Resa’s ☆ 1000 Post Gala ☆

‘RESA’s  1000  GALA:  ⭐ STARRRING STREET ART & more art ⭐

Barcelona, Spain – courtesy SATH 

Arists: Sath w/ Sendys – Title: Free wifi – Photo © Sath

 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Courtesy Aquileana

Photo © Amalia Pedemonte – Artist: unknown at this time

With  Georgiann’s Chicklets providing Costumes & Set Dec

Chicklets Art © Georgian Carlson

and Special Effects by Sherrie

Photo © Sherrie Yager (just inside the street art)

Welcome! I’m Drake, Master of Ceremonies  for Resa’s 1000 Gala Resa wanted to be here, but she’s at home with Belén tending to Sol’s & my newly hatched egg.

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

Hehehe! Cuter than any street art! Right? We haven’t named her, yet. Hello little girl .. kiss , kiss! Love you baby girl … Huh?

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

OH, he he, he! Yes, back to the 1000 post! NO…NO, not a post with 1,000 things on it, but Resa’s 1000th post of Street Art.

So without further adieu, I introduce the following Street Art.

Cincinnati, U.S.A. – Courtesy A Frank Angle

James Brown  – Photo © A Frank Angle

 Montreal, Canada – courtesy Norman

Photo © Norman Orenstein

Greece/Canada co-pro  – courtesy  Marina Kanavaki

Artist Marina Kanavaki


A Los Angeles/Toronto Co-Pro STREET POETRY – Written by Charlie Zero, the poet & painted on Resa’s Black Door.

Quote by: Charlie Zero the poet – Art by: Resa
Quote by: Charlie Zero the poet

The United Kingdom – courtesy Ste J

Photo @ Steve Johnson

Hawaii. U.S.A. – Courtesy Rob Moses

Photo © Rob Moses

Spain – Courtesy Cindy Knoke

Photo © Cindy Knoke

Georgiann’s Chicklets want to thank all Street Artists for their fab contribution to art and culture, and remind all artists to protect themselves from spray paint fumes!

Chicklets Art © Georgiann Carlson

Well, that’s a wrap on Resa’s 1000 Gala

Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

Resa sincerely thanks all who follow GLaM, and all who participated in and/or attended tonight’s Gala.

Art Gown: Graffiti Girl Glam © Resa

Header Art by: Cruz1


Okay, Resa doesn’t know, but I just have to show you this scan Marina did of Atom Flowers before she sent her gift of art to Resa. Thank you, Marina!

Artist: Marina Kanavaki

99 thoughts on “Resa’s ☆ 1000 Post Gala ☆

  1. Bloggers rock you are our Queen! All hail bloggers and all hail Queen Resa!!
    This post so beautifully showcases the talents of our amazing community and the generosity of bloggers like you. Thank you Resa for your kindness. Happy Anniversary! I look forward to celebrating your 2000th!

    1. The Blue Girl is so great. It is a very well done piece,and the fact that the wall is cracking, and slowly eroding her is actually quite romantic. It is the ephemeral nature of outdoor art that makes it so precious. 😀 xoxoxo

    1. Thank you, Frank! It was lots of fun making this post. I never thought when I took my first pics of street art that there would be enough of it around to sustain a blog for 4 years. Looks like it will be around for awhile, yet! Cheers back at ya, and thank you for the Moody Blues song! 😀 🍷

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  3. Happy Birthday to you…. Happy Birthday to you….
    Happy Birthday Dear Resa… Happy Birthday to you..!!!! 😀
    I know it’s not your birthday, but, it feels like your birthday…
    Hahaaaaa… Happy Anniversary to You! 😀
    Here’s to the next 1000. May they be just as diverse, colourful and grand as those past.

    1. THANK YOU, Carolyn!
      You must feel the 1000, as you have been with me from the beginning of this blog, and earlier on my Art Gowns blog. 😀
      I like Happy Birthday! It makes me feel like living to 1000 will be a piece of cheeze, and considering 1000, WOW, I am so young! Love to you! xoxoxo

    1. Rob! You were a very early follower of GLaM!
      You made a comment about how a pole was integrated into a piece of alley art. You referred to it as “Pole Integration”. Now, every time I see a pole or a wire or… whatever has been painted into the art, I think of you.
      LOL! I do this for fun. If there was any money in it, I’d be rich.
      Take care! You have a very beautiful family. ❤

  4. Get in your car then find your way to Cincinnati. Now! A first-ever in the US celebration just started … ends Sunday night (Sunday weather is questionable). Some of the celebration includes projecting images and animation on existing murals. … and this must be in your honor! 🙂

  5. Congratulations Auntie Resa!!!

    I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had collecting murals/street art with you and how much it’s meant to me. Everyone’s contributions rock and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say we’re thrilled to be a part of your wonderful world.

