118 thoughts on “Stencil Street Art

    1. Yes! Now we know where she got her smile from!
      Pot is legal in Canada. I have 4 pot shops on my street. There’s more pot shops than food stores. xx

    1. Yeah, thanks Merril!
      I never know what I’ll find out there. Found some neat art yesterday. There is this sweet florally…stand alone piece… I didn’t know how to make a post of it, but then I thought it looked like one of your poems. Into the folder it goes!

        1. Well, I was thinking of using it in my review of River Ghosts. I’ll see when I finally put things together. The more I look at it, the more it works.

  1. A different look, at first, me too, I did not like much, but I am getting used to it, and the weed, upside and down at the top, so it is good I guess, where is my vap…:)

  2. What fascinates me about creativity is that is continues to expand, igniting possibilities in others to add their voice to the original. You have the best posts, Resa. The music is a brilliant addition. Sending hugs.

  3. Rather striking in its way, Resa, and photographed very well by you! I hope Leonardo da Vinci had a stray couple hours to attend a Rush concert when in Toronto. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Dave! Ha! No matter how early Leonardo is, he’ll be late.
      Know anyone who wants to buy an analog mixer that belonged to RUSH? They did their last album with it. It’s signed by all the guys.
      I’m not kidding! We own it!

        1. Ohhh yeah! It’s where a lot of the best pieces are, but you gotta walk to find the art. I walked in the steam bath known as Toronto yesterday for 3 hours, which is why I can’t remember the exact street. I was 1/2 delirious!

        1. I know! Pot is happening everywhere in Canada. There’s 4 pot stores on my block alone. You don’t even need to buy any. Just go for a walk and inhale! xxxxxxx

    1. I knew you’d love the song! It’s poetry to music. I’d love to hear a Melody Gardot version!
      The world is pot mad here! You are right about the sly sense of humour. Took me a bit to get it. At least we know how she got that grin! xoxoxoxoxoxo

                1. Norm says the RR Mermaid looks like Japanese art. HUH… I’m just doing my thing. I got a bit intimidated, but I’m ready to finish it now! xoxoxoxo
                  Will send it soon!

    1. EGADS! How did I miss this comment?
      Yeah… Mona must have had pot, or something just as good in her day!

      A kooky find, and I like it!

    1. Chris, I was just on your new blog. I can’t seem to navigate it. I see art, but can’t like it or comment. I just want you to know I see some very cool art!

        1. It seems to default to the pitch for the theme.
          Blocks and lines, that are not your drawings.
          Somehow, when you set up your new theme, the theme is not engaging properly.

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