Poetess Jungle

First I gasped, at the beauty of the entire mural.

Then I singled out the face & said – It’s Holly, poet whose hair is “a tangle of stars”. Now she and her soft brown eyes are in a tangle of jungle.

If ever there was a mural as lovely as her poetry, this is it.

Love the tiger!

This detail, as well as the tiger’s stripes are painted in metallic gold and silver.

The shadows are painted on her face.

Some close up details.

Leonard Cohen recites words to a Joni Mitchell song. Herbie Hancock accompanies on piano.

It’s another kind of jungle: and deep in this jungle, in an alley, I found the jungle mural.

Pics taken by Resa – October 1, 2022

Toronto, Canada

The artists:

Post Dedication: Holly – House of Heart

121 thoughts on “Poetess Jungle

  1. Timothy Price

    That is a beautiful jungle featuring Holly. Everything is lovely: the cat, the flowers, the foliage, the bugs. What a fantastic find.

    1. Tim, I went a bit nuts when I found this. I think I took over 200 pics, just in case.
      Agree, so much wonderfulness in this mural. The bugs are a bit large, but I rationalized that they are only painted. So I calmed down. Besides, what’s a jungle without bugs? xo

  2. Hello Resa….you beat me to it! I was going to mention the shadows, they are one of the hardest things to replicate in traditional art let alone with a spray can! And then there are the colours beneath the shadows….just WOW! You keep finding more and more outstanding murals.

    1. I think more artists are out there painting, and as they do they keep improving.
      Agree, painting with a spray can is a huge challenge, especially on a mural as detailed as this.
      Thank you for your enjoyable comment, Tyeth!
      I can hardly wait to go looking again!

  3. Oh wow! I’m beside myself, this is a gorgeous work of art dear Resa! I’m so thrilled that you dedicated this beautiful jungle scene to me. I love jungle animals and all animals and this imaginative artist has intermingled our human nature with all the beautiful creatures and wild flowers and created a world where all live together in peace and love. Thank you for finding and and sharing the amazing art that is out there. Thank you for allowing me to be among the beauty of this mural, I completely adore you. xoxoxo

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  5. I simply adore you, too!
    It’s crazy how many alley art finds I have found, and you are there.
    It’s like you are a universal subject, thrown into messages of love, excitement, dreams and more….. via alley art.
    I think it has to do with your poetry.
    The arts love to encompass beauty. Yes, they also send us messages, warnings of danger and other not so nice realities…
    Nonetheless, it’s the depth of love and beauty in our arts we seek to expose & embrace.
    You are so much fun… Boogapony, AGM Holly, RR & PBH.

        1. OMG!
          The traffic is heavy here.
          Anything could have happened. Poor cars.
          OH, wait… here it is! 🐂 was chasing 🍰.
          For a moment I thought, maybe the 🐐 ate it… you know, they will eat anything in their path. But even then….
          Well, no worries the 🐂 is back. Unfortunately, the cake is gone!

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  7. Gorgeous mural, Resa! I like the parts, but I really love seeing the whole thing.

    And the video–I played it for my husband. We both know the Joni Mitchell song, but we didn’t know this version with Leonard Cohen and Herbie Hancock. He said he’s going to play it over and over.

    1. I’m a huge fan of alleys here in Toronto. They are outdoor art galleries, at times. If not, there’s always other food for thought.
      Some can survive the urban jungle better than others. I adore big cities!

  8. yes, nice one! btw, i’m seeing britt ekland there


  9. Surreal, etheric, from beyond, breathtaking ….. these words and more come to mind in describing this incredibly heart touching art. What a find!! Thank you so much for sharing, Resa!

  10. Oh my gosh, Sorceress… This is such an outstanding find.. My goodness it is gorgeous. You must have stood there dumbstruck at first, trying to take it all in. And then, of course, you captured it perfectly.
    And Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Herbie Hancock… Ohhhh… what a voice and what a beautiful creation in and of itself.

    1. Thunder, this was a special find. The entire alley is painted with art. Of course, it’s totally like me to use the best first, and save the rest for later.
      I’m still working on my monster commission. It looks close to done, then I can get back to drawing AGMs &sewing the new Art Gown.

      1. My goodness was it ever! And why not show us the best first? It is awesome to the nines. Oooh… Nice going on the monster commission 🙂 I’m sure it’s wonderful.
        You are a busy woman!

          1. If there were, you’d find a way to overfill them, too (I call it the purse syndrome… the bigger it is, the more sh*t you put into it…) xoxo

  11. Goodness, Resa, that mural is utterly stunning. No wonder you gasped. I’m not sure I would have been able to pull my eyes away. And it does look like Holly. Thanks for filling my morning with beauty. ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you Debby! I’ve been Thanksgiving AWOL for a few daze! Lol! Hope yours was good, in spite of your lonely heart! Now to catch up blogging a bit.
      I’m the worst! xxx

      1. Lol, you’re so funny. But you always get there Resa, and that’s what counts. My Thanksgiving came and went, I hope yours was much more interesting. 🙂 xx

  12. Gray Dawster

    Wow you’re right it’s awesome Rest I love it too ❤ Yes I know, I've been away for ages but I wanted to call in and see you the moment I returned, and hey how are you my lovely friend? I'm just looking at your profile image, yes you're still beautiful, how do you mean I'm creeping, no I'm not 🙂 I'm just pleased to see you and your superb blog, you always fine the greatest graffiti ❤ x x

    1. Lol, no worries, Great to see you around. Yes, I can’t quit the street art scene. As long as the artists paint, I’ll take pics. Take care, and I’ll pop by you, soon! xoxoxoxo

      1. I know, but you are one of the two bloggers who sparked my interest (and love) for murals. You don’t paint them, but you give them diffusion. “Worldwide”. Without you, I’d never have seen it.

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