I ❤️ Support Workers

Who ever thought the food industry could become a dangerous business?

We gotta eat, right?

I sit and think how grateful I am for everything so many are doing to keep life rolling along this very bumpy Coronavirus road.

Bakers still bake bread.

Deliveries need to be made to store, and direct to homes. Truckers with big rigs and drivers in vans are all more important than ever, now.

I’m thankful for First Responders: Firefighters, EMS & Police.

Thank you to farmers who must keep our food growing!

Artist: Hubert Theroux
Artist: Hubert Theroux

Public transportation is still running in Toronto, but there’s not a lot of riders, as people  work from home  a lot  these  days.

Someone has to drive these things, and I thank them!

There’s more! Pharmacists, Sanitation workers, Postal workers, public works such as water, electricity and many I can’t think of right now….OH! the wine store workers. Thank you! Let me know in comments who I missed, and I will add them!

What’s that saying I hear a lot of these days? “We’ll all get through this, together!”

Pics taken by Resa – 2014 – 2020

Winnipeg and Toronto, Canada


Hubert Theroux &

108 thoughts on “I ❤️ Support Workers

  1. Nawfal

    Also, I love the Albert Theroux (did I spell his name correctly?) piece! Amazing farm scene! I like that he included the Steam Engine in the artwork, it may be a CASE steam engine, perhaps. My 2nd Cousin in Kansas has 2 or 3 of those monster tractors, and in fact, when visiting years ago, he taught me how to drive that huge machine. It is a very Hot experience, however, because of needing to shovel coal into the flames, to keep the steam engine going. Brings back some good memories.

  2. You rock, Sistah!
    A huge thank you to everyone who is on the front lines. Be it to supply food, pharmaceuticals, first aid, cleaning services, deliveries, etc. Everyone is an important piece of this puzzle.
    Kudos to you, Sorceress for finding the perfect murals (and song) for this post!

    1. Thunder!
      It took days searching through archives and my photo library to pull it together. I wanted to make this a really fab post. Thank you!
      Ahh, the song! Well, seems you rock, too!

        1. Thank you, Thunder! I’m going to twist my next episode of PBH and the Art Gowns to be more in line with viruses. I was already onto something close, before this all happened. NOW, if I could just get ahead on supplies and sanitizing!!!

  3. I’m thankful for all those people, too. One thing’s for sure: there are lots and lots of trucks on the road, delivering goods everywhere. That’s good news. We plan to try to support any local businesses we can. Just today we had to do a lot of shopping and then we also went to a local olive mill where the store is still open, but they’re asking everyone to practice social distancing. There weren’t many people there and we picked up some delicious goodies.

    Be safe and healthy, Resa!


    1. The social distancing is very important!
      It seems to be getting through to more and more people, but I still see overcrowded stores. I don’t go in!
      You, Bill and the girls stay safe!
      Have you moved, yet?

      1. Yes! We arrived here in Gilbert, AZ Friday afternoon and our worldly goods made their appearance Sunday. So plenty to do indoors and around the house now! 🙂 Besides staying healthy, we keep praying that our friends and family all keep their jobs! Of course we pray that for everyone, but you now what I mean. You stay safe and well, too.

  4. You’re so right Resa, these are amazingly courageous people and without their help I don’t know what we would do during this horrible pandemic. My hats off to them, and to you for acknowledging them so beautifully! xo

    1. Dear Holly,
      Agree, all are courageous. You more than many understand the sacrifice, while I mostly hunker down at home.
      A horrible pandemic… yes, you’re right.

      1. Just today On the news there was a segment on how many of these workers do not have any PPE so it must be very unnerving at the very least to be out there , they are our life line during this crisis, bless them all! xoxo

        1. Yes, bless them! xoxoxo
          The small try our best, One relatively unknown fashion designer is using staff and air conditioning filters to make masks. An industrial filtering company has given them enough filter material for 75,000 masks.
          There are many good stories in the face of the horror.
          Young people need to stay at home (sorry)… no parties!!!

          1. That’s fantastic , truth is we all need to be wearing masks when we must go out but there just aren’t enough. I hope we learn a lesson to be PREPARED in the future when we come out on the other side of this. Shelter in…everyone this virus doesn’t discriminate! ❤️

            1. Yes, the virus is is completely unbiased, no prejudices and will share with all!
              I made a mask for myself, for when I go out. There are none to buy, as you know.
              It fits great; really snug over the nose, around the face and under the chin.
              The front is a repellant plastic)(ish) material I made from a make-up bag.
              It’s lined with several layers of a dense organic cotton.
              If I take it off without touching the inside, I can wear it twice.
              Then it goes in the washer!
              Oh Holly! xo ❤

                    1. I hate that! And the light switches, arrrggghhh. Use your elbow, or one of the sticks I have provided. The sticks are best, then immediately toss said stick into the bucket of bleach.
                      Gonna take a blog break. I have that feeling for the need to sanitize!

  5. I love these, some of the best yet and timing is perfect, and yes we need these people. Each and everyone are the backbone of our economy, life and reason the rest of us do whatever we do. 😉 Thank you for putting these up my friend. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! It’s my pleasure to thank these people. I’m being good staying at home amap, and distancing.Wish there was more I could do! Take care, Daniel! ❦

  6. What a magnificent gallery. A tip of the hat to the photographer who tipped her hat to the workers who…….. Be well up there in the north Country!

