❤️ Sherrie’s Birthday – 2017 ❤️

It’s going to be a big blast this year!

Artist: Spud

It’s gonna be da bomb!!

Artist: Mr. Toon

Just hop aboard the chartered bus! All are welcome!

Artist: Dudeman

Outta my way! Gotta make that bus!

Artist: Birdo

Eye’ll hold it up for you!

Artist unknown at this time

What a great party! Sorry I’m late, but I’ve got flowers …

Artist unknown at this time

…And my pal has party hats.

Artist unknown at this time

We heard about Sherrie’s Birthday Party, and thought we’d stop by on our way to Hallow’een. WOW! This is one fab gig.

And it’s gonna get better. Time for music, so get on down!

Artist: Mr. Toon


Pics taken by Resa – 2017

Toronto, Canada

Artists: Various & credited under the pics w/

50 thoughts on “❤️ Sherrie’s Birthday – 2017 ❤️

    1. Oh yummo, cake. Couldn’t find any street art cake. However, I do remember being in Victoria years ago, and I had a proper tea and cake. The cake was delicious. 😀
      (thanks for liking my commentary) ❤

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    1. Thank you, Marina and Hera! 😀 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo
      What are you and Hera doing for Hallow’een? I’m sure Hera must be getting some treats! After all, she’s earned them! 😀 xoxoxoxo

      1. 🙂 We may not have Hallow’een here [ours is sometime January I think] but treats she gets anyway!!!!! 😉 She’d be perfect though for spooking people, wouldn’t she?! Dressed like a pitbull!!!!! 😉 xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxo You?

            1. We ate almost the entire pie last night!!!! LOL! 😀 😀 Sooo, tasty and healthy. I do not use any sugar. The fruit is perfect on its own. 😀 xoxoxo

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