The Mush Heads Gang Up!

Now that I’ve stopped the salty discharge from my eyes, I must thank 4 of my blog pals, Gigi, Holly, Beth and Dale for their sweet birthday wishes.

Holly – House of Heart  wrote this beautiful poem for me. She used this photo and the song “Dance To the Music” by Sly & the Family Stone. The link is hot and will take you to the post!

Ascending the
Cantilever staircase as light
as a blizzard of feathers

her hair is the color of passion fruit gathered from a late summer orchard, her eyes as soft as butterfly wings lit high on pear shaped cheekbones.

She is a rhapsody,
a melody of mirth. With a wink
and a smile she invites us in to her world of silk and tapestry.

                                                                                                        – Holly Rene Hunter

Beth used a pic of my new Art Gown.

Beth wrote:

you are an amazing talent

telling stories with your styles

 making real life connections

between people in the realm of blogs

may you never stop creating art gowns, finding meaningful art in murals,

and being an incredibly creative and inspiring part of our story.

Click on the pic, and see Beth’s full post!

Dale – aka Thunder wrote:

For Our Lovely Sorceress, Resa

She sent fireworks & flowers, and a pic I drew of The gang of AGMs! Click on the drawing and see Dale’s full post!

Last but not least, the instigator – Gigi!

Gigi went all out with a Chicklet drawing (which is the header for this post), and  pointing out how much I love animals:

Animal lover and vegetarian

She included my art on the guitar Tim made. However, the best part is I’m finally getting credit for my “Egg Dance”.

Choreographer of the fabulous EGG DANCE

Click on the “Egg Dance” pic and see this wonderful birthday wish!

I am deeply touched by all who left birthday wishes on the Mush Heads’ blogs.

It’s overwhelming, and would take me days to answer you all in the comments. So this is for you and the Mush Heads. 2 bouquets of roses, and a photo of me taking a bath!

Much love to all!

102 thoughts on “The Mush Heads Gang Up!

  1. Timothy Price

    A wonderful post thanking the most thoughtful AGMs for your beautiful birthday posts. You are so well deserving.

  2. Great post and great excuse to listen to that wonderful song again 😉 As I said on Holly’s post, is there anyone out there that doesn’t love Sly & the Family Stone? Happy birthday! Glad the AGM had a special treat for you 🙂

  3. So I go out of my way to not remind you it’s your birthday and then I see this!

    All bets are off!


    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ LOVE from everyone in Winnipeg (including Burton 😉 ) ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. WOW, Happy Level Up Day Resa! If I had known it was your big day I could have built a celebratory saber for you….but I hope you still had a fantastic day (and I’ll mark my calendar for next year!)

  5. ✨🌟🎁🎀🎈🎂🍰🎉🥳🌟✨



  6. Nothing pleases us more than to have been able to surprise you with this. We took such pleasure in creating something special. Lotsa love to you, dear Sorceress! xoxo

  7. So very very very very well deserved for our golden friend. Kudos to the girls.
    I love that bathing photo!!!!!
    Hera sends extra slobbery kisses [you know what that means]… which I hope you also found in your email [girls tricked me to think it was another day! ;-)] xoxoxoxoxoxo🐾

    1. Thank you dahling Marina!
      LOL… this was a HUGE surprise! 🎉🥂
      Whew! I knew someone would like that photo!


    Well, if I was in Toronto I’d have bought you a giant bottle of red wine. Like a $30 one. And then forced you to watch Withnail & I. And then you’d have gone (in a posh British accent), “Golly gosh, that was splendid!”

    That’s how everything happens in England, FYI.

  9. You must teach me about the Egg Dance, Resa! Happy birthday my dear friend. Every day you send out glamour and joy into the universe. I am joining in the singing and celebration. Gigi, Holly, Beth and Dale know how to throw a brilliant party. Sending many hugs!!! Happy Happy Birthday.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca!

      Ahh yes, the Egg Dance!
      Best done to slower music, that has movements … like Led Zeppelin, or Pink Floyd or Zappa.
      You scrunch up on the floor, like you are inside an Egg.
      Then as the music progresses you expand slowly, creatively until you finally break the shell. Then after fully hatching with elan, you step out of your shattered shell, and look at the world around you. THEN go wild with free dancing glee.

      Love the Egg Dance!

      The girls threw a fabulous party! I’m thrilled!

  10. Ahhh, this is fab , love it and looks like you had a great day ( beautiful roses that you so deserve!) Here’s to many many more beautiful days dear Resa. Cheers, Meece 🥂🌹

    1. Here’s to many more beautiful days for both of us! 🥂🌹 Don’t know what I’d do without you!
      Lol… So, there are no Meece in firemen’s hats in the emojis!!!!

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  12. How wonderful, Resa! No wonder it brought tears to your eyes. We’re both July “moon girls!” (I hate my zodiac sign being named “cancer” so I say moon kids or moon girls.)
    Bleated wishes for a marvelous birthday and many happy returns. I hope you are still celebrating. Hugs on the wing.

    1. Whew! I’ve gone back 20 posts, and found this, Not that I was looking for it, but I’m glad I found it. I’m trying to get at the root of a comments problem. Always an issue somewhere, somehow on WP! xo

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