MAYDAY – by Mike Steeden

Genre: SciFi-Horror-Adventure-Adult-Romance-Fantasy

There is no way to pigeon hole Mike Steeden’s writing, both in style and genre. Then again, my reviews are unorthodox. So, let me get on with it!


Mayday was not born, she was made by a male professor/scientist. Her body is perfection, her blonde hair is to her waist. She is an adult without a childhood. She will never age. Her cerebral prowess is unfathomable, and grows during the course of the story. She can heal the ill, feed the hungry, make people forget or make them remember something different. That’s just the tip of it.

 Her name means “help me”, but no one can; at least not for long, and not in the end.


As knowledge of Mayday spreads throughout the world, there are 2 elemental societies that desire her. One is the religious fanatics that want to torture then crucify, or burn her at the stake. The other is the Nazis, who would use her to their advantage in securing the Master Race.


Rescued from prison, her safe keeping falls into the hands of a wealthy French man, Andrei Voland. It was just pre WWII and Andrei Voland, with a home in Paris and one in Lille, could afford all of the trappings, conveniences and more.

Andrei Voland hires Edith to give Mayday a makeover. Her hair is cut short, dyed black and Marcel waved. Make-up is a wise addition, as Mayday has been au naturel for her entire existence. Although Edith chooses smart fashions of the day, Mayday has her own take on the new her. She is given the name Nadele for public ventures.

Disguises & alter egos are Mayday’s reality.

For her part, Edith’s life is now in danger. Mayday, Edith and Andrei Voland move to his Lille home to hide.

Good friends, Eloise & Thunderman are let into the Mayday secret. Eloise joins them, living in the home in Lille. Thunderman, a large man, becomes security.  They start “Looking Glass Vacations”, as a lucrative cover.


Just for fun, Mayday takes Edith, Eloise and Andrei Voland mentally into a harem, for a taste of that life. Although only gone moments, the 4 experience hours of harem life. Mayday accidentally brings back a black slave. They name her Princess, and she joins the household.

When Andrei Voland and Mayday return from an investigative trip to the Vatican, Thunderman is dead at the Nazi’s hands. Princess has been kidnapped.

After rescuing Princess, Juliette and Esme are hired to help with the agency. Now Andrei Voland has 6 women & his brother Henri, security replacing Thunderman, living with him. As with the harem experience, there is nothing obscene; however the story is quite suggestive of a sexually free bohemian lifestyle. This bohemian lifestyle prevails throughout the story.


Love and romance evolves and flourishes in Lille, France. Mayday, Edith, Eloise, Princess, Juliette, Esme, Henri and Andrei Voland live under the radar of the religious fanatics and Nazis. During this time life is wonderful. Until the Nazis near Paris!

It’s at this point  that Juliette & Esme must flee, as they are not to the Nazi’s liking and will surely end up in a camp. When Mayday must leave to protect herself and others, Andrei Voland’s heart is shattered.


The ending of this tale is different from anything I’ve ever read. To see how this image applies, you’ll have to read the book.

To buy Mayday, or any of Mike Steeden’s books click on the book cover and go to Mike’s Amazon page.

The Author – in his own words – An aging old fool devoid of common sense and incapable of changing a light bulb. A ‘lefty’ at heart; an atheist by nature; I have no desire to be taken seriously!

The Author – in my words – Mike Steeden is a published prolific writer based in the UK. His mind is like the USS Enterprise in the sense that he goes where no man has gone before.

75 thoughts on “MAYDAY – by Mike Steeden

  1. Timothy Price

    “Mayday” sounds like a wonderfully fun book. I really enjoy Mike’s posts. I can relate to “The Author – in his own words… An aging old fool devoid of common sense… I have no desire to be taken seriously!” Unfortunately, I have to change lightbulbs quite often.

    1. Mike can be ridiculously funny, which was my initial lure to “TOF’s” world. (The Old Fool – he made that up, not me!)
      I get Norm to change lightbulbs, unless it’s small lamps. lol
      I am a turtle reader, but I did read this book faster than normal… Let’s say running turtle speed.
      I’ve read 3 of TOF’s books now. This one is my fave.

      1. Timothy Price

        Funny. I’m a slow reader, also. I’ll have to get his latest book. I have a lot of books to read. We just got a real “gully washer” 0.59 inches of rain in 15 minutes. The rain has stopped allready.

        1. Yes, lots of books. I’m reading a book of poetry now. “River Ghosts”, by Merril D. Smith.
          Fantastic… the poetry is sublime!
          A gully washer? Did some of the water stay/soak into the ground?

    1. Thank you, Liz! Yes, it is a wild ride. When I was a kid, I loved all the scary rides on the midway; the wilder, the better.
      Now, a wild ride book suffices!

