Canada Geese

I wasn’t expecting to find this.

It is so subtle you can miss it, as many passerby’s did.

I wasn’t that impressed, at first. Later, when I looked at the shots, I fell in love.

I had to take the top geese from across the street.

I crossed the street to capture the lower geese. Being so close was not the best perspective.

Yet, when I got home and saw the odd angles I deployed, I was pleased with the gaggle’s cacophony.

Pics taken by Resa – March 9, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

I don’t know, yet.


77 thoughts on “Canada Geese

      1. Yep. I’ve got 2 blogs: one on WordPress and one on Google Blogger which has been going nearly 5 years now. It has over 4,500 posts but there are a lot of broken links and some really crap photo’s from when I first started getting in to street art. I’m in the process of cleaning it up and I’m about half way through.

          1. Yep. You need a lotta time. Got plenty of that right now as the corona virus thing is making me stay at home rather than going out and about looking for street art. I have another London trip booked for next month but it looks doubtful right now!

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    1. You’re welcome, Lonely! There really is something lifelike about it. I hope you are resting, taking your meds and doing what the doc said to do! xo

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, Resa!!!!! A wonderful find and maybe ‘Canada Goose’ should check it out too, so that they stop using real feathers and harming those beautiful beings!
    much love and many many hugs!!!!!!! …to J&J too from H!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. I have never, nor will ever wear one of those “Canada Goose” murder parkas. It’s not just the geese, the poor coyotes are also involved in the inhumane treatment of the animals. I’ll gladly wear 3 coats at a time, my hubby’s pants over 2 pairs of mine, scarves, muffs and mitts and look like a refugee from Siberia, but I will never wear one of those blood stained parkas.

      Love you, Marina
      I hope the pic worked, and didn’t make you cry!

        1. You know, some people look at that poster and hate all of us animal do gooders, others see it, but then still go out and buy a parka.

  3. i LOVE THIS! Is there any thing more beautiful than Canadian Geese? This artist has done such a beautiful job and provided us with so much beauty! Of course if you hadn’t gone searching and found this jewel we would not have been fortunate to enjoy it.
    Thank you Resa xoxoxoxoxo

    1. More beautiful…. mmmm.. their poo? It’s green, you know!
      I jest, of course, sort of. 😀
      It is a wonderful piece. For a mural with no colour, it is a jewel. So, we must call it a white diamond.
      xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo – R

    1. IKR!
      How are you, dear Brenda?
      You have kids, and must be just insane worried, even if kids don’t seem to get sick.
      There is so much else to worry about. I won’t make a list, because you already have one.
      I’ve had a sore throat, and earache on one side for days. Those are not the main symptoms of the big C, but I’ve been staying inside.
      I hope you are at least taking pen to paper, even if just for the briefest of moments every day!

      1. My kids, hubby and I are all holed up, acting like it’s a very cold summer vacation. They are on snow days until Wednesday, so no school obligations. After that, I’m not sure what kind of home schooling obligations might be required. My oldest should be graduating high school. No idea if that will happen now. But we are having fun together, playing cards, cooking and laughing. We are trying to be prepared to get it, not knowing if we will or won’t. I had pneumonia recently, and together with my asthma, I have no idea if I will be okay. Still, I have survived so many other things. And that is a worry for another day. I hope you will be fine, too, Resa. Art makes us strong.

        1. Yes, dear Brenda, art does make us strong.

          I look forward to more of your beautiful words in the coming days.

          It sounds like, for now, you are getting in some quality time with the kids.
          Your oldest may not graduate on time, but he will graduate. This monster can’t last forever.
          Everything but food stores and drugstores have closed. So far, I am fine. However, I am in my sixties, am susceptible to pneumonia (I had a bad case a few years ago… for no apparent reason), and really don’t want to get it, so I am staying home, and only going out for necessities.
          Crazy thing is; I had a fab design job lined up for a 1947 time period film.
          Of course, film production is halted in Ontario.
          So, no income, and the markets have sucked away part of my retirement savings.

          Stay at home! Hopefully hubby and the kids are helping with the shopping, keep sanitizing and keep loving!
          You are too young and beautiful for anything bad to happen!
          Sending my very best with a hug and a kiss!

          1. Ah, you are super sweet, and I hope you stay healthy. I also hope we all go back to normal soon. Luckily my family and I are all introverts, so we are all fine with lots of time home together. Even if we get sick, we will take care of each other. I hope someone will take care of you. xoxox

  4. I adore Canada Geese. They have a certain indifference other birds do not have. Example…they poo aside the lake never within. Not good for my shoes, most excellent for the fish. Splendid, TOF

    1. AND their poo is green! What a bonus. Hmm, so is mine after a night of wine.
      I think they are very considerate not to poo in the lake. I wish we were so considerate. Alas, poo is a big dilemma.
      I alway had a chuckle when Charles Bukowski brought up the subject.

  5. Brilliant mural – captured in flight, Canadian Geese are simply majestic. Just this morning on my walk along the Seawall, several were in flight. What a marvelous sensation of freedom. Hugs!

    1. Yes, I agree! We could all use the sensation of freedom right now, while we are trapped on earth, in a painting that we know nothing of, or who the artist may be.

      1. Thanks Resa. Hubby and I aren’t tired over each other yet LOL, being homebound is quite the thing. I went for a wonderful walk yesterday, hearing the birds chirp and feeling the sun on me made me remember the joys of spring from last year. It was such a different time for the world a year ago!

        1. Yes, a year ago was very different!
          Don’t worry, you and hubby won’t get tired of each other.N & I have been together going on 35 years. Okay… we take our space when we need to, but we aren’t tired over each other. As a matter of fact the support is stronger than ever.

  6. I adore this mural, Resa; it really touches me greatly.
    Even though, and probably because of the fact of its monochrome scheme it is enormously calming. I sure would enjoy this one anywhere in my neighbourhood – maybe my garage door!

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