago.
      Yet, they did not erase her from history. The one painting that survived the destruction of everything Anne is her knife in the hearts of all who would want to erase women.
      All art is powerful.

  11. While she only ruled for a short time, Ann Boleyn continues to inspire. She was powerful – And I see that power in this art. Thank you for showcasing Ann and the painting of her so well here, Resa! Wishing you a beautiful Women’s Day ❤️

    1. Wonderful Women’s Day to you, Christy! ❤️❤️
      It wish it was every day, though. No reminders needed for all the wonders women do.

      Yes, Anne was powerful. That’s why she had to have her head chopped off.
      This was a fortunate piece to bump into.

  12. Interesting trivia- I wonder if Burton was having an affair. I’ve seen him in person (when he was alive) and, aside from vivid blue eyes, he wasn’t that attractive.

    1. I guess we will never really know about the affair, unless Genevieve does a tell all. That’s not likely.
      LOL.. but he was a famous movie star. That made him attractive to many women.
      Vivid blue eyes could have had MANY women!

  13. What a fascinating subject for street art! I watched “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” years ago on Masterpiece Theatre. I also watched “Anne of the Thousand Days.” My brother bought the Rick Wakeman album.

    1. So, in trying to find out the artist’s name, I found out that there is a restaurant inside that bleak high rise. “Queen Anne”.
      Still, it’s art, and it’s in the street. I love it!

      I saw “Anne of the Thousand Days.” I’d like to see it again.
      LOL, your brother bought a brilliant album… a masterpiece.

        1. If there is a sign, it is small, discreet. When I go back into that area, I’ll look.
          I’m not sure what kind of building it is.
          It seems kind of elitist. It’s difficult to find info. The most I can gather is it is condos for rent, and quite pricey.

    1. It is fascinating! 487 years ago, beheadings were the answer to many issues.
      Yes, Anne’s end was cold. Apropos the area of the city I found it in is cold, an uninviting myriad of high rise buildings. 💞💞

    1. I agree! All is well. I just get super busy. I’m trying to make faster headway with the new Art Gown, (for Charlotte Hoather), but there is nothing slower than sewing through sequins by hand.
      How you?

      1. Fine thank you. Just about to spend the entire week at our “cabin” south of Mexico city. Big garden, flowers, a small pool, birds… warm. Peace… Purrrfect.
        I remember you sew everything by hand… My Goodness… You are a true artist. I also remember that dress is for Charlotte… It will be lovely.
        Just a silly question: how do you know the dress will fit? I mean Charlotte looks thin and like anything would fit her, but I imagine you need some kind of measurements? Silly question isn’t it?

        1. Not so silly.
          As she works in the theatre, Charlotte has professionally taken measurements for building costumes.
          She sent me those. I apply them to my Judy, and do what I can to get it as close as possible.
          I use the form to shape the build on.
          I’m taking my time.. because every time I do something, I stop to think how I’ve captured her measurements, thus far.
          That is making this gown take longer than any of my other gowns.
          Also, the top is sequins. One hasn’t lived until they’ve sewn a sequin bodice by hand.
          Also, I build it in 3 components: the top, the skirt & the tail. This makes any alterations a lot easier, when she gets it.
          There’s more, but them’s the basics.

          Have a fab cabin holiday!!!!

          1. Of course. So actors, actresses, also have their measurements “on file” so to speak? Wow. So they don’t have to pose. And once the costume, dress, etc. is ready, it can be adjusted easily… I love that.
            (The sequins must be hard. But you’ll get there…)
            Hugs from the cabin.

  14. She seems like an unexpected subject for street art. Although you pulled together a detailed and fascinating post, Resa. I hope you enjoy your time away from blogging. I won’t call it a break because it sounds like you’re going to be busy and working hard. Take good care of you. Hugs.

  15. My mail notifications are effed up! I Only got notice today. This is amazing art. Yes, it’s art in the street and gorgeous art at that. I love the back story about Liz and Dick. Although you have a lot to take care of I hope you will get a bit a R and R. I love the blue lady , she’s chillin’ . Sending lots of love dear Meece.

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