    1. Aww, thank you Bumba! I’ll be by soon. There are so many well wishes from this post!
      Plus, it’s like being a Ninja just to go out and get supplies. Of course there’s the time spent sanitizing. You be well, too, in the south country!

          1. I’ve a clockwork version, perfect for time travel you are more than welcome to, Resa. However, never…never ever…let it run out. Should you forget to wind the clock each night, then come the morn, all of time will stop in its tracks. I shall pop it in the post this very day. Use sensibly. Regards, TOF

              1. Mein Gott, Resa. I’ve been wondering why I am immovable statuesque here in the shower, shards of glass where once there was running water. Hell’s bells, woman, you’ve frozen all of time. Why oh why did you not heed my words…’tis only from the cunning device within my big toe, the left one, that my brain, such as it is, received this message. We are doomed.

                1. We could use one of those moon domes at this point! Of course our reason would be preservation of all of mankind, not what is going on in The Blue Eyed Cat.
                  Where can I get one of those toe devices? …… Just in case!

                  1. Ah, The Big Toe Device of Wonder. So many have asked of me where doth one find such a thing. All I can say on the subject is ‘Gout’…best defined as a form of inflammatory arthritis. Not only that, to the chosen few, the big toe mutates into the magical thing that is indeed, ‘TBTDOW’. What more can I say. Regards, TOF

  7. I am so grateful for all those diligent people. ❤
    Here in Germany actually about 300.000 harvest workers are missing, because the government closed the borders, and the seasonal workers are not allowed to come here to help the farmers. But I'm sure we will manage that, a lot of students, jobless people and asylum seekers already have reported that they would love to help.
    Have a fine day – and stay healthy!

  8. This is a beautiful tribute to those on the font lines. Wonderful artwork and wonderful people. Our public transportation is up and running, because so many people in the city don’t have cars and critical workers need to get to work. Otherwise we are on complete lockdown. Without these amazing people we would be in even more trouble. We owe them so much. ❤

    1. Thank you, Gi! Yes, we are really in this together. I’m sure there are nurses, grocery workers, and yes, lots more who take public transportation! Many don’t have cars! ❤

  9. The street art is a blessing and so are the people working on the frontlines to helping the world from this coronavirus. Bless them all and we will all fight through this and come out much stronger. Resa, thank you for this and I miss you my friend. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Charlie! You probably have a new poem. I’ll be by later, just making dinner, now.
      Yes, we will come through this. I miss you too! ❤

  10. It’s a great tribute, Resa. I’m thankful for them too — even more so these days. Thanks for these colorful lively murals!
    Oh and about “Who ever thought the food industry could become a dangerous business?” LOL, you might think differently if you had ever seen me in the kitchen! o_O 😀 Hugs on the wing!

  11. A great tribute. Everyone matters, even that lone stranger who manages to share a smile. You have put together a wonderful gallery. There can never be enough support and recognition for these heroes.

  12. Hyperion

    Real heroes are the people we all take for granted, the ones we don’t think about until we are made to realize we can’t live without them. Recently, America sent out letters to veterans asking them to come back on active duty to help serve the country once again, this time helping build and operate field hospitals to treat the sick and to help avoid the collapse of our medical system. 9000 answered the call in just two days. Thousands more are coming in. They will face the virus head on, many already with disabilities and illnesses from their first tours. They will also take severe pay cuts. No one is questioning why they volunteered or worried that the decision to serve again might be detrimental to themselves or their family. They merely say, if not me then who else will do it? Now we all know who serves a society so self absorbed. It’s the common person you named and many more from all walks of life that serve something bigger than themselves. Humanity is a beautiful thing when one finally discovers it.

    1. Wonderful words, Dan. You’ve got it right.
      The big shots are not the ones sacrificing, unless by accident/collateral damage.
      Let’s face it, without all of us little guys, there are no big shots.
      Humanity… not necessarily humans, is a beautiful thing.

      On another note, I finally am finding a bit of rhythm to my hopscotching creativity. I drew the bad guy, Evilomlap Etagloc. Awaiting Holly’s response. I can hardly wait for you to see the rough up post with the big fight. I’ll be sending a link with a password in a week, or so. I still need to draw 2 Art Gowns models in abstract, and I’m hoping to do a new PBH Leopard costume.
      Take care & stay well!

      1. Hyperion

        I so much enjoyed the art and the message. The workers will win this battle. Our unsung heroes. I like what you did there with the villain Evilomlap Etagloc. You did find the bad of the bad. Time for him to pay for his transgressions against the people and our lands. I so look forward to this. You are amazing.

  13. This is a wonderful post! So true, we have so many to be thankful to, so many who risk so much. Take care and thank you for voicing our gratitude through this amazing street art. 🙏

      1. It’s such a long time ago since I’ve been to Canada, I run an SEO company and went there once for a photoshoot. Anyways, thanks again for sharing and for bringing back good memories. Be safe!

  14. A beautiful tribute to those who are keyworkers doing vital roles… My family too are involved in this role…. My daughter and son in law, my daughter in law, and my Son, along with my sister all in various roles braving each day…. They are so many who are still without no PPE and go about their days work… They are deserving of our applause… 🙂

    Beautiful images…. thank you for your thoughts to our heroes.. 🙂

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