🦄 Cumpleaños de Aquileana ðŸ’œ

🎂 Happy birthday, dear Aquileana! 🎂

We’ve shared many posts, and all are very special to me.

Other than the opening shot, I’m moving left to right.

I’ve been saving this mural for a special occasion. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, and thanking you for all the spectacular posts we’ve done together is a perfect time.

Of course, I was hoping to find some Scorpio themed street art with a Scorpion in it, but no such luck.

However, this First Nations inspired art is filled with the mystic,

much like Greek Mythology and the Tarot,

… and much like you.


Pics taken by Resa – October 27, 2016

Winnipeg, Canada

The Artist: Cash Akoza

59 thoughts on “🦄 Cumpleaños de Aquileana ðŸ’œ

  1. Happy Birthday, Aquileana!
    Happy Birthday to you… 🎶
    Happy Birthday to you… 🎶
    Happy Birthday Dear Aquileana… 🎶
    Happy Birthday to you… 🎶
    Hip, hip, hooray! 🙂

    “I’ve been saving this mural for a special occasion.”
    It is gorgeous, and so suits the occasion, Resa.. Well done to you, again!

    1. This is a phenomenal piece of art. I was hoarding it. I appear to be hoarding other works.
      Well, this is not the EXACT date of her bd, but it’s close & she is definitely a Scorpio near Hallow’een!

        1. Mysterious for sure! Aq is neat that way! 🦄💜
          Dangerous, perhaps, but not all of her signs are in Scorpio… so, let’s say dangereuse. 🧐
          Omg! I’m just having too, much fun here on this birthday post! ❦❦❦

  2. What a wonderful celebration of friendship and community. Thank you Aquileana and Resa for creating a virtual compassionate community that welcomes thoughtful and encouraging conversations. Happy Birthday Aquileana!!! All the very best as you enter a new year of possibilities and opportunities. I’ll be tagging along!! Hugs!

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  4. This is such a beautiful gift to receive on my Birthday 🎁 ❤️ I can not thank you enough, my friend. Thank you for everything, dear Re. X 💯 Huge hugs and kisses 😘🖤

  5. It’s your day! 🌹🌈It was fun, and something more special in doing this post, 🎼 🎵❤️🎵kind of like a magic music. 🎶
    Have the best year ahead, dear Aq! 🦄💜

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