18 thoughts on “Kizmet & Behave

  1. Wonderful, dear Resa… the gril on the right seems like a character taken from a comic, don´t you think… very art pop too. Another great finding… Love & best wishes to you, “Queen of Pentacles” (winking! 😉 )

    1. Yes, they could both be retro comic book gals! Perhaps the blue one is the super-hero alter ego of the other one. Nothing came up when I did a photo search, except my blog.
      Sending love to “Queen of Pentacles” , lol You realize “Queen of Cups” is more learned/ knowledgeable. Of course Q of P has more money wealth! Okay, signing off – “Queen of Wands”

  2. They look like they belong from a ’60s cartoon… Wacky Races. Man, those races were wacky! I mainly watched Catch the Pigeon as a kid, though, as I prefer pigeons to aero machines.

    1. Catch the Pigeon? Seems we didn’t have that here. Did you ever catch it?
      Agree, the images do look like retro 60’s, but I don’t know who. Katy Keene came to my mind, but when I googled her, well she’s much more glamorous! 😀

  3. Arletta Ellington

    You’ve got abundant material for anyone who wants to write a PhD thesis about Toronto graffiti genres or styles. Or for anyone who wants some artistic inspiration.

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