💫Arcilla y Fuego Stars Gala💫

Good evening! Sol & Drake here. We are your hosts, for the Arcilla y Fuego Stars Gala.

This Gala honours the Students of Belén Soto and their creations. So, without further adieu, let us present to you:

Paloma has lovingly created – Bathtub – The sense of humour found in this sweet piece is definitely an extension of the teacher, our mom in Spain.

This beautifully classic expression of Stone Dreams is the inspiration of the talented Iris. She must be part duck.

Fran has executed this very unique work of ceramic aptly titled Sucking Octopus. This artist definitely has their own special take! Of course, as ducks, we don’t find any Octopus in our lake.

Arm is a classic, realistic approach and is realized by Andrea. We especially love the texture achieved on this ceramic. It makes us think of feathers.

Vicky has given us much joy with this whimsical Chinese Dragon. The colours are uplifting, and just look at that adorable face! Of course, Lluvia is cuter.

Plates for Hors d’oeuvres is not only practical, but beautiful! We would be delighted to serve Hors d’oeuvres, or chocolates, on these plates that Francesca has crafted.

Of course Drake and I would have loved for Lluvia to be here with us tonight. However, she is still a very young duck. As we all know, ceramic ducks age very slowly.

Hehehe! Hey mom, letting you know all is well here in Toronto. I will be graduating from Chocolatier College before Christmas. Resa will post pics!

Ceramics Photos © Belén Soto

Drake, Sol & Lluvia © Belén Soto

Photos of Drake, Sol, Lluvia & Jeep © Resa

Jeep here, and I am totally exhausted from guiding Resa in making this post. Some of the ceramics were reblogs on Qe, some were on GLAM & one is new. Mostly, it’s those darn ducks tuckering me out!

I’ve waited years to catch them making a move, but they are very clever. They must only fly when I’m sleeping. Resa says if you click on the pic, you will go to Belén’s blog, where you can find all of these posts, and many more wonderful ceramics.

66 thoughts on “💫Arcilla y Fuego Stars Gala💫

  1. Oh, what great fun! I love this and Jeep is right, they must only fly at night, but she’s watching anyway. Good for her. I love her spots, by the way. The dragon is fabulous and would probably love to live with your ducks but I understand if you just want to stick to fowl. Quack. I loved this wonderful and delightful post. Fabulous. Lovely artwork.

    1. I love Jeep’s spots, too!
      Yes, she’s kept her eyes on the ducks for years now. She knows they fly when she’s asleep, because when she gets up, they are in different places in the plants. The ducks have many nests in my indoor garden.
      I think I’ll stick with ducks. It’s hard enough making clothes for them, let alone other species. 😀
      😀 😀

          1. It’s not the same as with Pinceau but she has her own way of making things good. Apparently it is cat’s day today, for my cats it is/was cat’s day everyday I think 🙂

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! I originally intended the blog to be a street art gallery/magazine.
      Now, it’s all art inclusive. I love how you say, a virtual art gallery. The more the merrier, when it comes to creativity.

      1. I agree!! Isn’t it interesting that we start on a path, not knowing what is ahead and soon, the path becomes wider and more clear as we go along. Thank you for your wonderful blogs!!! Hugs!

  2. Timothy Price

    Really great ceramics. I love the dragon, and the ducks are really adorable. You wore out poor Jeep. She’s really a beautiful kitty.

    1. Jeep is my #1 love…after Norm. She gets unbridled amounts from both of us, and she returns it 10 fold. My family of ducks bring me a lot of joy. I’m not really into collecting things, but I do adore my ducks.
      The Dragon is super cool. It’s neat how each artist is unique. I love that!

    1. …mumble… It’s very simple. If Jeep was making the ceramics, she’d have clay on her paws. Also, there’s no clay on her breath, so she hasn’t cleaned it off her paws. So there!

