The Oscar Peterson Trio

I found and posted this mural of the Oscar Peterson Trio in 2013. Twenty people saw it.

I was listening to music on my fave music site OANNES. Socrates had posted some music by the great Oscar Peterson. I was thrilled to send him the link to this mural. I was wondering if he could suggest a piece by the Trio featuring Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown and Max Roach.

He responded back saying Max Roach was never in the Oscar Peterson Trio. Ed Thigpen was the drummer, not Max Roach. I did some searching.

Although Max Roach is portrayed in this mural as the drummer, Socrates is correct. I never actually doubted him. The crazy thing is that this mural was on a very well known Canadian music store chain, in Winnipeg. It does not exist anymore.

The building was torn down some years ago, and the mural did not survive despite attempts to keep it whole.

Here is an album cover with the real Oscar Peterson Trio. (Courtesy Creative Commons Licences)

In 1953  producer Norman Granz recorded: STAN GETZ, tenor sax / OSCAR PETERSON, piano / HERB ELLIS, guitar / RAY BROWN, bass / DIZZY GILLESPIE, trumpet & MAX ROACH, drums. The tracks were; EXACTLY LIKE YOU  & IT’S THE TALK OF THE TOWN 

Read about it here on the The Jean-Pierre LeLoir Collection

You can buy the recordings. I didn’t, but I found other Oscar Peterson versions of the two brilliantly chill pieces of music.


Pics taken by Resa – February, 2013

Winnipeg, Canada

The artist: Larry Rich

HUGE thank you to OANNES!

Here’s a pic of me taken when I took those pics. Now my hair is grey. Time is a thief!

86 thoughts on “The Oscar Peterson Trio

    1. Agree! It is a wonderful mural, to have been saved.
      A part of me wonders if someone tried “not to save it on purpose”? Perhaps someone knew how wrong the representation of the mural was.
      Lol! A mural hit!
      I actually found the artists website, but was a bit chicken about sending a mail & asking him.

    1. I agree, Dave. Mural artists give their art to the universe, knowing that their work will be open to the elements and progress. Resa has an amazing photo collection, which I believe is unparalleled. She has captured murals that have long sense be lost to history except in her photographs. Resa also inspired me to look more closely at murals and public art. It is so easy to take these amazing art pieces for granted until they are gone.

      1. Rebecca!
        I’m about 50 away from my 1500th post. 95% is street art.
        I’ve got a gala planned.
        My RIP page is way behind. It’s disheartening to see how much has been lost. Yet, some art that was painted over the old art is spectacular.
        I believe it’s not so much how much I’ve collected, but in the way I present the art. I attempt to have you see what I see, in whole and in parts.

        1. I agree Resa! Art is more than a description. It is a living presence in our lives that informs, influences and opens us to a deeper conversation with ourselves and the world around us. You are the curator of a online art gallery. I love entering your world and coming away with a refreshed spirit.

    2. Agree. It’s quite a beauty.
      Still, a part of me wonders if someone tried “not to save it on purpose”?
      As I said to Liz, “Perhaps someone knew how wrong the representation of the mural was.
      Lol! A mural hit!

  1. What a gorgeous mural. So sad they were not able to preserve it (thankfully YOU were there for that!) There must be a reason they put Max Roach in the mural… Hmmmm
    Thanks for the lovely music, too!

    1. Thunder!
      I know… the Max Roach Mystery?
      I found the artists website, but was chicken..beeock… to ask. What if it’s not a good memory for him? He made a mistake, someone he trusted for info made a mistake or he did it on purpose.
      Adore the music. xoxo

                1. Biddle…there’s a name I’ve never heard before. Most jazz clubs are pretty cool!
                  There’s only a few Jazz place in Toronto at this point.
                  Hip hop clubs proliferate. xoxoxo

                  1. I guess I know of him because he was from here…

                    We have another place I really enjoy which is called “Upstairs Jazzbar and Grill” Delicious food and fab music.

    1. Thank you, John!
      It is a mystery why Max Roach is in the painting. I found the artist’s website, but was nervous about asking him. It could be a humiliation for him. If he did it on purpose, that’s another thing altogether, but it doesn’t make sense.
      OX OX OX OX

            1. Well, a solid bid, but I’m still fancier! It will be difficult for you to beat fancy. After all, I make gowns.
              O💃🏽X O✨X O👸🏻X O🧚‍♀️X

  2. A fabulous research to find the back story. Always an adventure when I stop by, Resa. I was just on Oannes today listening to Al Kooper: His Holy Modal Majesty (1968). We belong to a brilliant community.

  3. Hi Resa, I just love the blue tone to this (sadly now lost) mural – it lends that “midnight Jazz club” vibe to it and gives it power. And I think we are all very fortunate that you give so much of your time to preserving these images for others like myself to see and for posterity. Hopefully your images will live on forever on the internet of the future (or whatever we will be using!) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Tyeth,
      This is a lovely comment.
      Truthfully, I enjoy finding and documenting street art.
      I have thought about archiving the blog somehow, when I’m finished with my work. However, that is off in the future…. somewhere.

  4. This is a gorgeous mural! Maybe it was Larry Rich’ wishful thinking having MR in the mural. It is [was] his mural, his composition and beautifully done. So sad it’s no longer there which makes your photos even more precious!
    Thank you for mentioning hubs, dahling!
    Sending buckets of LOVE and hugs and….
    get that suit out!

    1. That’s the thing with street art. It’s ephemeral. Anyway, I got a blog from recording the art, and I enjoy everyone.

      Crazy how my hair was faded to auburn 10 years ago. Now it’s grey. I had started to dye it, but meh… in. way I like the grey.
      Thank you, Merril!

  5. Hi Resa, you’re right… “time is a thief.” But we can thieve back a little in as much as reposting old content that only 20 or so people saw back in the day. Now your posts reach a wide audience. Well done for reclaiming this wonderful artwork by Larry Rich! (we are archivists, non?)
    Same here, some of my most excellent images come from way back when I was a blogging junior and had only a tiny audience. The tempation to repost is strong, and in some instances I have already done so. Now you’ve inspired to me revisit many more. Thanks as always for what you do 😊

  6. Wonderful to learn more about this Trio Resa, and listen to their music.. It is always so sad when great works of art are destroyed… And I am glad you got to photograph it and find out some more information about it..
    Sending LOVE and well wishes Resa.. ❤

  7. I love that mural! And it’s so sad that it ended up being torn down with the building. I suppose that happens, but that piece is beautiful and has so much personality. I’m glad you immortalized it, Resa, and we can see it ten years later after its gone. ❤

    1. Yeah, I’m glad I had the opportunity to photograph it. Winnipeg is loaded with brilliant murals. I need to get back for a family visit, and some mural collection!
      I’m still reticent to fly, since the pandemic.

      1. I don’t blame you for being nervious about flying. My husband and I have flown a couple of times and we look like we’re going into a nuclear zone with our masks, sheilds, and gloves. Capturing more murals there would be great when you’re ready. 🙂

  8. “Now my hair is grey” – Oh yeah!? My hair fell out at 31. HAH! I win. England wins!!!

    Anyway, the grey look is great. I think women (and geezers) don’t realise it. Rock it, lady.

    1. You’re right! Socrates is an authority on music.
      Silver strands…. neat!!!!
      I sent an RV GIF.. for the post. Did you get it?
      Just about to send an AGM Holly in “Velvet Tango” (Your Gown)
      Yes. it’s for the post! 🐭🐭

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