    Here’s to many more posts to come and another trip to Winnipeg to replenish your supply 😉

    All my love, hugs and kisses! xoxoxo

    fyi baby girl is sooooo CUTE…too funny, love her!!

    1. Thank you darling Sherrie! ❤
      I know, hey, that baby girl is a beauty!
      We have the best time together. You might be my niece, but you are also my best and funnest pal.
      "you're not even dong the same thing together!" … immortal words from you-know-who!
      Hey, have they done the Hudson's Bay mural, yet?
      I saw some fab new art on the Murals of Winnipeg site. By next fall, it should be all fattened up again.
      I'll be back! xoxoxo

  6. Congratulations Resa, over and over again you manage to improve yourself, you are a Rock & Blog star.
    I love this 1000 Post Gala, that wonderful collection of art (and two ducks) show us, all the collaborations are extraordinary and the choice of photos this time has been very successful … perfect !!
    Really 1000 posts, are many walks and many photos, congratulations again … and now to the 1001.
    The Gala has been a success despite the improvised master of ceremonies, I think he has done a great job despite the nerves … his wife was giving birth 🙂
    Now that everything has gone well and the baby duck is crying, that is their main activity during these days … maybe we should start thinking about a name 😉
    Hugs and kisses!!!

    1. Yes, we should think of a name! The baby girl is absolutely precious. I adore her very, very much.
      Thank you for your lovely words about my blog and 1000 posts! It is a wonderful time!
      Yes, Drake did very well, as the Master of Ceremonies, especially as it was very last minute. 😀
      It is a good thing he still had his green bow tie from the Wedding Program photos. He looks so handsome in it!
      :D. 😀
      Much love, hugs and kisses!!!! ⭐

        1. Agree, green is perfect! Although if it is in the same style RED could be an option for certain upcoming events.
          I would like Drake to host many events here on GLaM. Perhaps he should host my Hallow’een Event? 😀 LOL! I have some ideas… he may need a mask!!!! 😀 xoxo

          1. Drake loves to act as the protagonist 🙂
            When he overcomes the first few minutes of stage terror … he becomes the soul of all parties !!
            I like the idea of the mask, some terrifying character … of course 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on Arcilla y fuego and commented:
    Nuestra amiga Resa celebra sus primeros 1000 posts, creo que ella ha realizado un gran trabajo y me gustaría participar en su fiesta, el post llega con sorpresas … no os lo perdáis!!
    Our friend Resa celebrates her first 1000 posts, I think she has done a great job and I would like to participate in her party, the post arrives with surprises … don’t miss it!!

  8. Carolee Croft

    Yay! Congratulations on 100 posts, Resa! Hopefully lots more to come.
    I like the highlights you’ve shown here, especially that old lady with birds flying around her. It seems like a very imaginative work.

    1. I adore that old lady mural. It has a fabulous sense of humor. Well, Carolee, 1001 will come along soon enough. Time flies, but I need the exercise of walking to the next mural. I sa it, but they were still painting it. Have a fab weekend!

  9. Well, I’m often confused by graffiti, I’m also often confused by Canada, and I’m often confused by… sruff? But I liked the first dude first. With his David leaning thing. Did you see Alien Covenant? I actually liked it.

      1. I knew you meant “Arnold Schwarzenegger”! 😀 Okay,I have to make dinner now. If I stay here, it will burn. Such is the bane of a 5 hour time difference.

          1. ♫♫ Parsley, sage ♫♫ rosemary and ♪♪ time… ♬♬ Remember me to the ♬♬ guy from the thyme ♫♫ I just drank some glasses of wine! ♫♫ 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

                1. All I can suggest is I am aware it’s 11pm in Manchester and any further discourse is reliant on the unaformentioned reliance of previously unmentioned governments, including Harrison Ford.

                    1. Agreed. If you have access to Harrison Ford please disable him immediately and forward his parts to Mr. Wapojif. As… god, that’s a bad idea. Just let Harrison be Harrison.

    1. No, I have not seen Alien Covenant, and I just watched the official trailer. It looks awesome!!!!! TY for the tip! Brrr, I can hardly wait! What a great Hallow’een month idea! You are the best alien, ever!

