A Deere Deer

OR a Deere Dear. Turns out deere is not just a tractor brand, but an archaic spelling of both; deer and dear.

I can’t help but think of Timothy  & Dale, as I write this. Tim because we were gagging around in comments with the word “deer/dear/deere”. Dale because she posted some pics of deer in her Wordless Wednesday spot on Marc’s blog.

Anyway, this is one of those high up murals that I had to try hard to capture.

It is a unique dear deer deere!

Pics taken by Resa – February 20, 2023

Toronto, Canada


Hand detail

82 thoughts on “A Deere Deer

    1. I had heard about this deer. I went out to find it, but it was evading me. There was a door. I wasn’t sure what it was an entrance for, but I went inside anyway. Turns out it was a courtyard, and there was the deer.
      It’s so much fun hunting down street art!

    1. Well Robbie, it’s a first for me too.
      It is eye catching. The technique is different, too. It must have taken the artist a long time drawing this line by line by line.

    1. Lol! I’ve seen about a half dozen works by this artist, and it’s all black and white line drawings. It’s his style, and he’s sticking to it…. so far!
      I have some blingy art coming up!

    1. You are welcome dear John!
      We had a snow storm las night. The photographer is coming from out of the city, so we postponed until tomorrow.
      Yay…I get to stress for 1 more day!
      What came first, the deer or the OX?
      💋 🦌🐂 💋 🐂🦌 💋

  1. Dear Sorceress!
    I love how you reveal this one bit by bit and I am rather amazed that you managed to capture all of this beauty. She is high up! Such beautiful detail, as well.

    1. It was a fun challenge, to capture this.
      So, now we have both captured deer. You have a nature deer. I have a cement deer.
      This is the only style I’ve seen from this artist; black and white lines. ⚡️💥

  2. Timothy Price

    Oh dear. That is quite a deer. Or deeress. It’s a really great find. Was that the one you were looking for when you found the previous post?

  3. Resa – you have captured a wonderful photograph collection of “A Deere Deer.” I especially appreciate how you position each photo to give us a fresh perspective of this mural.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca.
      I do try to capture the pieces in a way that I can present how they make me feel when I first see them. Finding this deer was like finding a spirit.
      It looks like a spirit! Hugs!

  4. What a wonderful, hard-earned find, Resa, photographed superbly! Instead of the Court Yard Hounds (a Dixie Chicks musical side project), we have the Courtyard Deer/Human. 🙂

    1. It was a crazy day. I’m hoping for more!
      Thanks Dave, re: my photography! When I find these tall/high works, I think… how to take and how to present.

      Dear Human,
      We need to talk about how you are treating us animals.
      Yours truly,
      Deere Deer

  5. Deer oh deer, I was admiring it from the first shots and then you gradually moved down the mural… That I did not expect! Love the way you presented it. What a mural, dahling! Love and hugs and
    ….special kisses form Hera, so …you know the drill! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Aww, thank you, dahling!
      It seems I presented it the way I first saw it. I saw the head, ten I looked down.
      It’s a unique mural, for sure.

  6. Oh Deer! Deere! Dear!

    All three.

    I see a deer and then I scroll down a little bit more and I see a deer who is posing as a philosopher and then I scroll down a little bit more and I see a deer who is posing as a philosopher and is that? Could it be? Nah! But yeah! It’s a . . . . nipple?

    1. It is quite elegant, now that you mention it.
      Lol, my vision went whacko when I was shooting it, then again when preparing the post.
      It’s like some kind of optics trick with all those lines.
      I had to post this before I did the Anne Bolyen post. The history is rich.
      Have you started writing a new book?

      1. The wavy lines didn’t bother me, but I was looking at a small pic on my computer. Yes. I started on a new book. I’m trying for 1,000 words a day, but not really putting much pressure on my self. Life is too busy!

  7. Dear deer, deere – I think you are a unique beauty. So elegant. I hate to pry, and I know it is culturally unacceptable to ask, but I had to wonder if you are trans. Perhaps you were born in a human body but identify as a deer? Or the other way around? Oh, yeah, and the horns are quite becoming, if usually seen on deer that identify as male. Anyway, I have not seen a deere that I did not think was gorgeous, and you, dear, are no exception.

    Great capture, Resa! It does look like a difficult location, but you did a wonderful job.

    1. You are a dear, deere, deer whisperer, Trent!
      There he goes again, talking to art.
      Art could be a person, but not.

      It ws actually a lot of fun trying to capture this piece. Thank you!

  8. A darling deer my dear. Is there anything more elegant than a deer and this artist has capture all that and ventured beyond your average deer to perhaps a god/goddess deer.
    Lovely find dearest Resa. xoxoxo

    1. I think a goddess dear deer sounds good.
      It’s a unique piece, and fab for the collection.
      It’s quite the treat to find street art, let alone a mural this unusual.

  9. Absolutely beautiful!
    The spelling of the words between past and now (and I am sure the future as well) is one of my most favourite things to temper with while writing, the words Dear and Deer being ones I often like to experiment with.

  10. Hi Resa, fabulous deer my dear! I like the hatching effect – very similar to the shading on banknotes. Oh and I may have a picture or two for you from a far away land – I’ll send you them when I can but I’m a bit off the grid at the moment. ok!

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