  2. An excellent well deserved review of this awesome book by Mike Steeden, Mike’s writing is unsurpassed in drawing his reader into his intriguing ( often humorous) plots. I loved this book and I too highly recommend everyone run over to Amazon and get their book. It’s a wonderful read. Thank you dear Resa, perfect pics and narrative! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you dear Holly!
      I’m not a book reviewer, per se, but I like trying. Mike is a fun guy (my nickname for him is TOF).
      Yes, run, don’t walk to get a book!
      LOL, drawing Mayday and Princess was so much fun.
      I hope Mike likes this review! I’m so happy you do! 📙🐭🐭📙

  3. Thank you for the introduction to Mike Steeden, Resa! An excellent review – now off to fine Mayday!!! Back after a few seconds….I am now following Mike. I just found that he has many books available on Kindle. This is like going on a treasure hunt. Hugs!

    1. Rebecca!
      You are truly an enthusiastic arts lover.
      I say arts…all arts. Your elan is exceeded only by the number of writers, painters, poets, sculptors, etc. that you have featured on your blogs! {{{hugs}}}

  4. He is an extraordinary writer and human. I’ve read many of his, and I always wonder how he understands the feminine.
    This one is a masterpiece among the others, and your review is brilliant. Thank you, Resa. 🙏💖🥰🌹

    1. I think TOF (my nickname for Mike) gets a lot of his understanding and appreciation of women from his wife, Shirl.
      Thanks about my review! I don’t really know what I’m doing. LOL! 🙏💖🥰🌹

  5. Oh, Resa, what a brilliant and in depth review! “Mayday” sounds like a great read, which comes as no surprise from following Mike for quite some time. Fantastic drawings too 👌👏!!!!
    Thank you, dahling! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. It was a great read. Mike’s imagination is fertile. The ending is the most different thing I’ve ever read.
      Thank you, dahling! Well, back to Mermaids!

  6. Reblogged this on – MIKE STEEDEN – and commented:
    May I thank young Resa who took time out to review my book called ‘Mayday’. She’s a brave girl, for sure. That said, Resa is the creator of stunning fashion gowns that will never age, they stand alone for eternity such is their beauty. On top of that she is a unique artist over many genres. Also, she is fabled for seeking out sublime street art and always discovers pure gems. Not only that, but she is also a diamond gal of the first order of diamond gals.
    Thank you, Resa. Regards, TOF aka The Old Fool – Herewith, Resa’s review of my book.

  7. I guess I shall have to pick up this book again. I started it a while back but must not have been in the mood for the genre. You’ve given me the incentive 🙂

            1. Ahh, John Howell had us over today, to go to the bar with him and Bill. We got shout outs!
              He even lowered the drawbridge over the moat for us.
              I got dressed up in a special outfit. I was just hoping you didn’t pick out the same outfit.

              Well, it was bound to happen. I only have 5 AGMs. & I did study each of your faces… then let the drawings become more … streamlined… gowntoony …. looking for a word here!
              Although, when I drew Diana’s heroine, I thought it looked her. Now that I think about it, I did do a quick study of her face.
              TOF (Mike) wasn’t going to do for this, (NO OFFENCE TOF), so I probably leaned on one of my beautiful AGMs. 💃🏽xoxo⚡️💥

              1. Right, right! My bad. A small brain fart! I had no idea there was even a drawbridge! My goodness. No, I am sure we do not have the same 😉 I’ll have to go back and see the rest of the discussion!!

                I’m not saying she was me, she could have passed for a sister 😉 Which is a huge bit of flattery as she is supposed to be beautiful so…
                TOF surely appreciated your efforts!!

  8. Wonderful review of a wonderful writer. Resa, i said to mike your reviews are the best and they are. What is it they say? ‘All the right bits in all the right place,’ certainly in terms of capturing a book and drawing a reader in. Then there’s your gowns and wonderful carefully chosen illustrations. Congrats Mr Steeden.

    1. Thank you Shey!
      I draw people in…. I like that!
      You do say the nicest things. Drawing Mayday was a good time! Now, back to Mermaids. Unfortunately there will be no Merdudes, but don’t let them know that!!
      YES, Congrats Mr. Steeden!

  9. I like your drawings of gowns , Resa . Great designer of course ! 🙂
    The story of MayDay is special . A part is in Lille , town where I studied at the university (1953-1958)
    Love ❤

  10. Fantastic review of Mike’s book, Resa. Mike has such an incredible imagination, well displayed in this book that I too read and enjoyed. So much happening in this book it’s almost hard to get it all in a review. And your artwork was a perfect complement. ❤

  11. Hi Resa, this is a wonderful review of Mayday. I really like the sound of it. It is unique and intriguing and those are my favourite types of books. I read this post last week and commented from my ipad. I see the comment didn’t post which is as I expected. The vagaries of WP and my ipad never cease to confound me.

    1. Thank you, Roberta. Lovely comment.
      I should check Spam, just in case. I try to check once a week. It’s crazy who ends up in it!
      Many people say that about the vagaries of WP and ipad, yet all is fine on their computer!

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