☆☆ Happy Fourth of July ☆☆

☆☆ Have a wonderful day! ☆☆

Artist: Joseph Sagaj

I learned that the rose was designated the official flower and floral emblem of the U.S.A. in 1986.

I learned that on May 9, 2016, President Obama signed the National Bison Legacy Act into law. This majestic animal joins the ranks of the Bald Eagle as the official symbol of your country.

Artist: René J. Lanthier

Pics taken by Resa, March 22, 2015 – May 9, 2014 – October 3, 2012

Toronto & Winnipeg, Canada

Courtesy: Pixaby

22 thoughts on “☆☆ Happy Fourth of July ☆☆

      1. Natascha is arriving here in Spain on 12 July and is returning home on 4 August.. It would be absolutely wonderful if you could manage to publish this new art gown during this time so that we could both enjoy and discuss your new creation dedicated to me. Yay, what an honour ! Thank you so much my dear friend Resa.
        Love Ralph.. xoxoxo ❤

  1. Thank you Resa. As you know, this country doesn’t have much to be proud of right now. But I love the eagles and buffalo. They are honest and true, unlike the humans who kill them. I love that you did this for us. Thank you again.

    1. Gigi!
      I have always loved the USA! I know things are strange, right now, but they will change.
      An eagle and buffalo person will rise from the roses. This person will be the first vegetarian President, and that person will fill the White House with dogs and cats and maybe a few fowl.
      I’m going beyond dreaming. I am employing the power of positive thinking. Love!

    1. The rose… another gorgeous garage door. ❤ I thought of you today when I went for a neighborhood walk. I thought, oh, I'm in my hood. I know all of the art around here. Why venture?
      Why indeed, because I should!
      I found an entire alley of Birdo's Art on garage doors. It was like finding a mini-gold-mine.
      I thought of you.

      1. Oh I just got shivers, Resa. I think of you often. I do wish we lived closer. Thank goodness for blogging or we might not know one another – that’s scary as #^*& to me!!

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