More Treasure in the Trash

I fell in love with this old but well preserved bird. It could be a heron.

It must have been even more wonderful when it was a fresh  painting.

Pics taken by Resa – September 13, 2022

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: unsigned or behind the trash

136 thoughts on “More Treasure in the Trash

    1. Shucks, thanks! 🐂🐂

      Hey, I found a Boris Batinov with a bomb yesterday! I’m taking pics of any cartoons I find, no matter the franchise! There’s got to be a post in there, somewhere!

            1. Okay!!
              I cover your raise 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂. & up you 💋5 !
              Am I doing this right?
              I never played poker before. I learned all. I know from the movies.
              I know, as you are a gentleman, that you would not take advantage.

                    1. Yay!!!
                      Now, where to put all the oxen? I’ve decided to inhale the kisses.

                      Bonus… I found a street art that has Mickey Mouse beating up Bugs Bunny. There’s a cartoon war going on in the alleys.
                      Some hilarious demented idea is forming in my mind. 💋 (that one is fresh)

                    2. Whatever you come up with in the cartoon war will be a hoot I’m sure. The little 🐂 will fit in a shoe box. Inhaling the 💋 is a great idea. The nice thing aboot (oops) about losing at 🐂 and 💋 betting is I don’t have the problem of where to put them if I won.

                    3. Oh, little oxen 🐂 … whew, I thought I was going to have to build a corral!
                      Hmm, where would you put them?
                      You know… the cartoon war is your fault! xx 💋

  1. Hi Resa, I’m no Ornithologist but my first impression was that this was indeed a stylized Heron, though I’ve never seen one get attacked by an Octopus/Squid! Great images as always….and Boba Fett got one Emmy at least! Yay!

      1. Hi yes definitely like the birds. This image reminds me of your Pterodactyl post with the blue Heron on the garage door and the photo’s from Tim’s blog, Off Centre Not Even.

    1. The artist was making a statement, I think.
      I believe the sacrilegiousness is trash. We are making a mess of our over crowded planet.
      I was thrilled and intrigued by this art, and where I found it!
      Love to you! xo

    1. Hahaha! Beak of perfection…. and yes, whew! … the trash.
      I always make sure to spritz my sneaks with bleach when I get home after these alley walks.
      Better to have disintegrating sneaks, than bed bugs. xx

    1. Sometimes it does. 👯‍♀️💕 (like us! 🐭👯‍♀️🐭)

      In the alley the art gets no sun to fade it, and the winter wind driven snow doesn’t effect it, the art lasts longer.
      Taggers are the worst for killing off street art. Nonetheless, the art that has street cred survives.
      This piece proves that. I’d say this is about 8 years old. xxxooo

    1. Yeah I see that now!
      I just saw this gorgeous bird, and a bunch of trash.
      So you have real blue herons, and I have painted ones.
      Neat, we both have herons. xo

    1. Wha… how did I miss this comment?
      Roy Lichtenstein is a neat artist. Many still copy him.

      OMG! Every time I see your moniker, I think of more stories.
      I’m just going to have to write what I feel.
      I’ve now got a Whoopi Goldberg in the lineup!

    1. Yes, I get the flames!
      Consciously or subconsciously, I think this is why many see the phoenix rising.
      I love the alleys, where art is obscure. Nonetheless I spray my sneaks with bleach when I get home. I’d rather have disintegrating sneaks, than bed bugs…or? Eeeeeeee!

  2. Excellent shots, Resa. I like how you framed each one. The bird and the shapes around it make me think of a phoenix (but with blue flames in stead of red). It’s so evocative with those crates and trash around it (and ironic). Maybe it inspires hope that that neighborhood will rise again like a phoenix… Hugs on the wing.

    1. I was sure thrilled to find this. I always find it poignant when I find a beautiful piece in the trash. Many times the artists are saying something!
      I’ve been meaning to send you 3 pics of street art. I have so much that is yet un-posted, I can’t make my mind up.
      I was focusing on garage doors to be the connection….but… {{{hugs}}}

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