❤️ Queen of Hearts ❤️

Holly – House of Heart, this is for you!

A year and a half ago, I went out searching for this mural.

It’s in the area between Queen & King Streets, but I couldn’t find it. There was construction everywhere: demolishment, cranes, scaffolding and I figured, it’s gone!

A couple of weeks ago, I was in in the same area. Construction had evolved. I look down an alley and see this splash of colour.

As I got closer, I thought it’s like Holly.  It’s not just that it’s as pretty as Holly, but it’s the 2 personas, and the blonde and red hair. I draw Holly in 4 characters: Rene Rosso & Princess Blue Holly (both red heads), Art Gowns Model Holly & Boogapony Holly (both shades of blondes).

Then, when I stepped back and looked the entire mural, I realized it was the one I had tried to find, a year & half ago.

There are a lot of elements to this mural, all depicting the rich cultural tapestry, that defines the area.

At the bottom left, as we look at it, there is this neat fairy fiction person. Unfortunately it was tagged. I cleaned it up as much as I could for this presentation.

To the left of the Queen of Hearts are 4 creative types. I have put them in a slideshow, below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To celebrate these minor players in the mural, and finding the Queen of Hearts, I chose a song by Queen!

To the right of the Queen of Hearts, are 4 more alternative/creatives. Find them in the slideshow, below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


To celebrate those characters, I choose a song by Heart. Now we have a complete musical, Finding the Queen of Hearts.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the Queen of Hearts, as much as I have!

Pics taken by Resa – September 14, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Best mural car reflection I ever took!

108 thoughts on “❤️ Queen of Hearts ❤️

  1. Timothy Price

    What a fantastic find. So artsy heartsy is you know what I mean? She has the magical mysterious beauty of Holly in all her personas. Great selection of music. Neat alternatives.

    1. I like that…artsy heartsy!
      Yeah, it’s so much fun hunting for street art! You never know what you’ll find, until you find it!
      And I found Holly on a day.
      There’s not as many BIG MURALS this year due to… (that v thing)
      The City’s Street Art Program that supplies paint and/or massive public spaces is closed in the meantime.
      Still, there’s enough newly arted garage doors, and some murals I don’t have yet.

  2. What I most appreciate about your posts, Resa, is your capacity to find remarkable stories in daily life and bring it to us with full colour and music. Your posts are vibrant and infused with the joy of living, the hope for better times and the courage to live with boldness. Thank you for adding beauty to my day. Hugs!!

    1. Gee whiz!
      My dear Rebecca, I feel like the Star Mural Voyager!

      There is a unique joy, as you have mentioned to me, about seeing art in real…. I mean not a picture of art, but the art itself.
      I found that joy when I lived in Vancouver, and went to a collective art show.
      There was the painting by Alex Colville – Horse and Train 1954.
      I couldn’t peel my eyes off of it. I was asked to please leave, at closing. Lol!

      So when mom was dying, I was very joyless. She was in this awful place in Winnipeg.
      Yet, when I looked out her window, I saw a mural. I took pics of it, and it added a bit of sun to my drab life. https://graffitiluxandmurals.com/2013/05/22/charlie-chaplin/
      Later, full joy was resumed with my Art Gowns. xo

      1. Oh, Resa! I know exactly the painting! I found the link just to reacquaint myself with this powerful and symbolic painting. In fact, I have goosebumps just looking at it through the screen. http://alexcolville.ca/gallery/alex_colville_1954_horse_and_train/. There are singular times in our life that change the trajectory of our life story. Sometimes we know the moment it happens and sometimes we see it as we look back. We do not choose the timing of such events, which may come via joy or grieving. What I recognize now, at my lofty age, is that these inflection points were gifts. Your comments are profound and resonate with my experience. “Full joy was resumed…” Those four words hold compassion and resilience. Thank you Resa! Much love and many hugs!

  3. Love this, Resa! This is so cool! What a great find.
    And you’re right about the car reflection, too.

    I was just listening to the song, “Someone Else’s Story” (from the musical Chess). No, queens or hearts, but it kind of goes, too. 😀

    1. Ah, that’s right, you were the Musicals Queen on AFA’s blog, when he was doing musicals.

      The musical “Chess”? I’ve got a boat load of catching up to do when it comes to musicals.
      I’ve seen a bunch, but figure I’m in a kayak!
      Thank you, Merril!

        1. Ah..
          I guess none of us are going to see musicals for the next while, unless they are recorded and on Youtube, or a movie is made.
          When a song from a musical works for me, I love it!

    1. Dear Resa, You are more than fabulous, gifted, and beautiful, you are an amazing woman who touches the soul of everyone who knows you. I’m just blown out of the water with this… You are so awesome, I am lost for words to describe how beautiful you are inside and out . Thank you so much Lovely, you are just that too, lovely beyond words.
      love you to pieces!

      1. Dear Holly,

        What fun it was to find this mural. It reminded me of you, and of all the creative fun we have.
        Thank you so much for these lovely words you think and feel about me. I feel the same about you!
        You are awesome, lovely and sweep everyone away with your magical mystery tour of poetry.
        Love you to pieces, too!

        Hey, how about the motorcycle in the Queen video? Gorgeous or what?

