Revenge of the Egg

This is the 3rd time that the egg outside of the Art Store has been painted over.

The Egg is oval. However, when I used the Pano setting on my IPhone, it came out round. Go figure!

The top of the Egg was higher than me, and hard to capture. The Egg is about 6 feet tall. (1.83 M). The sun was high up, glaring upon the top of the Egg.

Still, an interesting challenge to capture it for us all.

This is a realistic side view of the Egg. Some may remember the first Egg I posted – Egg of Birdo

A car was blocking my ability to go all around the Egg, but the car was black & all clean and shiny. The next 4 reflections are lots of fun.

Pics taken by Resa – July 17, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

I’m partial to Eggs. I don’t eat them, but I do an interpretive dance called “The Egg Dance”.  It was performed last at The Chicklets’ Poetry Party in April. Click on the pice to enjoy an encore performance!

Artwork © Georgiann Cralson

62 thoughts on “Revenge of the Egg

    1. Thanks Holly!
      The art is nice and different, and works well on the Egg!
      I was thrilled when I realized the car blocking was clean and shiny.
      Will be painting some poetry on my black door soon. Charlie Zero sent me a micro-poem. I’m going with white & pink. ❤ xx

  1. Just finished a wonderful course on world mythology. One of the prominent motifs in the creation story is the world egg, cosmic egg or mundane egg. We are drawn to this shape from ancient times. Always a wonderful experience stopping by…

  2. Timothy Price

    This one is really well done. I love the snakes, of course. When something is blocking the views of your subject, figuring out how to work the object into the project can be a challenge, but you worked it out perfectly. The reflections are wonderful.

    1. Thanks Timothy… about my photography! It is a fun piece to take pics of. Also, cars are quite often blocking the complete view. Main thing is this one was clean and shiny for those reflections.
      You know, the whole Pano thing is blowing my mind.
      The egg is oval.
      Pano makes things more arced, even more ovulate.
      Yet, it makes a globe out of an oval. Blown away!

          1. Timothy Price

            If your phone is doing the overlap, you have no control. When I do panoramas, I normally do a series of 3 photos with the camera turned to portrait, overlapped about 10%. Then stitch them together in Camera Raw. The three photos stitched together come out close to the same aspect ratio as a single image oriented in landscape. The panorama function in Camera Raw gives me limited ability to adjust distortion. If I do 2 photos in portrait, the panorama will be square. Or I can do any number of overlapping images, depending on the zoom of the lens. When I use a 17mm super wide-angle lens, I can do 12 overlapping photos to get a 360º panorama. Then I process those photos in a software that creates a virtual tour, like you are standing at the center of a place and the image turns around you. You can see examples of some of my 360º virtual tours at:

              1. Timothy Price

                Thanks, Resa. If there is an area where you have murals surrounding you on three or four sides, stand as close to a center point as you can, start what would be 12 o’clock with your phone in portrait orientation, and take a photo. Keep your phone at the same position, but turn you body to 1 o’clock, take another photo, and continue turning your body on the same spot taking a photo at 2, 3, 4, 5 o’clock… all the way through a complete turn (like a pirouette) back to 12 o’clock. You should have 11 to 13 overlapping photos when you are done. Send me the photos, and if I can stitch them into a 360º panorama, I’ll make you a virtual tour of the murals. I think a virtual tour of murals would be super cool.

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    1. Lots of egg fun! 😀 Sending love back!!!
      Johnny says Hera is very cute, for a dog! Johnny wonders why Jeep always gets the glory?
      I tell him…. because she doesn’t hide in the closet all day!

      1. A ha ha ha……!!!!!! 🙂 Hera sends her love to Johnny too!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Sorry Johnny, your mom is right, you should come out more often! 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. Hyperion

        Waaa haaa haaa! Your photographic eggsperiance really made the reflection on the car make me want to go out and get my car painted just like the photo. Almost like a car tattoo. 😁

    1. I love the reflections, too! Thank you. Much street art and many murals is in parking lots and alleys. At first I saw this as a problem. Then I saw it as opportunity! 😀 x

    1. It would be great to have art eggs all over the city. We had art moose all over the city about a decade ago. They were vandalized like you can’t believe, stolen even. Only a couple remain intact.
      I am well, thank you, Lonely. Hope you are, too!

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