Sunflower Power

Each pic of sunflowers has a poem, song, opinion or photo essay behind it. Click on the pic to see what some of our creative friends on WP offer in support of Ukraine.

Above is Holly – House of Heart‘s poem, Sunflowers. She wrote it special, for a post I did on Art Gowns. Behind the “Sunflower Power” image above, is her poem written out.

If you think something about the above looks like Merril -Historical Musings, I agree. Behind this pic you will find her post w/poem “Ghost Light”, written in the wake of – “Russian forces had bombed a theatre in Mariupol that was sheltering many children and elderly civilians.”

Click on the above & you will go to Brian’s blog, Equinoxo 21. See his excellent photo journal essay “Svoboda. Liberté. Freedom”

Tim wrote a parody to “Purple Haze” titled “Ukraine Daze”. It cuts to the chase. The above hazy sunflowers take you to the post/w/video on his blog, Off Center Not Even.

Go to this post on Georgiann Carlson’s blog (Rethinking Life) to read- “Compassion…a poem of sorts”

My addition is Edwin Starr’s “War” (w/lyrics). Bruce Springfield did a heroic version, which is on my current Art Gowns post.


119 thoughts on “Sunflower Power

    1. Thank you dear Marina! (dahling)
      We just can’t get numb to the war. It’s a barbaric horror. For what?
      lol I see you made an April post. I’ll be there late, or early, depending on how one looks at it!

      1. No we can’t!!!!
        As for the April post… you are early, of course!!!! 😉

    1. My pleasure! I’m sick about war, and all the other horrid practices that continue to marginalize & destroy humans. How can this still be, with all we’ve learned over the evolution of man and society. Civilization? Uncivilization is more the word. xoxoxo

      1. I am sick of war too, and all the hostility towards each other in society. . When I read your response I had to think about. this quote.
        Non-violence leads to the highest ethics , which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop hurting all other living being, we are still savages.

        Thomas A. Edison.

        1. Exactly.
          The chain is as strong as the weakest link.
          I think a good start is for people to eat more plant based foods.
          The slaughter of animals, especially factory farms, prevents a higher moral thinking.


    1. True, Alaedin! Many hearts beat for peace, they always have. Why are there hearts that beat for power, blood and stolen wealth? It’s insanity. 🙏💖🌹🙏💖🌹

    1. Thanks Dave!
      What really freaks me out is that we don’t just hear about it (like say in the newspaper with a few images), but it plays like an endless movie 24/7 on all the news networks. We are watching death and destruction in real time. I don’t watch it all day and night, but I make sure I don’t shut it out either. Unfortunately there is no super hero to take care of things.

  1. It’s important that we keep the people of Ukraine in mind as the war drags on. Thank you for including my poem in your post amidst all the others–beautiful, thoughtful writing and your wonderful sunflower images. 🌻💙💛

    1. I agree, Merril! Turn a blind eye and keep a callous heart – I can’t.
      You have written many pieces that keep Ukraine & its people in mind.
      Some are blatant, some more subtle and some just a mention. You are an amazing writer, and I have been very touched by your work. I thank you for letting me include a poem in this post!

                    1. We picked up the package from Tim. We had to put it in the passenger seat. It didn’t fit in the trunk, and there is no back seat.
                      Norm is taking it for a ride. I walked home. LOLOL!!!

                    2. Love you gf!
                      I should have thought to take a pic. Anyway, the supplies are enjoyng a nice country ride.I’m heading to the dishes!

                    3. Well, it’s home and opened now! Just about to send Tim and email! Although you were right to hmm it. I’m sure it was a female box. All nicely n the recycling now! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you dear Tim!
      War just seems so eternal. Sometimes it’s closer to home, other times far away, but it never seems to end. This one feels close to home.
      Big heart felt thank you for your song and letting me use it.
      (Heading to the post office soon!)

  2. Wonderful post. Pictures and writing. Sunflowers…love the light, while people are forced to hide in darkness because of ONE MAN. It’s a beautiful tribute to those who fight with sunflowers in their hearts. ❤

    1. ONE tiny shitty MAN!
      W.C. Fields said “There’s a sucker born every minute.”
      Unfortunately there is also an evil megalomaniac asphole born every minute. Sure, not all rise to a powerful place where they can do maximum damage. So the rest just carry out lesser damage… rape, murder, slavery, etc.
      When will it ever end?

      YES, we must all keep the sunflowers in our hearts. One day they will yield the seeds of peace.
      Gi, thank you so much for letting me use your poem…of sorts! xoxo

  3. Resa – an amazing collaboration. Your brought the world together and energized our souls with the power of community. This is especially meaningful as we have entered National Poetry Month where the world is celebrating poetic words.

