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  1. Timothy Price

    The old hippieness in us never dies. Now that I’m old with a white beard and short hair, it may be hard to see past my redneck into my old long-haired hippie past, but like the man in the mural, peace still swirls around inside my heard, and maybe a little on the outside too. That’s a great piece for Peace. The work on the mural is fabulous.

    1. This message of old, still rings in my hippiness ears, as well.
      I am in tears and fears about what is happening in the good old U.S.of A.
      After all, 9 out of 10 times, what happens there, happens here.
      I suppose you and I are the same in this regard, except I don’t have a beard.
      Adore you!

      1. Timothy Price

        It’s a sad state of affairs on this side of the border. You would look lovely in a beard, but you are much prettier without out one.

        1. I lived in a mining town Northern Manitoba at the time. During the summer months, there would be an influx of university students for summer jobs. While we were isolated (only way in to our town was by plane or train) ideas travelled. And then, the summer before I left for university in southern Manitoba, I worked on an archeological excavation at an even ore remote northern location with a team from the University of Winnipeg – great conversations over the campfire. Whether I was a hippie is debatable, although I wore granny glasses and a floppy hat. Even so, the concepts of peace, equality, compassion influenced my life. One year on Halloween, Don and I were at a restaurant. The waiter was wearing those same granny glasses and floppy hat with a copy of flowers – said he was dressed as a hippie. Don and I smiled at the thought – our time was remembered.

              1. Timothy Price

                Same here. I was pre-teens to early teens during the hippie movement. I was always considered weird and didn’t fit in with most clicks, so the hippies were easy for me to identify with. I really liked and still like music from the late 60s and early 70s, especially the psychedelic sounds.

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  3. Those are a pair of eyes that have seen a lot of history both good and bad. The lines around them also show this. Now you know why the beard is white…the stress and worry that what the eyes are witnessing now they have seen before. Let’s hope things don’t escalate and we learn from our past (mistakes).
    Another great find Resa.

  4. My wonderful father in law who passed away two days before Christmas after much suffering used to sing a little ditty when times were bad. “I got a feelin everything is going to be okay”. This was a great one my friend. Peace, Daniel😊

    1. Yes, dear Holly, elusive.
      I am desirous for peace, and love being old fashioned in this regard!
      So excited for A Tangle of Antlers. I’ve had some good thoughts last coupe of days. 2 more drawings. 1 is half done.

    1. I might be like that old song “The ImpossibleDream”. Have you done a new post, yet? Or, are you Old Fooling around?
      I’ll be by soon to check. Your book is up next. For the last month I’ve been speed reading at a turtle’s pace. LOL! Anyway, I’m on Shey’s book right now.

      1. Good day, young Resa. Cursed with my ‘off and on’ flare ups born originally of stress that I understand I’m stuck with in perpetuity I have indeed been able to post a couple of blogs along with a reblog of a piece of satire aimed at both Shirl and me, written by an old chum who runs The Whitechapel Whelk. We live in strange times where ‘Impossible Dreams’ are often all we have to muse upon. It is good to see that you’re artistic senses remain, despite the virus. Art is so important generally and particularly so in the now. ‘Speed reading at a turtle’s pace’ a true gem. Regards, The Teetering Old Fool

        1. Ahh, you are Teetering now!
          Does that mean you’ll be tottering soon?
          I just got my computer back. It crashed and took me forever to force quit, and restart.
          The computer stores are closed due to our lock down!

          1. Legs of jelly are still giving me 35 minutes of exercise in our back door gym, young Resa. The gods won’t get me just yet, one hopes. I find myself singing to self R. E. M.’s Everybody Hurts, sometimes, indeed most times. What an abject bore I’ve become, yet then I spot your post that inspires and for a while all is good again. I must stress, I’ve quaffed a reasonable taste of French wine at this juncture. Enjoy your day and regards, The Oldest Fool ever.

              1. Did I really post this comment last evening? My sincere apologies. To comment when the worse for drink is a ‘no, no’. For what it’s worth I’ve spent the last year following to the letter the advice of medics. All sorts of food were denied me, from onions (the base for all global cooking), apples, root veg, bread etc. etc. the list is endless. Yet in the dark winter’s day, just yesterday I took to my beloved French wine and scoffed a mind numbing red hot Nepalese curry. Bliss. This morn I feel as fit as a butchers dog. I shall now pass this info on to the doc, and add ‘so there!’ Whatever, I really should not have sat before my PC in drink. Regards, a much happier Old Fool

                1. No onions? Your doctor is daft!

                  I’m not supposed to drink wine, and come to the computer.
                  I keep effing up, so now I have a special table for my glass. It’s the least I could do!
                  TOF, stay happy!

  5. This is the third time around for me because I find the follow-up discussion life-affirming. I guess I’m just old fashioned too, but I’m not as old as the concept of peace. We keep on trying to figure it out, but it seems we still have a great deal to learn. You have given me something to think about in the coming days, Resa, for you reminded me that peace is a state of being. It begins with being at peace with ourselves. And somehow, this will lead to peace with family, friends and then to more difficult relationships. John Lennon says it best: “If someone thinks that peace and love are just a cliche that must have been left behind in the 60s, that’s a problem. Peace and love are eternal.” Thank you for a post full of hope. Hugs!!

    1. John Lennon said many things about Peace, including “give it a chance”, which has never been embraced, except by a minority.
      Nonetheless, I am holding it as closely as possible.
      Rebecca, i’m so happy you found this post filled with hope. I meant it to be so! HUGS!

    1. Love and hugs back to you, Gi!
      We have a lovely world out here with our blog pals.
      I’m still working on the idea for the Covid tapestry. Besides a PO box, I need to figure where/how to store/catalogue the pieces, how to put it together. If successful, it would be massive. I’m thinking … do it in sections, then connect the sections. I would need in town help sewing things together, or it will take me a decade to make.
      I’ll think about it more when I finish the New Art Gown, and before I start the next one.

  6. Fine mural art.
    The eyes has a main fonction , the eye looks at us and makes me think
    of the conscience :
    ” The eye was in the tomb and stared at Cain.“
    (Victor Huo , la légende des siècles mid XIX the century: la conscience )
    Love ❤

    1. Hey Christie!
      I just read a post of yours on back pain.
      I left an extensive comment. I got a message that WP “refused to connect”
      I tried again, but got the same message.
      Well, it seems the “Likes” work!

    1. Dear Lonely,

      Apologies for the late reply. I’m a bit messed up from an accident, and healing slowly, but healing.
      Resting mostly. Seems like we are doing something together in an odd kinda way! LOL!

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