I ❤️ Health Care Workers

There are many health care workers who are WP bloggers. They are working tirelessly, to fight Coronavirus. This post is dedicated to them, and all health care workers on the front lines.

I found this on the side of a pharmacy about 2.5 years ago. I figured it must have something to do with medicine.

Recently, I bumped into the mural on Instagram. I followed the links, and it turns out it is a graffiti remix of Dali’s painting of “Madonna of Port Lligat”

It seems perfect for this tribute. My most sincere & deepest thank you’s, to all of you who take care of all of us!

Pics taken by Resa – September, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist(s): Javid Jah w/Luvsumone & XYZ

Looks like modern hi-tech medicine to me.

Link to the 1949 painting Study of Madonna of Port Lligat

Link to the 1950 painting Madonna of Port Lligat


138 thoughts on “I ❤️ Health Care Workers

    1. How right you are!
      Yet, MR. BIG Business Man is first in line for bailouts!
      Agree, pay raises all around.. and you make sure your flamethrower is ready to incinerate the C-19 when it comes around. I insist! xoxo

      1. I have a bazooka, I don’t need a puny flamethrower!!!!

        We’re now working from home, FYI, just launched a nationwide lockdown for 3+ weeks.

        Well… how’d you like them apples? I’ve no idea what that saying means.

      2. David Redpath

        A wonderful tribute, Resa.
        The artwork reminds me of
        a friend who’s an ICU nurse
        (only she’s a blonde 👱‍♀️).
        I just hope this current
        pestilence doesn’t break her 🙏

  1. Timothy Price

    Beautiful tribute to healthcare workers. My brother-in-law is a nurse. He makes around $80K a year. He’s doing alright.

    1. Thank you for letting me know your brother-in-law is a nurse. Maybe you could send him a link to this post?
      I want him to know… if he doesn’t already, how valuable he is.
      May he stay well!

        1. OMG!
          That’s crazy.
          We don’t have enough tests in Canada, either. Seems like we have close to enough PPE, though, due to stock piling across Canada for years.
          Not enough respirators.

    1. Oh Holly!
      I love you so much!
      Yes, you need all the magic you can get.
      Hang in girl! You are my hero! It’s no wonder you are my PBH!
      Brave tears in my eyes. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. A generous, committed ‘thank you’ to those who try their level best to keep us alive and well in times of crisis. Impressed of Dover, England, young Resa. Of my 4,017 offspring one is a London copper out there every day along with his copper missus facing all the things I stay safe, shut indoors not having to worry about; then there’s another son, a scientist working on some drug that defeats my knowledge of drugs yet they supply 75% of whatever the NHS needs for certain dire sufferers. They simply cannot just shut up shop. This means his little boychild, my grandchild…12,157 of them…still has to attend school and the danger that is real, as my son is deemed a key worker, at danger himself. Worrying times, when I’m safe, sound and content, clad, as is dear Shirl, in our dressing gowns 24/7, panache long since dead, marvelling at the absence of laundry to wash, content within our chosen imprisonment.

    1. Wow! That’s one heck of a lot of progeny! You were busy.
      I’m imprisoned 5 days, then out shopping on 1.
      I don’t mind being inside… for now. I think my N is going a tad mad. He’s had to shut down his business.
      Well, let’s just all stay safe as we can!

    1. Agree! I’ve been slow answering comments, as I’m busy cleaning & disinfecting for a couple hours a day, on top of everything else.
      You be well, too! ❤

  3. Gorgeous Resa!!! I have so much love and respect for all these brave souls, they are all true heroines and heroes!! My cousin is an ER-doctor at a hospital in Seville, and I am so incredibly proud of him and in sheer awe of ALL health care workers and carers. Touches my soul. Big kiss xoxo

    1. Gypsy!
      I’m so slow on my blog these days! I’m spending most of my day disinfecting our home.
      I’m proud of your cousin, too. I hope he remains well during this crisis, and i hope you are well, too!
      Much love, many hugs & kisses! xoxoxoxxo

      1. Resa dear, all good. Thanks so much for your sweet words! I kinda wanna move even more to the woods now than before lol. But other than that, all ok. Hope you are well, too! Much love and big hugs! xoxoxo

    1. IKR! Just crazy right now.
      You know, Holly is a nurse? She’s my hero right now.
      Take care of you and S, and at least the pretty Hera is safe!
      xoxoxoxoxoxo ❤ xoxoxoxoxoxo ❤ xoxoxoxoxoxo ❤

      1. My o my…. I did not know!!!!!! Seeing her as an amazing poet, it never crossed my mind that she does even more good!!!!! Wow! She was anyway my hero, now she’s twice!
        You too, my sweet friend and take care of J&J!!!!
        Sending LOVE and many hugs! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Excellent post, as always, care workers really are underrated, such jobs should be amongst the most generously paid, it’s times like this that people really appreciate their work and that shouldn’t be forgotten in the future.