    1. Ola muchacha!
      It’s so great now that I made this blog for all arts. I get to show all kinds of creative output, not just street art, although for now it dominates. Belén’s students are creating some very interesting pieces. xoxo

  3. I feel very happy and proud … yes, it is true, for my students too … but I really feel happy and proud to have such good friends 🙂 you are great Resa !!!
    You have chosen the best hosts to present the gala, and you have achieved it again, I think the post will be very successful among my students, they ask me to hire you … I don’t know, what do you think about changing countries?? Your creativity has surprised us all, although we expected your post we didn’t imagine such a spectacular gala.
    It made me very happy to see our family of ducks again, they seem so happy … Drake is still studying the chocolate ice cream recipe?? I think he will soon have an exam (It’s not true that only he can taste the recipes), and Sol and Lluvia are so, so beautiful 🙂
    Thank you very much, we all say thank you … also to Jeep, I think that his work in this post has been indispensable, I see him exhausted 😉
    Hugs and kisses!!

    1. Oh my dear Belén!

      I was so busy yesterday and today. Finally I can answer your wonderful comment here.
      I am so thrilled and honoured that your students want me to move to Spain. Actually, I like the idea, but the governments are not easy about that!
      Of course it must be a spectacular Gala! You and your students deserve much applause and adoration for the wonderful ceramic art you are creating.
      I send hugs to all your students!!
      Jeep has recovered, for now. I am sure she will be all crazy again when I dress our duck family for the Chocolate College graduation!
      Besos y abrazos!

      1. I think Drake’s graduation can be the event of the year … promises great emotions !!
        We appreciate all your support and I am preparing a surprise for you, hahaha, I love surprises 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Arcilla y fuego and commented:
    Mi adorable familia de patos canadienses ha decidido organizar una gala para premiar la labor de mis estudiantes, desde aquí, me gustaría agradecer su apoyo a mi trabajo y al talento que muestran todos nuestros alumnos . Muchas gracias Resa, eres genial!!!!
    My adorable family of Canadian ducks has decided to organize a gala to reward the work of my students, from here, I would like to thank your support for my work and the talent that all our students show. Thank you very much Resa, you are great !!!!

    1. You are welcome, dear Belén!
      I’ve always enjoyed your art. It’s really wonderful that you are passing it on.
      Thank you for sharing this Gala on your blog! xx

    1. Parsley…What a fab name for a cat!

      Yeah, the dragon is adorable, totally. It was a very fun post to put together, and I’m so happy that you enjoyed it! 😀 x

      1. It was good to see a varied collection of ceramics, but the dragon really appealed.

        Yeah, Parsley was such a cool cat, loved her so much for all her 16 long years! She always reminded me of a Fresian cow because of her b&w markings 🙂

  5. The ducks are sneaky, aren’t they Jeep ? You are very good at staring at things that don’t move for hours like Sonic, Samantha and Murli. Did you see that. They moved ! 😻😻😻

  6. Wow … you were able to secure two top-notched hosts for this event. So much of life is about connections. Cheers to Belen’s work. 🙂 … PS: A question for you on the about page.

        1. Well, many commented while I was painting it! A few asked what it meant. Some said that I was talented. I did hear one passerby say to their pal,( I was in the middle of painting) I took a shot of the last one. We will see what happens!

          1. Thank you Resa so much. I showed my girlfriend and she loved it.

            You did an incredible job and I love the color palette style of 80’s futurism. 🙂

            By the way, I replied back to you on email. 🙂

            The photography was amazing and spot on. I love everything you’ve done and my heart is happy. 🙂 You are a talented and super duper brilliant artist. 🙂

      1. Crissy is great, although cramping a lot and getting those fake contractions but that is usual so she is bearing up well. I took her out for her birthday as well so she is happy but still adapting.

          1. Seven weeks to go until baby arrives, or thereabouts as these things never go to plan. It’s the waiting game and I’m already planning how to get to the hospital from work the quickest possible way.

  7. Oh, my, what a wonderful Gala!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful ceramics by Belén [big fan of hers!] and her students and what a hostess!!!!! or should I say …hostesses, Jeepo?!!!!! Many hugs to all! Great work, wonderful Gala!!!!!! 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. Belén’s work is wonderful, and now she is passing it on to others. Her influence will around for a looooong time!
    Big hugs back! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo 😀 xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  9. Belen and her students have such talent! And ooohhhh ducks, they are so fun to chase haha, oh Jeep! I’m loving how unexpected the creations are here at your blog, Resa! 🙂

    1. I changed my by-line to Graffiti Lux Art & More (from Graffiti Lux and Murals)
      I’m so happy, as it has broadened my horizons in posting all of the arts! 😀

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