    1. Yay! The best thing is, there seems to be no slowing down of the street art movement. 😀
      The blog is good to go until next spring, anyway. Okay, I have a bit of time, so it’s off to work on my next Art Gown! 😀 Hope you and Susan have a fab weekend! 😀

      1. I am so excited for you on the blog, actually both of them. Weekend was great helped move my daughter move from Boulder to a loft in the fun part of Denver. My back is still paying for it but reminds me I’m alive. Very anxious to see your next gown! 😉

  10. My Wi-Fi wasn’t working last night so I didn’t get to see this spectacular display of art work. It’s truly fantastic and the dress!!! OMG Resa…you did it again. It’s amazing. Congratulations on 1000 and this incredible post. The art is just perfect. Yay and looking forward to the next 1000. ❤

    1. It’s crazy when tech does not work properly! I was w/o a computer for 3 days, then working out bugs for a day. I still haven’t caught up, esp. emails. Oh well!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. It was a lot of fun to make, and it feels great pulling so many bloggers’ art into 1 post! The Chicklets are stars!!!
      I found a new tunnel full of art! Half of it is First Nations artists. They were still painting when I found it, and it needs to be shot on a cloudy day. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day.
      Glad you liked the gown. She’s a bit older, but I did all of the art myself. I’ve been wanting to make a special page and show her off. One day I’ll have the time. Much love _ Resa

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  12. Woohoo, happy 1000th post, Resa!! Wow, that’s quite the milestone 🙂 I hope to get there one day. I’m thinking this was a great mix of bloggers, art, poetry, and fasion! I’m so happy to be here in my best dress and am taking off my high heels to dance at the after-party 🙂 YES Marina’s art at the end of post is awesome ❤

    1. Thanks, Christy! Yes, yes, dance, dance! 😀 Although the after party will have to be tonight. Yesterday afternoon, about 3:30 when I came home to make dinner and do a bit of blogging, a wind storm knocked a lot of power out. It was candles and a tinny old transistor radio from the 1070’s until I fell asleep around 2:00 am. At first, I was totally stressed. By the time I fell asleep, I had resigned to cave life. Much love to you, and I’d love to do some of your words on my black door! I’ve decided to keep doing it. Charlie sent me 15 new words. I invite you, too, no rush. I’ll collect them until I have enough to do a post just on door poetry!

    2. I hadn’t signed off properly! My new computer is very …. new…. does things I don’t know it’s doing! I just wanted to send you more love! 💗 💝 ❤️

  13. My o my o my!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Queen of Hearts and Queen with a Golden Heart! Cheers to you, my sweet friend a. for being exactly who you are – b. for such a milestone – c. for sharing beauty always – d. for your extra-ordinary kindness …long list, but you get it! I’m so honored being among such lovely people. Greetings and congratulations to everyone: Aquileana, Georgiann’s Chicklets, Sherrie, Belén, Sol and baby, Frank, Norman, Charlie, Ste J, Rob Moses, Cindy. A huge hug hug to Queen Resa and love!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Aww, thank you, Marina! It was such a fun post to make, and I am very happy you were part of it! Guess what? Atom Flowers is now the wallpaper on my IPhone! ⭐ Yeah! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. Ohhhhhhhh WOW!!!!!!!!! Thank you, sweetie! I knew they’d have a happy life with you! They were overjoyed to fly over to join you even before, so I can imagine how joyous they are now! 😉 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Hello! Resa. How are you?

    First off, my apologies for my absence. I’ve been feeling under the weather and feeling low. But, I’m slowly and surely recovering. 🙂

    Anyway, a big congratulations to your 1000 post. YAY!!!! I’m so happy for you and everyone who you’ve sun the spotlight on and brought a great contribution to the world of art, fashion, & poetry. 🙂

    And a huge big thanks & congratulations to everyone: Aquileana, Georgiann’s Chicklets, Sherrie, Belén, Sol and baby, Frank, Norman, marina, Ste J, Rob Moses, Cindy & Sath.

    And a million congratulations to you Resa I’m so proud of you and you make the world a better place.

    Bless you my friend and have a great weekend. 🙂

    1. Dear Charlie,
      Never worry about being absent! Blog when you feel it. For us, it’s not a job, it’s a joy. 😀
      Anyway, I wanted to send you an email, and I will…. soon! You, see I get caught up as well. As for being under the weather, I hope you get better soon!
      Thank you for the congratulations! It is quite the milestone. Yet, the street art is all around me, and I find it very relaxing just to walk and take pics.
      The gowns take a lot of time, but I find them more satisfying.

      Thank you for everything, Charlie! Keep writing!
      You are special,and I adore you! ⭐ ❤️ ⭐

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