  5. Hear, hear! for all Health workers. Thank you my dear for such a delightful thought. They are incredible people. (And we do know at least one in common don’t we?)
    Stay safe.

    1. We may know more than one…
      I so wish them the best! I’m going through my street art looking for art about food workers, first responders, police, transportation, etc!
      Be Well, friend!

  6. What a gorgeous mural, Resa. Amazing. And a terrific tribute. Hugs on the wing.
    PS: I’m emailing you a PDF of the story, using the gmail account that is registered to my blog. I hope you enjoy it. Hugs.

  7. Nice efforts of you against coronavirus.you this post will inspire to fight against the Paramedic.beautiful and inspirational post.that painting is amazing,my dear🌷

  8. They all deserve our support. They are true hero’s.

    Stay safe Resa.

    So, this past Monday…I reblogged an old poem from last year. It was earth disheveled remember?
    Anyway, it’s relatable right now. I miss you my friend. Sorry…I haven’t send you anything on my short poems. It’s been crazy here and I’m taking care of my mom and dad and my girlfriend.

    I think next week the military will be showing up by our area. It’s going to get that crazy over here.

    1. OMG! I hope your mom, dad and girlfriend are okay! No worries on the poems. I’m not allowed to paint in the streets right now, anyway. Toronto has been in lockdown for 2 weeks now. It just keeps getting more and more messed up. The entire province is on lockdown since Wednesday.
      Of course borders are closed, except for goods to keep us alive.
      A bunch of stupid people did not heed warnings, and went travelling, anyway. They got stuck in various countries. Now, the gov’t is trying to bring them home, but they say they won’t be able to get everyone.
      Yes, it’s very crazy!

      1. oh…my…2 weeks huh? What you guys are experiencing we are the same here as well.
        I know exactly what you mean about those young millennials or whatever. They think this is all a joke and its not. The real deal. That’s how some people here are. Especially in Santa Monic Beach and Venice beach everyone was hanging out and not practicing social distancing or staying at home. But, our governor made an announcement and got upset with those young people who are not practicing of what was being told to everyone to do. And to top it off – I believe they are going to send military tanks to our area and military trucks as well. Yeah, its going to get crazy over here as I’m sure its going to get more interesting where you guys are at.

        I’m so sorry to hear those idiots won’t be able to get back home. It’s crazy here as well.

        When you go to the grocery store…are you wearing your gloves and mask? Is anyone at the stores practicing social distance?

        1. Yes and no. Not everyone practices. I look inside the store. If it’s crowded, I don’t go in.
          I wear a mask, but not gloves. I saw a gloves thing by a doctor on Canadian TV.
          So, I carry hand sanitizer, and use it lots. When I get home my hands are shrivelled.
          I take my clothes off, throw them right into the washing machine and shower…immediately!
          I signed up for grocery delivery today.

          1. We’re all feeling the same effect.

            My girlfriend and I, tried to get grocery delivery but it was going to take a while and plus, who is to say the food isn’t contaminated? I know we can wash the fruits and all but its risky. 🙂 I can guarantee after all this…the world is going to be super clean and not shake hands with people just tap the shoes or elbow.

            1. Ahh, I like tapping shoes!
              I sanitize all packaging be it cardboard, plastic, cans, everything & all gets wiped down with a bleach solution I make.
              I wash all veggies with a veggie soap I make & 20 seconds under running water. All food is cooked. There are no salads right now! 😀
              Stay safe & happy!

                1. I’ve got mine in a spray bottle. 10 parts water to 1 part bleach. Just be careful not to inhale the spray/ or spray your face. Also, it can take the dye/paint off of some packaging. I don’t care about that.
                  I tried paper towels, but I prefer a clean rag. The rag gets a bit saturated, so you can disinfect without spraying everything.
                  Cripes, I disinfect our keys. I do the kitchen counters every day, and our bedside tables.
                  I’ve got some Lysol and other products, now. However, when I stared using the bleach, there was no other products at the store. Everybody bought up everything.

                  1. Awesome. I made the disinfecting spray bottle. Thank you. 🙂 Yes, same here. Everywhere you try to go everything is cleaned out of disinfecting products. People are growing desperate, greedy, and inconsiderate of others. We all need disinfect too. It’s bad here as well. I think the military is coming my area and everywhere else soon. I have a feeling.

  9. Thank you for mentioning all the healthcare workers with this wonderful paintings. They are underpayed since decades, and much more sad, nobody was interested in, over years. Now, one can see what would have happen without them. Michael

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  11. Trump is still trying hard to hide the severity of this pandemic. They’ve commanded US military to stop reporting their virus situation. I read somewhere that this was prompted because there’s a hot spot onboard an aircraft carrier and its commander went public with his cry for help.

    I’m sure they will do this under the guise of not wanting to give military readiness info to the “enemy”. As I pointed out to some MAGA dope on Twitter, they’ve already been boarded by the enemy, COVID-19.

  12. homeschoolguru

    Great message and thanks for bringing this incredible mural to my attention. Yes, key workers are doing an incredible job right now. And always.

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