🦉 Tim’s Having Baby Owls! 🦉

Well, okay Mama & Papa owls on Timothy Price from Off Center Not Even‘s property are having the babies.

The eggs have been laid.

Mom’s in the nest.

Dad’s getting food.

…. and bringing it home.

Tim’s owls are not white. They are dark colours. However, these are the owls I found on a garage door.

The eggs should be hatching in April. It’s always a wonderful time when the eggs hatch. The feeding and raising begins. The babies learn to fly, and leave home.(Heartbreak)

Pics taken by Resa – December 30, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

You can follow the owl family on Tim’s blog!

65 thoughts on “🦉 Tim’s Having Baby Owls! 🦉

  1. Timothy Price

    Oh these are wonderful owls, Resa. What a precious find. You found a beautiful owl family. They are like Snowy Owls. Teri Dashfield has a real character of Snowy Owl she photographs: https://wp.me/p1OqMs-680. Thanks for mentioning our owls, which are Great Horned Owls, and owlets that are on the way. You always come up with the best posts.

    1. YES!
      Love the owl family. True, the ones I found are snowy, and yours are Great Horned. Nonetheless, perhaps all owls are having babies right now.
      I am only so kn …owl….edgeable . xo

      1. Timothy Price

        You are learning. I think it’s that time of year for most owls and a lot of “the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees.”

  2. Cool mural. I love owls but rarely see them. I popped over to Tim’s blog for a moment – how lucky he is to be bale to see Momma and Poppa owl like that! And soon, perhaps, some owl chicks!

    1. Yes! Tim says the eggs will hatch in April. The owlets are so cute, but then they fly away one day.
      I suppose if all the babies always stayed, Tim would have about 1,000 owls by now. ⚡️💥

  3. Hi Resa, I live on the top floor of a tower block on the outskirts of the city and it nests (< see what I did there? 😁) next to some woodland reserves and at 4:30 am every morning I can hear the shrieks of a family of local owls! I have only seen one of the family as when owls fly they are practically noiseless because the feathers muffle and distort the air flow around them so they don't make noise (this is why owls have 1980's style feathery "legwarmers" around their lower legs with just the talons visible).
    As a school kid I went to an agricultural show and took part in a falconry display getting to hold an owl on the glove and I could see the bird fly toward me but it was silent – just this snowy white shape with eyes then it came in to land on my arm and it was like a switch was flipped, there was ruffling feathers and wind noise then SLAM the bird grabbed my hand and the lure morsel. I thought I had broken my hand the impact was so powerful, then the owl settled on my arm, a mass of pure muscle, claws and hunting perfection. Sam Roe pictured those feathers perfectly.

    1. Tyeth!
      Interesting that you can hear the owls, but not see them.
      Wow, that you felt an owl land on your arm. I’d like to feel that!
      When I was in Puerto Rico, I was sprinkled with corn bits. Pigeons came to eat it. My entire body was covered in pigeons. It was a wonderful sensation. They are very delicate with their beaks.
      YES, I know many hate pigeons…. but I like them. The cooing is fab, and they are very friendly.
      Take care! Again, thank you for the shout out on your blog!

      1. Hello again, yes from the top floor of my tower block you get a great view but because the owls fly so silently you don’t know they are there unless you see the blur of feathers as they pass beneath. From my vantage point I can also hear bats flapping their wings which sounds “leathery”.
        And I get a lot of pigeons on my balcony each year and have had nests and chicks hatched. The “family” return each spring and you can recognise them by the bar markings on their wings. But the largest visitor I have had to my balcony (excluding the local police helicopter which does pass by often 😁) has been a seagull! You should have seen it teetering on the balcony rail with it’s webbed feet

      1. Oh yes, young Resa. She…i.e. Shirl…is a mix twixt sparrow and eagle with a hint of owl. Her main flaw that her ‘dawn song’ sounds like a blocked drain. That aside, the gal is genuinely a bird, although she cannot fly. Not so long ago she saved the life of an albino jackdaw from its brothers…I think a jackdaw, but could be wrong…simply because it was one of her own. All these years on I’ve yet to spot Shirl’s wings in flight akin to her temper wings. Regards, The Fading Old Nitwit (TFONW) on the basis I care for the word ‘nitwit’ like no other.

  4. These owls are so beautiful!… And I totally agree – it is definitely a wonderful time, when the eggs of so many beautiful birds hatch… I’m already looking forward for the little storks in a village near Munich with joy and curiosity!
    Stay safe, my dear! ❤

  5. Resa – what a wonderful way to celebrate the joy of new birth and spring with a mural about the circle of life. Hatching to Heartbreak and everything in between. Tim is an owl whisperer. I am certain of that fact. I am waiting impatiently for the announcement on Tim’s blog. I wonder if we will be asked to be the godmothers?

  6. How wonderful, finding Tim’s owls in a brilliant mural!!!! What are the odds right?!!!!!
    Can’t wait for Daddy Owl and Mama Owl to welcome their babies!
    Hugs hugs and love! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Thats a really funny one! Its also educating children, in passing. :-)) Thank you for sharing, Resa! What efforts you will have, waiting for the minute no car is parking in front of these artwork. Michael

  8. Gray Dawster

    I love owls, there’s one here were we live but I’ve only heard it and not been able to see it yet, but hey that’s not a problem they’re lovely birds either way.

    I really like these graffiti owls that tells the story, part of the lifecycle of which, to be honest I know very little about.

    Thank you for always showing us these awesome graffiti artist’s work and for your own creativity in the photography that you bring our way. Brilliant efforts on every adventure.

    Andro x x

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