23 thoughts on “🌹 Rose’s Web 🌹

    1. Pretty great for the side of a corner store! I kept going by it on the streetcar, then one day got off took the pics and walked home. Good thing I did, as the wall is being renovated.

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        1. ah..hahaha! Took me a few reads to get it. i was thinking what now? He’s on about Broadway and there’s 2 type-o’s in Webber. WEB hahaha ber hahaha!

    1. It’s so great when sweet bits of art just appear in the street. It’s been a fab Thursday, so far! Hope yours has been as well, and don’t forget to knock the sox off the weekend!

  2. Like Mr. Wapojif, I too saw a web, Resa.. and she does look like the old fashioned tattoos of days long past! Quite sweet, indeed.. Good thing you stepped off that streetcar.. 🙂

    1. I am very glad I caught this one, indeed! 😀 Still, I’m not getting it tattooed on me. Interesting, but there are definitely a lot of tattoo artists that do street art, as well! 😀 xoxoxo

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