          1. TY, PBH!
            Hey I adore the RR delicate shoe toe on one leg, and the Boogapony motorcycle boot on the other.
            Of course, PBH would wear motorcycle boots on the right adventure. I’m making a note of that!
            UH! I need to learn to draw a motorcycle. I started, but… You know if I could jut get one good motorcycle feel/drawing, I’d be good for all motorcycle adventures!
            In the meantime… I’m drawing ‘Oron as a Scarecrow tonight. lol xxooxxoo

                    1. Hmm… I don’t know, but I know Norm knows.
                      He can hardly wait to see what I drew, and to discuss my drawings the next morning.
                      I have mentioned that I draw to the music to a few of the musicians, and they are very intrigued.
                      One player, who saw my crazy free art to music said I was like a Toulouse Lautrec.
                      I hear them warming up.
                      Plink, plink… drum roll… quiet..that means a shot! lol…Tequila is a fave. I know, because Norm brings me wine, in exchange for limes.
                      Hmm… that rhymes.
                      Taking the laptop to the bed where I draw.
                      I’ll tell you why…. eventually!
                      Waiting for the first song, so I can tell you what it is.
                      ….. waiting… warming up sounds…
                      I hear a bass line…
                      Amps’ up..
                      Guitar crying…
                      Rhythm in..
                      … ahh no… a fizzle down..
                      back up..
                      HAPPY by the Stones
                      Great start off!

                    2. Haha, such a super routine. Wine is always good for creativity….those inhibitions out the window, love it! Norm has all the secrets aye? So long as you keep them coming. Love the Stones, you know they can’t go wrong with that music. Get on it Talouse!

  4. Hyperion

    What an amazing art piece and it’s brought more fully to life by your artful presentation. The music fits perfectly with the theme and vibrant colors. You’ve made my day Resa. 😍

    1. Thank you, Marina!

      LOL! All 4 of her!
      I agree, this mural is a treat. It’s so much fun. Due to the dread v, I’m not aware of any large scale murals being done this year. So, it was nice to find an old one.
      Although, I’m still finding alley art. Lots of small & medium stuff to post!

      1. Still, small and medium is great too! 😉
        Looking forward!
        Many many Friday hugs and love for the weekend! …well… not just the weekend! 😉

        1. Omg… where are the other 2.5 of me. Gotta go find the rest of me’s. 😉😘😉😘😉😘😉😘😉😘😉😘😉😘😉😘😉😘😉😘😉😘😉😘😉😘😉😘

          1. They are everywhere, I am happy to say!!!!!! 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
            Hugs to each and every one! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    1. Yeah… Heartsy – Fartsy!! It’s a lot of fun. Nothing like a full out mural. So much fun capturing it! Yes, it’s very cool, so cool it’s du froid! ⚡️💥⚡️💥

  5. What a great mural, Resa! Just glad you didn’t spend the entire year and a half looking for it. 🙂 love when something you think is “lost” suddenly turns up. Thanks for sharing this multi-faceted beauty.


    1. Thank you, Janet.
      Lol, well I didn’t spend a year and a half looking for it, but it did take a year and a half to find!
      It’s so great to find a full out mural. There’s no new ones this year due to the v, but I’m still finding smaller street art, garage doors, etc.

  6. Oh this is POST OF THE DAY! Not only has it got fantastic artwork but you included my favourite band too! I wonder if the Spray Artist is actually a self portrait?
    Oh and a little bit of trivia, back in 1974 Queen were touring the UK and played a venue near to where I live, I wasn’t able to get to that show but 20 years later I got to perform in the very same venue and tread the floorboards of the stage Queen and Freddie stomped on! And yes I played Bohemian Rhapsody on piano….it was an utter magical experience!

    1. That is a very cool story Tyeth!
      So, Queen is your fave band! Queen is many peoples fave band, and for good reason. They are spectacular!
      Seems you have good taste in bands, as well as sabers. x

      1. Hi Resa, yes I spent the best part of 20 years trying to perfect Bohemian and could only just play it well enough to perform live. I also recently modelled Brian May’s famous Red Special guitar in Blender 3D. Queen were a big influence.

  7. Okay, best thing EVER. I absolutely LOVE it!!!The artwork is amazing and you[re photos do it justice in spades. Music and art are perfect. It’s truly wonderful. I think it’s my favorite one. ❤

  8. Pingback: ❤️ Queen of Hearts ❤️ — Graffiti Lux Art & More (this is sooo fabulous…be sure to look at all the photographs) | Rethinking Life

  9. How lovely that you found the Queen! So glad she did not disappear after the construction in the area. I like how she is half one style and half another as we are all different pieces of this and that in a wonderful, unique combo! The bold colors of the mural are wonderful too.

    1. Agree!
      It’s fab to find an all out mural. There doesn’t seem to be any new ones this summer, due to the v.
      So, it was great to find this one from 2018. ❦

    1. Here you are, trying to create trouble….. again!
      Heads up… I’ll tell you heads up – I just finished using your yellow head to make a drawing for the next “Gowntoons” episode on Art Gowns.

  10. I’m glad you managed to come across this, and that the construction didn’t take away what is a wonderful piece with lots of elements to explore. I like art that helps explain the local culture.

    1. …. and this mural does explain the local culture.
      Queen Street in Toronto was named the second hippest street in the world by Vogue Magazine, a few years ago. The New York Times named it the most diverse street in the world.
      Unfortunately since the big v, I could name it the street with the most tent cities in the world.

      1. It’s crazy and sad how quickly things change. Maybe that’s a story that should be covered by the media, rather than all the doom mongering that they seem to think is news!

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