    Dylan Thomas says it better than I can: “Poetry is what in a poem makes you laugh, cry, prickle, be silent, makes your toe nails twinkle, makes you want to do this or that or nothing, makes you know that you are alone in the unknown world, that your bliss and suffering is forever shared and forever all your own.”

    Thank you for using your creative for good, Resa. You remind us that when one of us hurts we all hurt.

    Many thanks for your commitment to be a positive force in our world. Sending hugs!

    1. {{{hugs}}}
      WE have a great community here on WP.
      Many creatives, many messages.
      Right now there is a lot of hope for Ukraine.
      Love the Dylan Thomas quote! I adore it when you come up with a pertinent quote.
      Makes my day! Thank you for being here, Rebecca!

    1. Thank you, John!
      Yes, I have a new temporary Gravatar. I painted my face to look like a war zombie. Lol! It’s not showing up everywhere, though. Unusual. I’ve changed it many times.

  4. Fantastic Resa. Great post. (let’s keep up the good work. And I’m honoured you linked me)
    The contributions I’ve read are amazing. I’ll come back to finish readin.
    F*ck P*tin and free 🇺🇦

  5. Aaaah. This was such a beautiful post, Resa. I followed every link to read the works you collected. So moving and touching. Expressing our sadness and hope and respect, and honoring the courage, resolve, and losses of the Ukrainian people is important. I wish we could do more. Stunning post, my friend.

    1. Thank you, Diana. I did a post on Art Gowns – “A Tangle of Sunflowers”. Not that all my posts will be Ukraine focused, but I want to keep a respectful momentum, until this is over.
      After 2 years of Covid lock downs I still mask up. Cases are on the rise here. Then WAR!
      Good grief!!! I was so upset the other night, I painted my face like a war zombie, and put it on my Gravatar for about 12 hours, before I came to my senses.
      It was freaking people out!
      Lol!! Still, it was a creative urge that helped me.
      Take care! xoxo

      1. I just caught up on your Tangle of Sunflowers post. Beautiful and meaningful, Resa. And I can relate to wanting a War Zombie face. This war has struck at our very core and revealed the ugliest part of our human nature.

  6. 💖🌻💖🌻💖🌻💖🌻💖🌻💖



  7. This post is powerful and poignant, Resa. I’ll echo what others have said, A cry for peace. This war makes me sick, what Ukraine is going through. It’s heartbreaking and senseless. He is pure evil. I love every contribution to your sunflowers. They are surely a flower of joy in the darkness. xo

  8. Came back to finish reading. I am “dazed” at this post. So much talent. (Counting. myself out) My compliments to all for magnificent contributions.
    Permission to re-blog Ma’am?

    1. Of Course!!! Reblog!
      Yes, I’m pleased with all the talent here. The war is far from over, and I’m sure to be doing something else in a short while. You count in!!!

  9. PS. The song war took me back to our “younger ” days. The days of protest in America against the war. The days of Dylan and Baez and many others. It might be too early, but hopefully this war will make a new generation of artists spring out?

    1. I’m hoping the arts will flourish. The arts are largely detached from politics…and they should be.
      That was/is the beauty of folk an rock music. It was rebellious. More rebel music please!

      1. They are and should. Yet, art, it seems to me, springs out different and better in times of crisis.
        And yes, we need new Dylans and Baez and Seegers. Like yesterday.

  10. Beautifully done, Sorceress! Your gorgeous sunflower images being used as gateways to others’ powerful words was a brilliant idea and shows your super kind heart.

    1. Aww, thank you Thunder! I will do more Ukraine posts, as time goes by. I just can’t turn my head and forget. I’ll do other posts, as well, as not to dwell on the horror. xo

    1. Adore the Producers!!!!
      Dick Shawn singing The Power of a Flower, takes me to the floor with laughter!

      “and it flowed into the sewer with the yuck all running through her. Hey world you stink!”
      Wolds that hold water today! xo

      1. Yeah, the The Power of a Flower song is actually bloody good! Jim Morrison should have belted that one out. I’ve been singing that Springtime song all day, too… makes you feel a bit wrong.

  11. Nice post for these hard times for Ukraine, I did share the same song to close friends on a personal site, I thought this song was befitting to the unprovoked agression from Putin and his murderous generals and soldiers, maybe not all of them, but way to many. great post for sad times, can believe that we are still in this ugly thing three months after and on end in view, hope Putin will pay one day…in the meantime will find peace, or try at least, looking to the flowers and reading the nice links provided, thank you Resa!

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