🎂 Sherrie’s Birthday Card 🎂

Happy Birthday to my dear niece Sherrie! Sherrie is very fond of skulls.

Question: How can you tell a girl skull from a boy skull?

Answer: The girl skulls have pigtails!

Question:  What could be sweeter than skulls with flowers? (Answer at the end of post)

All of these skulls are for Sherries Birthday!

Pics taken by Resa – September 6, 2018

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Dudeman

Answer to question: What could be sweeter than skulls with flowers?

Artist of bunny on skull: Mska

A skull with a Bunny, of course!

💖 Happy Birthday Sherrie! 💖

64 thoughts on “🎂 Sherrie’s Birthday Card 🎂

    1. Thank you Hanna!
      The skulls are adorable. It’s hard to believe but the artist Dudeman has made these adorable skulls and flowers his trademark. ❤ xoxo

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    1. Hey, Dale! Yes, I do a post every year for her birthday. Sherrie is extra amazing special to me.
      You guys are quite special too, for people I’ve never met! Who would have ever thought? 😀

              1. Pigtails!
                OR braids… depends on the new outfit.
                So, I’m seeing really CUTE ankle boots, black velvet with bunny pink straps & oversized copper buckles…
                Okay… the sweetest little flirty pink dresses with a black bunny skulls print. Black fishnets & black satin motorcycle jackets with large pink bunny skulls on the back pull the look together.
                Hmm, pigtails for this one! xoxo❦❦🍷❦❦

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  3. Of course, girl skulls always wear pigtails … or a beautiful pink bow 🙂 🙂
    I love your post & congratulations, it’s incredible your ability to find on the street the perfect mural for every occasion, it’s not easy, in this task you are also an artist !!!
    Happy birthday Sherrie! … you have the best aunt in the world 😉

    1. I adore you, Belén! 😀
      I keep thinking, maybe I’m wasting time with the street art! Just do the Art Gowns.
      Then I go for a walk and fall in love with more street art.
      I think we should do what makes us happy. For you and I, it is the arts.
      Drake is not well today. I baked chocolate cookies all day. It seems quite a few are missing.
      Sol tells us not to worry, Drake will be fine, tomorrow. She says this with chocolate crumbs on her feathers. Lluvia is very curious! They all send love to you! xoxoxo

      1. What a beautiful and wise reflection, it is true … the really important thing is to try to do the things that make us happy, life is much easier when we are happy!!!
        Sometimes, when he eats too many chocolate cookies and feels bad, the solution is a big glass of ice cream (chocolate) … it usually works, Drake says it’s good for digestion … 😉 😉

  4. Happy Birthday to you, Sherrie!I l like your passion 🙂 When our youngest was one, she fell in love with skulls. She still calls the skulls ‘Dem bones’ – she is only two. It is a passion for life. These murals are so sweet ❤

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